Thursday, May 3, 2012

Are you a Facebook Fan?

My mailbox has been flooded for requests for a block pattern that I created for the Block Lotto last summer after it appeared on Facebook as a shop's blog of the day. (If you didn't come here from Facebook and are curious, it's the African Violets in the Dark.)

If you clicked over from Facebook and wondered what happened to the group, we outgrew the limitation for authors on blogspot and moved to our own website and blog at

As for the Violet block pattern (and some others), I will be cleaning them up and removing anything that was specific for the block lotto, making them more useful to the rest of the quilting world.  When they are ready for prime time, look for them on my personal blog,  Sophie Junction and the Block Lotto site.

If you are wondering what we've been up to lately, here's the first blocks made for May--a liberated 5-Point Star

Wendy's Block #2Kathie's block #1Caroline's star #1Linda's star #2
Caroline's star #5Kate's star #1Linda's star #1Wendy's Block #1
Maree's Star #1Kathie's block #2Caroline's star #2Caroline's star #4