Tuesday, August 31, 2010

August 2010 Recap

It always makes me happy when so many of you are willing to (perhaps suspend disbelief and) make my wild design ideas a reality.  THANK YOU.

This month 31 quilters made 122 Rose blocks in a rainbow of colors.  Congratulations, again, to our winners, Maree, Janet and Wendy--two of whom are FIRST TIME winners . . . lucky Janet won for the first time LAST month.

Welcome again to our "newbie," Helen and to Ramie, who missed the deadline for the drawing but has generously decided to send her blocks to the winners.  I hope you had fun and will LEAP into the great unknown and try some more lotto blocks in the future . . . you can ask Maree and Janet and Wendy, almost everyone who sticks around will eventually WIN ;-)

Here's our archive of blocks made, donated and WON this month:
  • Andi - 2
  • Andra - 2 (donate chances)
  • Balinda - 4
  • Carol - 3 (Donate)
  • Caroline - 2
  • Cathy - 2
  • Cory - 9
  • Gail - 2 (donate chances)
  • Ginny - 1 (donate chance)
  • Helen - 3 NEWBIE
  • Janet R. - 9 *** Winner #2 ***
  • Janet S. - 5
  • Julie - 2 (donate chances)
  • June - 3
  • Kate - 9
  • Kathie - 3
  • Kim - 3
  • Laura - 9
  • Linda N - 3
  • Linda S - 2
  • Maree - 7 *** Winner #1 ***
  • Marie - 1
  • Marilyn - 5
  • Melissa - 1 (donate)
  • Pat - 2
  • Pattilou - 2 (donate chances)
  • Ramie - 5 NEWBIE (donated blocks)
  • Sarah - 2
  • Sophie - 9 (donate)
  • Terri - 4
  • Wendy Lee - 6 *** Winner #3 ***

Congratulations! to August Rose Winners!

Congratulations to all the winners - - MAREE- - JANET R - - WENDY LEE P -- - - ! Make somethin' pretty!





Another Newbie

Another newbie here. Just got back into town from a crafty weekend at my aunts. I made these five over the weekend. I had a few technical difficulties this morning, so I'm not sure if I made the noon deadline. Here's the five I made though.

The Drawing Today

A few things to know about the Block Lotto Drawing today:

  • The NOON (east coast) deadline is FIRM, because I need to leave for work soon afterward (and have no access from the office).
  • Debbie E will be picking the winners sometime this evening.
  • With our total so close to our usual threshold for three winners and with one newbie who signed up this morning and will (hopefully) be posting her blocks, I've decided we will have THREE winners this month, each receiving around 40 blocks, instead of the usual target set size of 48.  These blocks are large enough to make a good sized quilt with 35-40 blocks.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Couldn't resist one more

Another two roses

I've managed to make another two - making these roses is my first attempt at liberated quilting and I'm really enjoying it...

Sunday, August 29, 2010

one more rose from Dallas

Still haven't tried a yellow one; this is my pink one. I like them on point; if I win, I envision putting them on point with some kind of trellis-y fabric. maybe an ivy border....This makes 3 for me.

Newbie jumps in!

After about three years of 'lurking' on the lotto and admiring all the lovely blocks that you've all made I've finally plucked up the courage to join! I hope my rose block is acceptable - if not please let me know and I'll re-work it!
Thanks for letting me join!


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Kathie's Roses

Here are my entries for the month. I love the ease with which they go together. Kathie L in Allentown

Drawing Deadline Reminder and ...

My work schedule has changed and the deadline on Tuesday, August 31 will be at NOON sharp Eastern Daylight Time.  That's 11AM in Texas (and the rest of the Central Time Zone), 10AM in Denver (Mountain Time), 9AM on the West Coast ... 5PM in the UK (I think), etc.

I need to be able to mail the list for the drawing very soon after the deadline (and then race to the office).

. . . Speaking of sending off the list of names for the drawing, I have been too distracted to ask for a volunteer to do the honors.  If you are donating your chances this month or didn't have the time or inclination to make Rose blocks and would be willing to be the winner picker, please email me.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Donate chance

Sophie, I'd like to donate my one lone rose chance this month.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Better (very) Late Than Never?

