Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm a winner!

I see that I am a winner of Scrappy Trips Blocks!  Thank you all!  I look forward to using the blocks. I just completed a quilt top for my DS  for Christmas....Scrappy Trips with a single green fabric for the diagonal since he said his favorite color is green.  The same fabric will be used for backing and binding.  As I worked on this I had the thought I could work with this same block for a longtime and get different results depending on colors and contrasts.  I originally thought I would do a "Straight Furrows" layout but found that the green was not a dominant fabric and the whole thing looked chaotic.  Since the top is 5 blocks  x 6 blocks it felt lopsided  when I tried the blocks alternating directions to form a diagonal grid of green.  I also tried zig-zag rows but wasn't happy with that either.  I finally came up with this somewhat unconventional layout...

Last week I put together this top for a quillow for my DD, Mimi, using 24 Liberated Star blocks I won last year. In order to fit the backing fabric I chose (a super soft piece of 21 wale corduroy) I had to make the sashings different sizes horizontally and vertically, thus rectangular cornerstones.  Since she had originally said she'd like a "crumb" quilt I think she will like the liberated stars.

Novermber 2011 Recap

In November, 62 quilters made 333 blocks. We had nine winners–each will receive a set of 37 blocks.  Congratulations again to our winners:  Balinda, Benta, Cyndi, Debra, Ellie, Jo, Kristen, Maree and Michelle.

Here's the list of blocks made, saved here before I wipe the slate clean in preparation for Block Lotto 2012.

November Block List: 333 Blocks

  • Andi - 4
  • Andra - 6
  • Andrew - 5
  • Angela - 3
  • Barbara B - 5
  • Belinda - 9 *** WINNER ***
  • Benta - 6 *** WINNER ***
  • Béa - 2
  • Caroline - 6
  • Cathy Ann - 9
  • Cathy C - 5 (donate)
  • Cathy S - 3
  • Christa - 1
  • Coralie - 2
  • Corinne - 7
  • Cyndi - 5 *** WINNER ***
  • Céline - 6
  • Debbie M - 3
  • Debra - 9 *** WINNER ***
  • Ellie - 4 *** WINNER ***
  • Ginny - 3
  • Gwen -9 + 1
  • Helen - 1
  • Irene - 3
  • Janet H - 4
  • Janet S - 1
  • Jo - 4 *** WINNER ***
  • Joan - 4 (donate)
  • Julie P - 6
  • Julie Wa - 4
  • June - 1
  • Kate - 9 (donate)
  • Kathie - 1
  • Kathy S - 9
  • Kelly - 5
  • Kim G - 6
  • Krista - 6
  • Kristin - 5 *** WINNER ***
  • Laura E - 9
  • Laura R - 9 + 1
  • Laurina - 8
  • Linda N - 6
  • Maree - 9 *** WINNER ***
  • Mary - 2
  • Mary Jane 9 + 1
  • Michelle - 9 *** WINNER ***
  • Nan - 2
  • Pat A-S - 2 (donate)
  • Pat H - 9
  • Pat K - 6
  • Pokey - 4
  • Rho - 9 + 1
  • Sara - 9
  • Shannon - 9
  • Sharon - 8
  • Sue - 6
  • Terri - 1 (donate)
  • Terry - 3
  • Tina - 4 (donate)
  • VIcki - 6
  • Vivi - 2
  • Wendi - 5
  • Wendy F - 2

Another Late Entry

Pat from the UK emailed this photo of her two blocks to me with this note:
Hi Sophie,

I've been really busy this past month or so and not keeping up with things.  I did make two blocks for this month yesterday, photographed them this morning but forgot the time difference when I came to post them just now.  Anyway, there are two more blocks to add to the total if you would like to include them.

I am attaching a pic as it seems a bit late to post them on the blog.

Hope all is well with you.
As with Shelley and Cory, I have suggested that it's OK to hang onto them and use them for a start on a scrappy trips quilt of her own.

