Friday, April 30, 2010

April 2010 Recap

In April, 192 wonky fly blocks were made by 30 quilters and won by Laura, June, Debbie and Michelle.  Carol, Debbie and Sarah made their first lotto blocks in April.  Welcome again to our newbies and congratulations to our winners.

Here's the list.  I've added links to the blogs for those I know about.  I thought documenting bloggers who made block this month might be an OK alternative to maintaining a blog roll.  
  • Balinda - 6
  • Carol - 3 ***NEW ***
  • Carolyn - 7
  • Carrie - 9
  • Cory - 9
  • Debbie - 3 ***NEW ***  ***WINNER***
  • Ginny - 8 (donate)
  • Julie - 5 (donate)
  • June - 9 + 1 extra   ***WINNER***
  • Kate - 9 (donate) + 1 extra
  • Kathie - 5
  • Kim - 9 (donate)
  • Krista - 4
  • Kristin - 2
  • Laura - 9  ***WINNER***
  • Linda - 3 (donate)
  • Lisa - 6
  • Lois - 9 + 1 extra
  • Louise - 1
  • Manuela - 5
  • Mary Jane - 9 + 1 extra
  • Michelle - 9   ***WINNER***
  • Pat - 9
  • Rho - 9 (donate)
  • Sarah - 2 ***NEW ***
  • Shelley - 5
  • Sophie - 9 (donate) + 3 extra
  • Terri - 3 (donate)
  • Trudi - 9 + 1 extra
  • Wendy Lee - 1

And the April Winners Are..............!!!

Congratulations to:

1st - Laura
2nd - June
3rd - Debbie
4th - Michelle

Make somethin' pretty!

It's time to cross your fingers ...

I just sent the list of names for the April block lotto drawing to Rho. She'll use the list, along with this random number generator website to randomly choose our winners.

We ended with 194 blocks for the month, which means 4 winners will each receive at least 48 blocks.

When you take out all the extra blocks–extra because someone made more than the maximum of 9–there were 186 chances in the drawing.  Quite a few people donated their chances this month–there was a total of 55 donated chances.   Here's how I spread around the extra luck:
  • If you are a newbie (first timer) this month, you got 7 extra chances
  • If you haven't won a set of lotto blocks yet, you got 4 extra chances
  • If you haven't won a set of lotto block yet in 2010, you got 2 extra chances

Good luck, everyone.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

4 more Fly's


Here is a photo of 4 more Wonky Fly's and a photo of all 7 of my blocks!

April Shoe Flies

Here are my 5 blocks for the month. This is such a cool block. I made 3 others that didn't measure up, but I may frame them and make a table runner or something....

Can't believe we are already to begin May! Take care all. Love all the ideas you are sharing about what to do with winning blocks...



Wow! Thanks for the comments. Someone even called them Picasso 'ish and Cubist. High compliments for simple Liberated Logs from Block Lotto! Maybe I'll name this quilt 'South Beach'.

In the original rules for each block, you had to stick with the blue/green/purple color palette, but you also had to include a black and white or a black and a white. Other colors could be in there, but not dominate. There's a blatant red start to one of my blocks. So sassy! She doesn't belong, but I love her spunk! Also half the blocks had to tilt upward and half downward.

After taking comments into consideration, I decided to use sashing and not to use sashing. I didn't want to lose the up-angle and down-angle of the blocks, so I decided to group them in sets of four. Then I'm sashing those in Kona black and using a perky white/blue/lime print for the cornerstones. Now that leaves purple out, so I do think the border may need to be purple. We'll see.

Shown is my first row. All the rest are sewn in sets of four, awaiting their sashing and cornerstones. More progress tomorrow, God willing, and the creek don't rise.