Some co-workers dragged me out for dinner after work and I completely forgot about the sneak peek email until I came home wanting ONLY to go to bed.

It may have some "holes" in it–and thanks in advance for letting me know what I've left out and what is unclear–but the sneak peek email has gone out.

If you have made Rose blocks this month, your name should appear in the left sidebar AND you should have received email from me.  Please let me know ASAP if there is a problem on either account . . . though if it's with the email, you may want to first check your SPAM folder.

Monday, August 23, 2010

My August blocks...

Carol's Blocks Came Back

So sorry Carol.  You envelope arrive in my box today, looks like it was 7 cents short.  I will take it to the post office tomorrow and resend it.

 - Kristin

Sunday, August 22, 2010

firework blocks

Here are my fireworks up on the design wall.  This is about how far I got last weekend and I did not get time to work on it this weekend.  The large star is the center and the fireworks are going in on point.

Roses to donate

Here are my two roses for August and I want to donate my chances this month. 

Roses by Janet R

Here are my 9 roses.

Where has the month gone?

It'll be the last week of August and it looks like I will not have any entries this month..Where has the month gone?...... The roses are ALL beautiful, btw. Good luck to this month's winners!

Friday, August 20, 2010

I have received the last of my fireworks blocks today. Thanks Wendy P. from Amarillo.

** Caroline **

Thursday, August 19, 2010

I have received blocks from Debbie M. & Linda N. Just waiting on 4 blocks, then I will have received all of mine. Thanks everyone! And then I WILL NOT work on this quilt until I get my son's wedding quilt done! LOL!

** Caroline **

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

39 Fireworks So Far

I received 4 fireworks blocks from Trudi in UK, along with a beautiful quilted postcard. Thanks!

Sophie, I have received 39 blocks so far.

Carol E.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A change in our timeline ... and another quilty interpretation of a Rose.

Because I have started a temp job and will be in training for the next 2-3 weeks (without access to a computer), I will be sending out the sneak peek email (on Tuesday, August 24) and putting together the final list of names for the drawing on the last day of the month a few hours  later in the day than usual.

In case you're curious, unfortunately, the job is really just NOTHING to celebrate and I still won't be able to make ends meet, unless I decide I don't need health insurance . . . but it is work and I am grateful for that.

On a more pleasant note, if you haven't already seen Béa's blog, here's a detail photo of out her "rose" quilt . . . made from shoo-fly blocks (with a different fabric placement than usual).  

Check out her blog article about her quilt, "Rosaraie," for photos of the full quilt and the pretty rose-inspired quilting design.  I can imagine doing something similar with liberated shoo-fly blocks, like those we made earlier this year.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Challenge of the Rose!

Working with this challenge this month brought back memories of when I first really started quilting--circa 1997-98.  There was a challenge of making blocks toward the quilter's desire.  I wanted to make a small quilt using some of the processes by Jean and Valori Wells in their book, "Through the Garden Gate."  I spent hours looking through that book, but being dyslexic and also a new quilter with very few scraps, I needed some help.  I could not figure out how to do those blocks.  But, I finished a small quilt and I still bring it out for the summer, pictured right.

This challenge of the rose brought back some of that frustration.  First, I didn't have many scraps as I had just last month finished over a hundred crumb blocks!  But, I had some batik strips and thought I could try.

I learned:
More than three colors works best.  
Trimming and "eyeing" the shape works better when squinting and viewing the shape.
Shades would bring out the shapes more, but as I said, I don't have many scraps that would work for this as I try to use them up for charity quilts in order to keep my space cleaned up--(anal I know!).
Pieces bigger than the 2.5 inch strips I had would work better, but if trimmed right, 2.5 inch strips can work.

Anyhow, I can donate these or I can keep them for the various donation quilts I make.  I just thought, I'd post a picture of my "try" for this challenge.  I think I may start plastic bags for single colors of scraps--and try this again sometime.  I'm now out of green, and the pale lavendar, so I can't fix what I've got.  (I just barely made it, as is)

Not so much liberated as I'd like to be,
Pattilou  :-)

Saturday, August 14, 2010


I have received all of my blocks and I have started working out a design.  the blocks are lovely!!!!

fireworks sent

I finally made it through the TX heat to the P.O. and mailed my 2 fireworks to Caroline in ND.
Linda in BigD

Get-well Geese

I just posted a few to Mary Jane, but wasn't able to take a photo as I've misplaced my camera. Oh well!