Am I too late?

Here are three for this month...I plain forgot to post!  Am I too late?
aka madme


Congratulations to the winners!  Can't wait to see your creations.  Poor me, poor me (just kidding of course).  I didn't win at all in 2012.  Oh well, not my year.  I won twice in 2011, so maybe next year will be better.  I'm happy for those who did win.  Mine will prepare for the envelopes!


Well, I'm certainly doing the Happy Dance!! I'm excited and can't wait to see the wonderful variety of blocks I have won!! Thanks everyone!!!


Nov 2011 photos trips

Here are nine blocks for the lotto this month. I managed to get them
all sewn. They all will make a lovely colourful quilt.
Thank you for picking this block Sophie. The photo includes the two
that I posted earlier.
Good luck to everyone who submitted blocks this month. Since this is
our last lotto this year, I hope you all have a great, safe holiday season.

Coralie in Canada

rho... I am happy for the winners..............

but sad for me. Make something pretty! Congratulations!!!

And the November Winners are . . .

I started with a numbered list, organized alphabetically by first name. I distributed the donated chances among the 13 quilters who have never won lotto blocks. And then I let the random generator site do it's work:

This translates to:
  1. Belinda
  2. Debra
  3. Benta
  4. Jo
  5. Michelle
  6. Kristin
  7. Cyndi
  8. Ellie
The last number belonged to someone who had already won, so I went back to the source to choose a replacement: 

And our ninth winner this month is:

         9. Maree

Congratulations to you all.  Belinda, Debra, Benta, Jo, Michelle, Kristin and Cyndi will each end up with a set of 37 blocks.  Ellie and Maree will receive a set of 36.  I look forward to seeing the great scrappy quilts you all make from these blocks.

I'll first be in touch with all the winners to find out how many of their own blocks they'd like to keep and to confirm their mailing addresses, then I'll send email to everyone who made blocks this month with the mailing info.

I'm Making a List and Checking it Twice ...

My computer has been misbehaving, so I haven't been on top of all the last minute blocks you all have been posting ... I'm playing catch up this morning, updating the list and double-checking it one more time before I randomly choose the winners.

I can't believe how many blocks have been made and/or posted in the last couple days.  Our total is 331 blocks--enough for 9 winners to receive a set of at least 36 blocks.

Stay tuned, I'll be randomly generating the winners soon after the NOON (east coast) today ... in about an hour. 

5 more blocks before the deadline

Just in time for the deadline I guess, I finished 5 more blocks this morning, taking my total to 6. I was hoping to get to 9 to maximise my chances of winning some of those great blocks but that will be all for me this month. I started the blocks during the month while working on other projects, sewing random strips together so when I pulled out my bits and pieces yesterday evening, I realised I had 5 blocks started that needed a few extra strips before being sliced off. It was a fun block to make and definitely one to keep in mind for the scrap basket when it is a bit overflowing. Thanks very much Sophie for another winning block. Here is a picture of my blocks together: 3 with black fabric in the middle and 3 with dark blue.
Now I can go off to finish my Advent Calendar for tomorrow and cross my fingers for the draw later on today!
To all, have a happy holiday season and I hope Sophie will be able to continue with the lotto in the New Year if she feels like she can. All the best to you Sophie and thanks again for your hard work with a very enjoyable block lotto.

Last Minute Mary

If it wasn't for the last minute sometimes I'd not get anything done.  I've been busy with my Christmas Projects but didn't want to miss the Block Lotto sneak preview and get removed from the Blog authorship again.  I made a block last night and it was a bit dark, so I made another with lighter fabrics.  One has Navy fro the Dark center and one is Kona Black.  I like the method used to make these blocks. Thanks Sophie for the fun blocks all year!
Just one more day until December and the busy Holiday Season.  Time to wrap up all the Sewing Projects that I can before 2012 begins.  Merry Christmas to ALL my Fellow Block Lotto ladies! Mary C in WA

8 Blocks for Sharon

I managed to get another 2 blocks done this evening, so that makes a total of 8 for me.  I would have liked to go for the whole 9, but it's almost midnight here in the Pacific Northwest and I'm tired, so this is gonna be it for me.

