Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sophie finally makes her blocks ...

Here are four blocks that I made last night. My fabric is still packed and I found the box of solid kona cotton (and not any black), so these have a dark green background (which is OK according to the guidelines).

Sophie's 4 Fireworks blocks

I thought that Hoffman Challenge fabric from a few years ago (lower right) makes pretty good fireworks.

My four blocks bring the total to 224 ... which is only three away from the number needed for 5 winners. I think I'm going to have some breakfast and make a few more blocks before the deadline.


  1. Love that Hoffman Challenge fabric! This was a great block.

  2. Sophie, I emailed you my block pics last night-four blocks. I have not been able to get onto blogger to upload them myself, so you don't need to sew any more :)

    If you haven't received the email it may be in your spam folder-your email doesn't like


  3. Aww, I was excited about getting us to the five winner mark :). I concede the honor to Linda!

  4. There are 2 Lindas now (great name!) So Linda Big D still just has 2 and the other Linda has 4.

  5. Well that is assuming I can get the blocks recorded into the lotto...I have had the darnedest time getting this going :)

    The Other Linda

  6. We not only have 2 Linda's this month, we have 2 Debbie's and 2 Julie's and Maree, Marie, Mary and Mary Jane. Yes, Pat is really going to have to pay close attention when she's matching up random numbers with names on the list.


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