Friday, August 13, 2010


Sorry I haven't posted sooner. I was out of town for a few days and came home to several packages in my mail box. And then I had to take my computer to a friend so he could fix it, and this past week, I was doing a different job at work and not able to have computer time. But I have received Fireworks from: Barbara, Carrie, Janet S., Jewel, Kate, Laura, Marilyn, Sarah, Sophie,and Trudi. These blocks are going to play nice together. I plan on making my quilt, AFTER I get my son's wedding quilt done. I must work on his quilt... I Must!
** Caroline **

Fireworks Block Update

I just wanted to let everyone know I received my last blocks today. The blocks from NZ arrive in this morning's mail.

Thank you to everyone who made blocks, they are beautiful and I cannot wait to put together a quilt with my winnings. And such speedy mailers, too.

Thanks again and good luck to all of this months players!

Linda S.

More Fireworks Arrived

I received 3 asterisk blocks from Julie (Jewel) and 2 from Marie, along with a beautiful, hand-made card. Thanks!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

My blocks flew the pond...

...last night and are being mailed today from New Jersey to Caroline and Andra.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Firewoorks flying the pond!

My Fireworks blocks are flying their way over the pond.  They went in the mail this morning and hopefully will be with Carol E early next week.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Sittin' on the Kitchen Counter...

...is where my sealed and stamped blocks are.  I am about 3 hours away from home spending a week at the Oregon coast.

Forgot to pop it in the mail on my way out of town.  So sorry!  I'll be home Friday, so they should be in the mail Friday or Saturday.

 - Kristin

Fireworks in the mail...

I sent blocks to Carol, Caroline and Andra today. I am a little later than I wanted to be but have been so busy getting ready for my trip to Italy (we leave on Friday whoo hoo) that they got pushed back.

I took them to the post office to be sure they had proper postage.

See you all when I get back :)

Fireworks, Again

I got more asterisk blocks today.. from Michelle (she used some very creative fabrics, including duckie heads - cute!) and from June. Thanks! --Carol E.

log cabin Roses Aug 2010

Hi, I have finally managed to make 9 roses. It was somewhat challenging as I was trying to use up scraps. I discovered many of the scraps were not big enough to fill the space intended, but I got the job done.

There is a picture of a liberated basket quilt by Gwen Marsden in the Sept. issue of the magazine by American Quilters Association.

asterisks/fireworks in the mail tomorrow

My asterisks for July will go in the mail tomorrow!

Roses for August from Wendy Lee

Here's my garden for August.  You know, for all the trouble that yellow one gave me, it should look better!  I couldn't seem to get a seam in the right place anywhere on that one.  I found these challenging, but in a good way.  If you haven't made any yet, here's my advice:  cut your strips about 150% as wide as you think you need them -- especially in the green!.  You can always trim.

Monday, August 9, 2010

More Fireworks in the Mail

Pop! Boom! Lots of fireworks were in my mailbox today. Wow! These are so pretty! These arrived from Carrie, Marilyn, Coralie, Kim, Mary K. and Sophie. THank you so much!!

scholarly quilt website

I just happened on a link to a scholarly website maintained by Michigan State University, called "the Quilt Index". It contains photos and history about quilts maintained in public and private hands.
Here is the link:

Linda big D

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Fireworks/asterisks mailed

I mailed to Janet, Linda, and Andra I think it was Friday...my life has gotten extremly crazy because my Mom and dad bought a "new" house, 63 miles away and we have been getting it fixed up. Thought I was done when I finished painting last Monday, b ut knew Mom wanted the kitchen redone sometime down the road. Well, she happened upon cabinets at a garage sale that were most of what was needed...and my Brother came up Saturday to see what it would take and we ended up doing demolition and planning a much improved layout. So this week I am doing construction work....will I ever get back to my sewing machine and some quilt blocks? I hope to before the month is out!