Last of my blocks

The last of my block winnings arrived from Manuela today! They are so bright and cheery. Thanks Manuela for the key chain. The colors matched the blocks and it matches my sewing room favorite color combo aqua and greens.

current fly setting

This month's Fons & Porter magazine has a setting for traditional shoo flies with watermelon blocks alternating; rather dark and drab colors, imho, but perhaps another source of inspiration to this month's winner. Even though the magazine is usually shrouded in plastic on the newsstand (to prevent free browsing), since the pattern has a "kit" there are probably views on their website. (A general observation - I'm a relatively new quilter and used to watch the F&P shows on my local pbs station, and I subscribed to the mag. , but have found recent issues to have a lot of pretty drab sample quilts - I guess I really like the brighter colors and pastels rather than the browns and blacks they seem to feature recently).

(Edited by sophie to add a photo and link to the magazine–the quilt is on the cover! Click the photo to go to the "Current Issue" page on the Fons & Porter site for more details on the May/June magazine.)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


As promised, here's a photo of all of my 49 March blocks. Does anyone have any suggestions for them? Sew them together as is, sash them, use them for tote bags, etc.? I'm all ears.

Thanks everyone who participated last month. I love the blue/green/purple color combo. And what a variety of fabrics. I don't think there were any repeats among they various players.

A Newbie Question

Hi. I think I have it pretty well figured out, but this came across today, and I don't quite get it:

>>So, the 9 blocks in the first pic are my entry for this month. Plus the far left block in pic two to go in the pot.<<

As I understand it, we can enter 9 blocks; that means 9 chances for us to win. Don't those 9 go into the pot? So why is there any extra one "to go in the pot?"

Is that extra one just a bonus that the winner gets, and the maker gets no chance counted for that one? So it's a block made out of the goodness of one's heart, I guess.

Right? Please explain if it means something other than my guess.

Thanks for clearing this up for me.

Carol E.

Wonky Shoe Fly

This month's 9 blocks.  They're a real stash buster - the solid orange and dark blue fabrics are my own self-double-dyed colourfast to 60 degrees, so am very confident about them not running when washing. The dark floral and the turquoise fabrics were given to me by friends when I helped them move house recently.  The purple floral, and the rosebud, the blue rose and the pink solid were given to my mum by friends she helped move house.

I also made an extra block (the one on the left of the pic below) as I used the third method and made blocks in pairs.  Plus another set of blocks  in all pink. Why? Well, I got confused and for some reason decided I needed 12 pieces of 11" fabric to make 9 blocks.  Yeah, I know, those brits are rubbish at maths!  And me a tax accountant by trade.  All I can say is life's worn me out this month and my number skills are suffering.
Then I read Kim's post about getting all excited about making the blocks and she made 80.  Eighty! It must've taken hours! I decided to be as enthusiastic as Kim but on a smaller scale, and made another 5 sets of the pink on pink vintage 1980s Laura Ashley fabric (again gifted by friends for helping them), like this pic below. I did them all on Sunday and it took all day. I think I'm probably slower than anyone else... but I enjoyed it.
So, the 9 blocks in the first pic are my entry for this month.  Plus the far left block in pic two to go in the pot.  And as I like these blocks so much and even though I won in January, I'm going to be naughty and not donate my chances this month, I want to win win win!

The other blocks in pink on pink in the bottom pic don't follow the rules of this month's Lotto and are just posted for fun as a sort of inadequately sized 'show & tell' chortle.  I've got some little bits of both fabrics left and shall be working out how to shoehorn them into some sort of setting to make the 12 blocks stretch to a baby's size quilt.  Eventually.


Monday, April 26, 2010

Hi Everyone!

I know I haven't played along in a while. I wanted to show you what I designed using the ideas of blocks from December and January. I had appliqued my dots on 10 1/2 inch squares (the dots were a little too big so I didn't enter them in the lotto). Then in January I made the lotto blocks and had fun with them... The idea of this quilt came then. I cut the 10 1/2 inch dot squares wonky (so the dots aren't centered) and made some more tic-tac-toe blocks. Then I made some hourglass blocks to represent x's. I did them all with a layer cake of Spring Magic. So this is "X's, O's, and Tic-Tac-Toes". Sophie had said she wanted to see it when it was done... it isn't quilted yet but at least I finally got the top together.

my six!

