Saturday, April 29, 2006

Blocks from Kristen

While I was speculating the wheres and whys of those lost blocks, two blocks from Kristen arrived, bringing our total so far to 66.

Kristen Kristen

I know about blocks in the mail from Laura and a block or more across town from France ... on Monday we'll know if Amy will br drawing 3 name or 4 when she choose the winner of all these blocks.

The Lost Blocks

Last week, a mystery was solved and blocks from Kate, Lee Ann, Nancy and Tracy were found bundled together and waiting on a shelf at the post office:

From Kate:

Kate Kate Kate Kate Kate

From Lee Ann:

Lee Ann Lee Ann
Lee Ann Lee Ann

From Nancy:

Nancy Nancy Nancy Nancy Nancy

... and from Tracy:

Tracy Tracy Tracy Tracy Tracy

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Lotto blocks from Amy, Barb, Denise, Jeni and Sue

A popular block and a busy month have me scrambling, once again.

From Amy:

Amy Amy Amy

From Barb:

Barb Barb Barb
Barb Barb

From Denise:

Denise Denise Denise

From Jeni:

Jeni Jeni Jeni
Jeni Jeni

... and from Sue:


More soon ...

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Catching up with Johnny

Can you believe that before I've been able to getting around to blogging the April blocks, I've already received 21 more.

From Janet–who also sent a cool seam-measuring tool, Thanx!

Janet Janet Janet Janet Janet

From Jennifer:

Jennifer O Jennifer O

From Mary:

Mary Mary Mary Mary

From Michelle:

Michelle Michelle Michelle Michelle Michelle

From Peni:

My redesign of the web pages for the Beginner Block Lotto isn't quite ready for prime time, so I went ahead and created a page like before with all the April blocks on it--check out the link in the sidebar or --> click here.