Big D Roses

These are my 2 entries; they were fun. I started with a triangle instead of a pentagon, so I hope that's okay. Mine are blockier and pointier than I would like, but I liked playing with the variation between darker and lighter shades. If I get time, I want to see if my stash has some yellow/coral/oranges that are close enought to try the effect of one of those variegated tea roses. (yellow petals with just a hint of the orange/coral at the tips). I love those.
My daughter announced her engagement on 7/4 (wedding not for 2 years), so you'll see a little bridal print in the white rose if you look closely.
I do like the effect of putting a swirly print in the center; it may be cheating but it helps.
Linda Big D

Two more roses

Here are my two rose entries.

After a bit of a struggle with adding the green, I came across a pretty good way to do it. I used a paper bag for the template and after I had finished the rose, I laid it down on the template and traced around it. I then folded on the line where the green would go (the triangle part and it made a pattern of sorts. I placed that on a corner of the green and then cut leaving a seam allowance. Does that make sense? It worked well for me. I was planning on cutting the paper and making an actual pattern, but was too lazy to cut more templates. I had to add some sides because for some reason when I was trimming I was thinking 9" not 9.5".

Two More Roses (Orange) from San Diego

I finished up two more roses this morning - this time using orange fabric.

Liberated Roses

Another one completed.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Log Cabin Roses

Here are 2 roses for August! These were a challenge for me. Guess I'm not a very liberated quilter.

Sophie, please donate these chances.

4 Scrappy log cabin roses

Here are my roses for August. This was a lot harder than I thought it would be. If you are not careful your rose gets very boxy. I might get to the blue and purple pile of scraps before the end of the month.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Fireworks from San Diego Mailed to the Winners

I've mailed each of the winners three of my fireworks! What fun it will be to see how you put them together in your projects!

Get Well Geese Flying to Mary Jane from San Diego

Hope you are feeling better!: ) June

This is cute!

I was talking about trying to think of other types of free-form flowers and I noticed this photo in my reader:
What a cute idea this person had!

Fireworks and roses

Two rose blocks completed. Have found these fascinating to make and hopefully will manage more. My first rose is a bit smaller but hopefully acceptable (maybe a rosebud).

My fireworks blocks are in the mail to Andra and Linda.

Rose Blocks

I made three rose blocks. After an initial odd-ball outcome, I improved the technique and ended up liking these pretty well.

Since I just won fireworks, I will donate these three roses to someone else to win this month.

Carol E.

Fireworks in my Mailbox

I received lovely fireworks blocks from Barbara B., Rhonda O., and Janet S. Thanks! This sure is exciting.

--Carol E.


Two more roses.  I think I like each one I make better than the one before.  I love it because you really don't know how they'll turn out until you're finished with it.  It's especially challenging when dealing with scraps as the size and shape of your pieces are sometimes determined by what you have.  Fun challenge.  Would be loads of fun to win this month as all the roses have been so different.  Anyway, this makes 5 chances for me.  Yea! Janet S.

More Geese

Kim and Kate:
     Your fantastic geese arrived today.  I can't wait to sew again.  (I tried to type just a little with my left hand today with no luck - no strength, no control and quite a bit of pain).  These geese go well with all that have arrived.  Thank you so very much.

Thursday, August 5, 2010


I had a huge stack of blocks in the mail today-more than half my blocks!  Thanks so much ladies-they are lovely-a sure cure for the back to school blues!

Fireworks in the mail!

Sent off all my sparklers today. Would have loved to win these myself they are so nice. Can't wait to see them put together!

Rose woes

I have very nearly finished a rose block. The rose turned out well enough, it was a first attempt and I can see how you could really get into a rhythm making these. But my goodness! adding the green is going to make me crazy. How imperative is it that the edges be on the straight grain, I think that is what is making it difficult for me. Or maybe I am missing something...

On the upside, it feels like Christmas every time the mailman comes- thank you all for sending off your blocks so quickly. I have been putting them up on my design wall as they arrive and they are going to make a gorgeous quilt!