Here are all 8 of my blocks.  I sure would like to win this month, so my fingers are crossed!  Good luck everybody!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

5 November Blocks for Kristin

Hopefully this will work. I'm computerless so I'm using the blogger app on my phone. Sorry about the picture quality!

More blocks for Sue

Thanks to Terri, Giselle, Pat H and Corinne for such lovely October Sampler blocks.
Hugs Sue

4 More Blocks

I got another 4 blocks made last night.  I seem to have found my "groove" again, as I had no problems with these.  Whew!  So, that makes a total of 6 blocks for me, Sophie.  I hope I can get another 3 done today. 

Monday, November 28, 2011

Count Me In, Too...

Here are my two "Scrappy Trips" for November... last minute, as usual, but still under the wire. I think all of us would like to win some of these, but just getting to play along and see all the variations other folks make is so much fun that winning the Lotto doesn't matter. Cheers from the now rainy PNW!

Nan in Oregon

All Oct Blocks Received!

I got my final blocks from Sophie in TX and Cathy in Australia.  They will be so fun to put together.  Thanks everyone!

Andi in Arizona

2 Blocks So Far

Here are my first 2 blocks.  I'm hoping to get more completed this evening.

I love this pattern, and I've made 2 quilts already from it.  I'm also working on #3, which is a Halloween quilt using 3 inch cut strips instead of 2 1/2 inch.  But, this has been such a challenge for me!  The first 6 blocks I made all came out to between 12 3/4 inches and 13 inches. Just not acceptable, so they will become a charity quilt after I get some more blocks made.  Then, I started over, being very careful of my seam allowance.  And I put the first block together wrong! 

not the right way to do it!
Can you see what I did wrong?  The middle two rows are upside down. 

So, I'm hoping that the rest of the blocks will go well.  I love these blocks and would love to win!  Do you think I can sew with my fingers crossed?!  LOL

Sunday, November 27, 2011

November Scrappy Trips Completed

Here are my nine for the month.  I was really happy this block was picked because I have always been curious about how to make it.  It was fun to create and sew and I will definitely be using it in future projects.  Thanks again, Sophie, for another fun month.  I hope I can be a first time winner this month!
Cathy Ann

6 blocks

I am entering these 6 blocks in this month's Lotto. Sorry they aren't in the same photo. I'd love to win! (crosses fingers)

9 Scrappy Trips for Nov.

I am just crazy over these sweet little scrappy trips!! I KNOW I'm going to WIN this month.....but, just in case I don't I'm making some of these anyway!!!

Saturday, November 26, 2011

rho complete! All sampler11 blocks have been rec'vd..

With the receipt of Sophie's 2 blocks, I am now complete. I have all 49 wonderful block winnings. Thanks to all who participated and made blocks for this swap.

Happy Quilting!

Nov lotto blocks

These are my 7 blocks for this month's lotto: Scrappy Trips Around the World. 
Some of the blocks aren't pressed yet; and, this picture isn't terrific (I noticed some folded under corners and such); but, I wanted to get them entered in the lotto.
This pattern is one I'm definitely going to use for a quilt I am designing as a gift.  Although, I'm hoping to win a set of these scrappy ones!
(I will be posting a picture of the wonderful curved rail batiks I've received
[I've received all of mine], laid out one my design floor,
but I needed to vacuum first! [grin])
Corinne in Forks, WA
(Where it's raining heavily again - even by our standards;
and, we lost a tree in our front yard because of the winds.)

Scrappy Trips for November 2011

 3 scrappy trips blocks just under the wire for November 2011 for Irene.  They're not quite as crooked as they look in the photo.