I have fabric cut for three more, but I can't guarantee I will get them done in time, worst case scenario I don' I do right =) Here are my six for now

More Blocks Received

First sorry for the delay in posting this. I got sick again, now am finally healthy and catching up on everything. So here it goes!

Wendy Poling 1 set
Lois 2 sets
Liz 1 set
Krista 1 set
Brooke 1 set

Thank you all! I know have all 24 sets and I can't wait to play with them. I have to have next weekend off, so I know what I am doing.


Kate's Blocks Received

Rho is having problems posting on the blog and asked me to acknowledge that she has received Kate's blocks and has now received all of the March blocks.

Edited to add that Rho has agreed to be our winner picker this month.  She's been exceptionally lucky in the drawings lately (and donated her chances this month)  . . .  maybe she'll be passing on some of her good luck, too?

April Blocks

I'm new here, too! Shoofly was one of the first blocks I made as a quilter almost 14 years ago now. I think my flies are a little BIG, but hopefully not too many points will get sewn in.

I love traditional blocks and bright colours and really enjoyed the process of making these blocks. I used the third method listed and plan on using these blocks in a quilt I'm working on in my head - for next year!

Thanks for welcoming me in and please feel free to visit my blog at

With Joy,
Sarah Vee

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Wonky Fly blocks

Hi! I'm new here! Was excited when I found you. I love making random blocks, and winning them is fun, too, of course. I made three blocks and had a blast making them. I will retire in June, and I'm looking forward to having more time to sew!

If you're interested, here is my blog address:

Carol E.

My April blocks...

shoo fly advice anyone? (2)

Thanks to everyone who made suggestions regarding my shoo fly quilt. A couple of people thought it would be helpful to see pix of the different possible layouts. Here's what I was able to come up with. Sorry about the picture angle--I don't have much room to manuever. Your thoughts are VERY much appreciated.

My April Shoo Fly

These are my efforts, and I'm donating my chances to anyone who hasn't won. I mainly used the 3rd method. I had trouble with these because I cut the center panels too big, and then when I tried to cut it down to 8.5" the corners and points got cut off. I had to try to rescue my samples by cutting down the middle parts, but then the total wasn't big enough so I had to add new corners using method 2. I would have been less frustrated to just have recut new sets. (I have my mother's frugal gene, even in the midst of this room with piles of fabric!). The yellow entry will end up with points cut off when used, so Sophie may not even want to include it in the batch. Back to my gardening!
Linda BigD

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kathie's total for April

Here are the 5 blocks I'll submit for April. I'm afraid I only got one more done after the four I did for the sneak peak. Kathie L in Allentown

Friday, April 23, 2010

Check your mail for the MAY Sneak Peek

Short months like this one, always seem so much shorter when I realize that the sneak peek needs to go out . . . without a lot of time to spare ;-)

I haven't yet made a lot of the May blocks, but I did get ONE made this morning, with photos taken and instructions written and sent to everyone who has made April blocks so far.

The May block is a little different, a little abstract. As always, I hope you like it and I'm a little anxious to see what the response will be. I'm already having fun with it and I hope everyone will, too. If nothing else, it could offer you the opportunity to master a new skill.

Please let me know ASAP if you should have received it, but didn't get sneak peek email from me at noon (Central Time).

Thursday, April 22, 2010

April 2010 blocks

Here are my April blocks. It is a lovely spring day, warm and sunny. Happy Earth Day! everyone. Coralie

Blog List for Lois and Brooke

Here's the list of quilters, alphabetically by first name, who have made lotto blocks so far during 2010 AND have blogs, along with a link to their blogs.

Lois suggested it and Brooke thought it was a great idea . . . . and of course, it is.  While I am not signing up for the work to create and maintain a blog roll, here's a start for anyone who wants to check them out and add them to their own list.

It may not be complete–not everyone tells me about their blog or I may not otherwise discover them–but these are the ones I know about.

