Thursday, December 31, 2009

2006 Lotto Block Index

These are the blocks we made for the Block Lotto in 2006. We continued with 10 inch blocks (finished size), made from patterns on the Quilter's Cache Web site.

You can also find all the blocks from this year (and 2005) in the Flickr collection, 2005-2006 Block Lotto.

January - Home Circle
PatPatMaraMore Home Circle Block Photos
Home Circle Directions
February - Hope of Hartford
ColeneJeniJessicaMore Hope of Hartford Photos
Hope of Hartford Directions
March - Queen Charlotte's Crown
DeniseDeniseDeniseMore Charlotte's Crown Photos
QCC Block Directions
April - Johnny 'Round the Corner
PeniMichelleMichelleMore JRtC Block Photos
Directions for Johnny 'Round the Corner
May - Grandmother's Choice
VanessaVanessaVanessaMore Grandmother's Choice Photos
Grandmother's Choice Directions
June - Scottie Dog
SophieAmyAmyMore Scottie Dog Block Photos
Scottie Dog Directions
July - That 30's Thing
LauraLauraLauraMore That 30's Thing Block Photos
That 30's Thing Directions
August - Nine O'Clock
SophieSophieLee AnnMore Nine O'Clock Blocks
Directions for Nine O'Clock
September - Goshen Star
Lee AnnJeniJeniMore Goshen Star Photos
Goshen Star Directions
October - Broken Arrows
KateKateJulieMore Broken Arrows Photos
Broken Arrows Directions
November - Hearth & Home
AmyVanessaAmyMore Hearth & Home Photos
Hearth & Home Directions

We did not make blocks in December, 2006.

The number and diversity of blocks we've made over the years is really quite remarkable. To see all the Lotto Block Index posts, follow the label Quilt Block Index. There is also an illustrated alphabetic list of all the blocks we've made with links to the block patterns on the Block Patterns page.

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