Saturday, July 31, 2010

... and 4 more

Here are four more blocks from me (on dark navy) . . . for a total of 231 blocks this month.

Four more Fireworks Blocks

This means we will have FIVE WINNERS. The first four names randomly selected will receive a set of 48 blocks and the fifth winner will receive a smaller set of 39 blocks.

I'm off to put together the long list of names for Pat (aka Pattilou) to randomly select the winners.

Cross your fingers everyone ;-)


  1. Did you get mine Sophie?


  2. I did ... I just didn't know I had them until I opened my mail. I was too busy this morning making those last minute blocks of mine. It's all good now. You're on the list and in the drawing ... and we'll get the blogger author problem straightened out so you have access to post here.


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