Andra Simplify and Quilt
Balinda Crafty Maine Mom
Barbara Just a Little Zizzy
Brooke Domestically Brooke
Carrie Crickets Studio
Céline EspritPatch
Debbie Jerusalem Notes: Fiberwork by Debbie
Dianah Dianah
Janet Gramma's Stitchery
Julie W. Floribunda Quilts
Julie (Jewel) Jewel's Arm Candy
Kate Kate's Quilting (& Other Fibre Arts) Blog
Krista Quilts and More - Home Made Creations
Kristin Sew Chaos, Sew Crazy, Sew Wonderful
Linda Linda Big D
Lisa Unexpected Paths
Lois Gobinf's Blog
Louise Louise Sews
Manuela Artes & Filhos
Pat Pat's Patter
Sophie Sophie Junction
Tamera Tamara Quilts
Trudi Quilting Prolifically
Wendy K Inky Threads
Wendy Lee P Sewing in the Wendy City

If you have made blocks this year and I didn't include your blog, please tell us about it in the comments and I'll add it to this list.

As I mentioned in my long-winded comment to Lois' Vague Thought, I have no plans to chase this list and keep it current as people appear, participate and disappear.  I don't mean to sound whiny, but when I chase and document everything else related to the Block Lotto, the one thing I only check once or twice a year is who has dropped away and I would need to do that much more regularly to keep a current blog roll.  Even creating this took way much more effort than I thought it would . . . and I had all the URLs in a spreadsheet.

That said, EVERYONE should feel free to post links to their blog when they post here and I think it would be great for everyone to check out the blogs authored by our block lotto community.

More blocks.

Received my blocks from Linnea today and her fabrics are lovely! THanks so much LInnea!

Vague thought

SE London is gearing up for summer and the locals are spending more time outside shouting and screaming than in the last few (cold) months, and it takes a while every year for me to learn to sleep through it.  So, last night whilst waiting for everyone to push off home and cease their criminal ways so the sirens would stop, having rapidly run out of thankfulness for unemployment and not having to get up for work this morning - I started thinking about nice things like patchwork and blogs and wondered:

Is it possible/ desirable to have a list of the participant blogs in Block Lotto on the blog somewhere?  I'd really like to have a way of seeing what everyone does when they're not doing BL?  I know some people don't have blogs, but lots do.

I am thinking it could be difficult as people join and do or stop doing blocks randomly so we could end up with an huge list of non-BLers - I'm not keen on the idea if it means lots of extra work for Sophie though.  Maybe the list could be culled once a year if someone's not done BL for say 6 mths?

What does everyone think? And apologies if it's been discussed and rejected before I joined....

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Couple of Rejected Lotto Block Ideas

If you haven't yet received email from me asking for your opinion about a block lotto idea, it's likely that one day, you will. I don't do this in a complete vacuum, you know ;-)

When I was organizing the step-by-step photos for my Summer Tote on Flickr, earlier today, I realized I ought to also publish instructions for a couple of rejected Block Lotto block ideas. I had already made blocks and taken step-by-step photos long ago.  All I needed to do was to blog them–so I did: Free-style Trees and Quartered Star.

One is traditional, the other is more liberated. One was poo-poo'd by reviewers for being too simple; I think *I* decided the quarter star was maybe too complex for a good result for the block lotto–mostly because of the three fabrics in each block, not the partial seam construction.  Of course, I always have more block/color-way ideas than I will ever use anyway and some of them end up falling off the list or being put on a list of potential blocks for next year . . . even when I have already worked out instructions and taken step-by-step construction photos.

We may revisit these patterns as lotto blocks again, but in the meantime, I wanted to go ahead and share the block pattern directions. Both instructions are written for 6 inch (finished size) blocks.

Four Tree 
I thought the simple tree shapes of these Free-style Tree blocks had possibilities. At the time, they would have been an introduction to a liberated quilting approach. Now, they might be an easy-peasy block for us during one of those typically busier months–free-style Christmas trees, anyone?

They are made using the same stack-n-slash, drawing with your rotary cutter technique as a lot of you used for your wonky shoo fly blocks where you begin with 2 squares of fabric and end-up with two identical blocks with opposite fabric placement.