Sent off

I have sent off Carol's blocks. They were in my purse for 2 days.

First one done!

I completed my first rose block. I hope that I can get at least 1 more done. Right now I am working on some Halloween "stuff".

More Fireworks on the Way

It was too hot to walk over this afternoon (we're into the triple digits here), but I did DRIVE over and mail my blocks to the winners. I hope you enjoy them.

Fooling Around

I am playing with different ideas in my head for a quilt of rose blocks.  I am not donating this one for the lotto, but I thought would share my attempt at making a block having 3 roses inside one nine inch block.

Completed Quilter's Choice from June 2009

I'm happy to be able to finally post my completed quilt from blocks I won in June 2009. It was a Quilter's Choice in 1930s reproductions. I found a striped fabric that I thought would be good for the multicolored blocks, and then used orange/white quarter square triangles for the setting squares. It is such a cheerful quilt. Thanks to everyone who participated that month and every month. And, as always, thanks to our leader Sophie who makes it all possible. Kathie L in Allentown

Three More Blocks from Sophie

I confess that I made a perfectly horrendous ORANGE rose that was so bad, I cut it up and made some 5" crumb blocks.  I tried starting with a triangle and probably should have just stuck with what was working for me ... here are the three others I made last night.

That makes 9 for me–chances donated–and 50 blocks for August so far.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

baskets and fireworks

Baskets were received from Sophie this morning. Thank you, now to decide on the plan for the quilt, or quilts. The blocks all look so cheerful and fun together. I have now received all my blocks.

The fireworks blocks are on their way this morning also. Sorry, For the delay in sending them. I've had company and haven't gotten to the post office as soon as I had planned.


Roses are growing

My second block for the month!

I mailed blocks to winners yesterday.


I haven't decided yet if it's a tragedy or an "opportunity," but I recently, accidentally overwrote my list of current and future Lotto Blocks (and the past choices, too), with fabric/color ideas,  all my links to inspiration, examples and patterns (if they exist online). 

I kept telling myself I'd have a old copy saved somewhere, but . . . after an exhaustive search this morning, I know that I just don't . . . grumble, grumble.  Don't you just hate it when you shoot yourself in the foot with technology?

Can I please have some cheese (and sympathy) with this whine?

So, if you're wondering why I haven't posted an update with the fabrics for the rest of the year, that's why. I mostly remember, but I would be happier if I could find my carefully thought out plan and be sure :-(

Blocks Away!

4 blocks enroute to Caroline.

-Wendy K.

Another rose

I corrected my rose this morning by adding 1.5 inch strips to each side as Sophie suggested!  I had fun with this technique and would like to donate my block to the next lucky winner!

Two roses

Here are two more roses for August.  I still think the pink one (which was my first attempt) is a little too triangley, so I may cut the bottom tip off some before the end of the month.  For now, though, I think I want to just try some more from scratch.  These are fun, but a little tricky.  I think I'm doing better with each one I make. Janet S

Another Lotto Inspired Quilt

Mary–who recently rejoined the Block Lotto–emailed these photos to me just before my move . . . and I realized this morning, I never posted them.  (Sorry, Mary.)

She made Watermill blocks for the lotto in September 2005.  She didn't win, but because her mother loved the blocks, she made some duplicates and others and put together this quilt

I know I sound like a broken record when I say that if you didn't win blocks you wanted, you can make some for yourself  . . .  but here's a beautiful example of someone who did exactly that ;-)

I love the fabrics in this quilt and the pieced border.  It looks translucent, like stained glass.  (And the quilting is VERY nice, too).

Thanks for sharing it with us.

Into the Mail

My fireworks blocks are going in the mail today to Carol and Caroline.  These were fun to make.  Congrats ladies.  I hope you have fun putting it all together.  Janet S.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My Dandelion Patch!

When I saw the fireworks block last month, I thought of making the blocks in green and yellow to resemble the dandelions in my yard!  I just finished piecing my quilt tonight.

Marilyn's crazy roses

Love these ones and very fun to do - have lots of ideas. Thanks Sophie, what fun this all is.