November block

Sophie -
I did make one block tthis month and wanted to donate my chance BUT my camera is still broken so I'm not able to post a photo.  I need someone to show me how to get a picture from my camera to my computer but that isn't going to happen today.
Hopefully I'll be ready for picture taking/posting in January.

Nov 2011 photos, Scrappy Trips, sampler-sent


I have had these made for a while and forgot to post them.  It is a Qty of 9 for the Scrappy Trips.  Also I did mail all the Oct blocks to their winners.  They should have been received by now.  Sorry for posting so late I have been so busy with my new Grandson.

Thanks, Debra

Friday, November 25, 2011

Four more from Laurina

Actually, I made 5 but the other one had a slight glitch and I am hoping to fix it up; otherwise, it will be a bonus for one of the winners.

All my blocks have arrived!

Sophie, I got your blocks today, they were indeed the last ones to arrive.  Thanks for the blocks, they are really beautiful.  And thanks for coordinating the Block Lotto for us all.

Dynamic Views

Blogger has a new format called dynamic views.  I noticed it yesterday on Julie Wy's blog, So and Sew. asked her about it and started playing around with it today.

It allows the owner of the blog to pick a default view and the reader to switch between the set of views--if you try these links, you can see what our blog could look like, using the various views--note that I have not made ANY changes ... yet:


I like how some of these views show you a LOT of block images on one page. 

A couple things you'll notice disappears in these views: all the information in the sidebars ... disappears and our Block Lotto banner. If I make the switch to using dynamic views, I will move a lot of the information now in the sidebars to PAGES.

What do you think?  If you like the dynamic views, which is your favorite? 

If you have a blog on Blogspot and want to know about how to add this feature to your blog, go to help and search for Dynamic Views.  Here's one article that describes how to add them.

Samplers Received by Janet H

WOW!!! I have been traveling and I just got my mail - there were 14 envelopes! I lept for joy!! And then I dropped everything - and opened each and every one!! Thank you so very much!!
Received from
Andrew , Cathy S, Coralie, Cyndi, Ginny, Julie WA, Katie N, Krista K, Kristin Cm Laura N, Maree, Mary Jane, and Tina for a total of 42!!
Thank you one and all. When I saw your blocks online I hoped I would get some of them - and I did!!
Know to find a super sale for the background and sashing:)
Janet H

God usually does not tell you the whole path. 
He only tells you the next step.
Therefore your most important step your next step.

~Nathaniel Bronner~

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Sampler blocks arrived.......... Sue's place from Kathy in OH. Thanks Kathy, they are lovely.

More Scrappy trips

I had time to make two more for November, which is a total of 4 for me.  Time to wash more fabric!

Andi in Arizona

Thank YOU

On Thanksgiving day in America, I wanted to take a moment to thank all of YOU for making the Block Lotto so successful this year and keeping it fun for me (and,  I hope, for you, too).  Thank you, too, for your support as I face the challenges of managing this ever-more-popular activity ... and life ;-)

I am truly thankful for you.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

4 blocks and an invitation...

Here are my 4 scrappy trips for this month -- I certainly have enough strips to make more, but I'm not sure I'll get to it.
And an invitation, with Sophie's permission, to join an on-line, mini round robin project I'll be starting up in January. There's a little information here and a bit more here

The basic premise is that you will make a starting block that will eventually come back to you with a finished quilt around it. This block should be no larger than 8" square, but it doesn't have to be square. It should reflect the colors  /style / genre of the quilt you'd like to receive.

Leave me a comment on my blog (not this one) or send me an email if you're interested.

Julie Waldman

Trips November 2011 photos

I have finally managed to get a couple of blocks made this month. I
thought that I'd post these just in case I don't get the others
finished. That's two from me. Sophie, I'm sorry that you are coping
with a return of your health problems. Prayers and hugs go to you. I
hope more rest and taking a break from the block lotto helps you
recoup. Happy Thanksgiving everyone, good luck in the block lotto.
Coralie in Canada

Debbie's November blocks

Three blocks for this month by Debbie M

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

November block

I had a knee operation a week ago and I am working on my African Violet Quilt, so only two blocks from me this month.