Quartered Star Block (cropped)The Quartered Star quilt block block is another I had planned for the block lotto that didn't make the list during our year of traditional blocks last year.

According to Barbara Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Blocks, this block was first published with the name Quartered Star, in 1978 in Michael James' The Quiltmakers Handbook, but I've also seen it referred to as the ribbon star.

I still love it, for the friendship star in the center and the woven ribbon effect when the blocks are put together in a straight set.  I think it has all kinds of scrappy possibilities.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Summer Tote from Lotto Blocks

Summer ToteIf you have been around the Block Lotto long enough, then you can probably guess just how long ago I started this project . . . if you haven't, I'll tell you that the 6 inch 16-Patch and Stamp Basket blocks were blocks we made (in different colorways) in April and June, 2008.

I pulled the UFO out of my project chest and finished it as part of the Friday Night Sew-in.

Today I posted a link to the (free) pattern on which it's based and the notes on how I deviated and constructed my own:

Summer Tote from Orphan Blocks

Do you have never used lotto blocks or left-over lotto blocks or test blocks that you made and held onto or other orphan blocks? Then you might consider making a new tote bag for summer, too.  Or, like me, you could purposely make blocks and turn them into a bag.  For a bag the same size as mine, you could look through the 2008 and 2009 lotto blocks for some quilt block pattern ideas.

Any size blocks will work.  The original pattern used 8 inch fabric squares.  I used 6 inch blocks and fabric squares. The finished bag will be as tall as one and a half times the diagonal measurement of the square of the size you choose and as wide (at the top edge) as twice the diagonal measurement.

shoo fly advice anyone?

After I made blocks for the challenge, I got carried away with making shoo fly blocks and ended up with about 80 blocks. I'm not sure this is an appropriate use of the blog, but would be interested to hear any ideas regarding layout. The colors kind of lent themselves to "steps," but it doesn't really seem liberated. I'll play with it again tomorrow.

The florals and blues were given to my family. The guy who gave it to use thought it was from the 50s (when his mom worked in a clothing factory -- these seem to be leftover shirt pieces). In any case,I have a lovely green that I will use for the eventual border, but I could also use it for stripping.

My sewing room is small, so I apologize that I can't get a good pic of the 7x10 block layout. Apart from the ones in the pic, I have 10 left-mostly with pink centers. The blocks are 7.5 inches.

Blocks Arrived

from Lois (UK) last night. Thank you sew much!

April Blocks

Here are five blocks for this month:

One lonely shoo-fly

Well, here's my lone shoo-fly. I'm hoping to do more, but I thought I'd go ahead and post this one.

Also, I have a 2nd quilting bee I'm starting. This one is improvisational, and you can read more here:
There are 3 spots left if anyone is interested!

Monday, April 19, 2010

What If?

What if you mixed wonky log cabin blocks like those we made in March with this month's shoo fly blocks?  It might look something like the blocks on Magpie Sue's design wall now–check it out in this post on her blog, the Magpie's Nest:

Giving In

TicTacToe progress

Not sure you'll be hugely interested, but I've sewn on the side sashing and ordered the blocks into something I like.  There's 4 'holes' as I need another 4 blocks and I can't decide whether to make them coloured background with white hashes or not.  I've not done the rest of the sashing as I can't decide whether to have handdyed coloured cornerstones.  Decisions, decisions!

Last blocks arrive in NY

Yay - received the last blocks to complete my set! Thx Brooke, your blocks are beautiful. Thanks so much everyone!


Sunday, April 18, 2010

3 Wonky Fly's

Here are 3 Shoo Fly's from me. I may try to get more done before the end of the month. I have a few other things that need to get done also.

Saturday, April 17, 2010


With the arrival today of my 2 great sets from Krista, all my blocks are here from March winnings. Thank you everyone.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Blocks Sent...

Finally I manage to go to the post office this afternoon and mail my blocks to Shelley. 
Sorry for being late and tanks for your patience.

More blocks!