I tried making this block and had all kinds of trouble.  Can people please post extra hints for me???
I am am not sure if I am starting off with pieces to small or what.  Then it really razzed me trying to have straight of grain on the borders.  What size middle piece are you girls starting with and what size width are your strips??? I ended up with too small of a block.

This and That

1. Fireworks blocks sent off yesterday to Linda.
2.  Basket blocks received from Sophie~~Thanks!

First Basket Blocks top ready for quilter~~"Baskets of Love"  Thanks to all who sent these blocks!!!
pattilou in UT

More Fireworks Blasting Off

My fireworks blocks went on their way to Caroline today. Congrats again winners! It's fun to make the blocks knowing whoever wins will enjoy them.

Blocks Mailed

I really hated to part with them, but I mailed all my fireworks blocks today.

blocks mailed

I just put 4 fireworks blocks in the mail to Janet. I hope you have fun with them!

More Geese

Coralie and Kathryn - thank you for the lovely geese.  They finished their southern flight and are safely awaiting incorporation into a quilt or border.

Fireworks in the mail

Hi ladies - just to say I am posting my fireworks blocks later this morning - but as I am on holiday in the US at the moment, the return address won't match what's on your table from Sophie - they will be coming from Laurel, MD instead of New Malden, Surrey, UK!

true confessions

I hesitate to admit it... but I had to watch the final episode of "Bachelorette" tonight. Pathetic, eh? But -- I absolved myself by making roses while I watched. Isn't that appropriate?There are definitely more of these waiting in my scrap bins! Will you accept this rose?

Monday, August 2, 2010

Two More (Blue) Roses and Tips on Adding Green Background

I know I said I'd make more blocks–in some other color besides blue.  But these fabrics were out and calling to me this afternoon.

Sophie's Rose Block #1 Sophie's Rose Block #2

As I was making them, I realized that in my directions for making the block, I say something like, "add green fabrics to make the block square,"  which is right up there with "quilt as desired" with being next to useless   So here are some notes (and photos taken today) that explain how I approach that last step.

  1. When you have added enough logs (aka petals) and the rose because a good size, then figure out what orientation it will have in the final block. Personally, I try to avoid having any long edges along an edge, because it starts to turn into a "house" in my mind.  Begin by adding green background to the open spaces to complete one side and the corners on each end.
  2. Trim that side and both corners to size–9.5 inches square. At this point, you will be able to know for sure if any part of your rose will be chopped off in the finished block–you can go ahead and trim them off now. You'll also be able to see the shape of the open spaces to be filled with green (leaf) background. Notice how the point on the right side of my rose in the photo on the left has been trimmed to fit in the right photo.

  3. After you've decided on the orientation of your rose One Side is Squared up
  4. The blocks will be easier to work with if you make some effort to end up with straight grain along the outside edges, so if you have a triangular space to fill, use a similarly shaped fabric, with the bias on the inside and the straight of grain on the outside edges. I added a triangle shape to the third corner and when it was trimmed, the outside edges were on-grain.

  5. Add triangle shapes to maintain grain With third corner added and trimmed.
  6. To cut a piece of fabric to fit the shape, lay the background fabric on the cutting mat so that the straight edge is where you want the side of the block to be, then lay the rose-in-progress over it. Slide them apart a 1/2 inch (or a little more) to account for the bite the seam allowance will take from both the rose and the background, then cut the background even with the edge of the rose.

  7. Cutting the fabric to fit odd shapes Background, cut to fit
  8. Continue to add background and trim after each seam to ensure that there are no surprised and your block will end up being correctly sized.
  9. With skinny triangle added Completed block

One of the things I love best about quilting is that there are so many ways to do any given thing. You may not "see" the block the way I have and you might not be as anal about creating straight grain edges to your block (and that's OK), but I thought I'd share how I'm doing it. (And I'll update my directions with this addition info later).

There is one more thing for this month. If you win AND you are allergic to cats, please be sure to let me know. One of my cats, Grace Hopper INSISTED on "helping" with the fabric selection for these blocks. As you can see from her expression and the position of her ears, she was adamant about it and wasn't going to budge without a fight . . . so I caved and let her "help".

Grace "helping" with fabric selection