Block from Kathie

I've only had a chance to make one, and don't expect to have time for more before the end of the month. It's been a great Block Lotto year (I won one month), and I had such fun making all the blocks. Thanks, Sophie.
Kathie L in Allentown

More blocks for Sue

Thanks to Laura from Il, Cathy Ann and Michelle for such gorgeous blocks. They arrived today and that only leaves 7 more envelopes to arrive. I live a long way from everyone and the wait for mail seems soooo long.
Cheers Sue

Monday, November 21, 2011

Sophie's Samplers on their Way (at last)

As I was waiting in the very long line at the post office, waiting for my turn with the lone clerk, I thought about how most months at about this time, I'd be working on the sneak peek directions, guidelines and email message (if only in my head).  Yes, I thought, shamefully, I really am mailing my blocks THAT LATE.

Because I used my blocks to make the totals work (in case you're wondering how I manage to always make them work out, that's how), I am mailing to ALL FIVE of our October winners.

I hope mine are the last blocks that Andi, Ellie, Janet, Rho and Sue are waiting for ... if YOU haven't yet mailed your Sampler Blocks from October, please let me/them know.  Things come up for all of us, so if something has also come up for you, don't sweat it.  Let's just get all our blocks in the mail as soon as we can and let the winners know that they are on their way.

Scrappy Trip

Three blocks for Terry in California in November.

(edited by sophie to add Terry's name to the post and add the labels).

More blocks arriving at my place

Thanks Laurina and Toni. I love my blocks from you clever girls.
cheers Sue

Sunday, November 20, 2011

rho received more October sampler blocks- almost done!

With Laurina's b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l blocks received.... I now have 47 of my 49 winning blocks for October.

Thank you sew...... much!

1 more block for rho (Total - 9 +1)

This is a picture of another Scrappy Trip ! These are sew addicting to make!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Four More for Kelly (Total 5)

These are 4 more blocks that I'm posting for Kelly. (total 5 so far for Nov Block Lotto)

Four more

Here are four more scrappy trips. Hopefully I'll have a chance to make a couple more.

My November blocks...

Here are my November blocks, 9 + 1 extra:
Laura Randolph
Lovely mail this week!  Sampler blocks arrived from Corinne in WA, Julie in Derbyshire, Linda in TX and Toni in OR.  Thank you ladies, they are all beautiful.

Happy Stitching!
Andi in Arizona

more blocks

Blocks arrived Thursday from Corrine and Linda N.  Thanks ladies!

Two More Makes Nine

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Scrappy Trips blocks from CathyC & FNSI

Hi everyone **waves**

have made another scrappy trip block - this makes 5 so far, and am hoping to get to some more this afternoon/evening for FNSI

Sophie, I will donate these blocks this month ;-)

One November 2011 Block by June in San Diego

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sampler blocks arrived

Four lovely blocks arrived yesterday from Jo in Oman via UK. They were in my post office box on Wed 16th Nov. our time Jo, thanks

Samplers from CathyC to Andi

Blocks have been packed and ready to post for days ;-)

First opportunity to get to post office today - they should take about 10 working days from Australia to USA

At last I completed some blocks

I have had the best of intentions, but have failed miserably to enter any completed blocks for several months, but this month I actually managed six blocks

I love this block and will make myself a quilt from my scraps even if I don't win this month.  Thanks Sophie for finding us another fab block

First block this month

I have managed to play with strips this week to make my first block for the lotto. I really love the checker-board effect.
I'll try to make more before the end of the month. I love this block, another winner, perfect choice Sophie, thank you! I must say I really wouldn't mind winning this month....