Received my winnings from Michelle, Lois and Krista! Beautiful, ladies! I just love a stuffed mailbox! Have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Final Blocks to San Diego

The mail from Brooke (2) arrived today! So now I have all the blocks - in theory I should now just know what to do - but I think I will need to think a little while...

Here is a picture of my design 'floor' - in real life the colors and the blocks that you sent are beautiful.

Thank you all - and thank you Sophie for organizing this on-going event!

My Blocks are done

Here are my blocks for April. This was more fun than I thought it was going to be. I might have to try this block again.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Revising Myself and Fabric Choices Ahead

In the sneak peek email for the March block,  I told you that you could save your off-cuts from the scrap strips squares and we'd use them in MAY . . . and because I have done some shifting around, that statement should be revised to say that you might choose to use them in JUNE.

Looking ahead a few months, here's what I have planned . . . in case you happen to find yourself at quilt show vendor booth or quilt shop and need an excuse to shop ;-)

MAY - will be "two color" blocks that can be one of the following combination:
  1. Background fabric, which may be:
    • WHITE (solid or WOW) OR
    • BLACK (solid or BOB) OR
    • BLACK & WHITE print
  2. LIME GREEN (solid or TOT)
For multiple blocks, you may repeat fabrics as long as each block is a unique fabric combination.

JUNE *** REVISED ***  will be scrappy blocks made of:
  1. YELLOW or GOLD (solid or TOT) background
  2. Scraps of your choosing (which could be those off cuts from March)
  3. RED (solid or TOT)
For multiple blocks, you may use the same yellow (gold) background and the same red. You can repeat fabrics in the scraps among all your blocks.

JULY - is another "two color" block, made from:
  1. BLACK (solid or BOB) background
  2. BRIGHT fabric of your choice
For multiple blocks, you may use the same black background, but the BRIGHT fabric must be different for each block. 

AUGUST - will be another scrappy block made of:
  1. GREEN (solid or TOT) which might be one green fabric or scraps.
  2. At least 3 fabrics that are the same color (solids or TOT) of your choice. Scraps will work for here, too. There should be contrast between the three (or more) "monochrome"  fabrics.
For multiple blocks, you may use the same green in all your blocks and repeat the monochrome fabrics, as long as placement is different in each block.


WOW is a White On White print
BOB is a Black On Black print
TOT is a Tone On Tone print.  TOT fabrics are printed with different values of the same color, for example a blue fabric with a darker blue design printed on it.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Blocks sent

i finally got time to get to the post office today and sent my blocks out so you should be getting them within a couple days. sorry ladies its been chaos lately. too much to do...with no time.

Hanging Our Quilts (so to speak)

I've started work on a Quilt Gallery page (linked from a tab at the top of the blog) for the Block Lotto.

It's still a work in progress.  My plan is to pull photos and links from the blog posts about quilts made from lotto blocks or inspired by the block lotto.  There are links back to the original blog posts, which often contain more photos and info from the quilt maker.

More arrivals

Michelle, Mom of 11, your set arrived today. Lovely blocks and great work! Thanks.

More blocks arrived today!

Received 2 pairs of blocks from Wendy Lee and I believe Wendy in ME (no return addy or name inside the pkg, but from the zipcode on the stamp, it looks like it came from Wendy). Love the fabrics you both used - very very nice blocks - thanks so much!

Only waiting on a set of 2 pair from Brooke and then I can lay out all my fun blocks - yay!


Wonky Logs

Blocks from Cory came today. Thanks Cory! WAs able to show them to a friend that was visiting. Cutting wonky was new to her....I taught her to quilt 2 years ago, and she's been working on her own since then. I would really like to get together with her again and do some more advanced things...she is quite capable. The lotto didn't appeal to her just yet; her scraps must be at a minimum still LOL! She told me today her hubby wants to take a quilting night class with her! How fun would that be to have our husbands join in with our obsession! I know I would love it, but it won't be happening here....EVER!!!! :)

Cherry chocolate quilt top - done!

I know it's a shamefully long time ago, but I thought those of you who made and sent me cherry-chocolate framed pinwheels when I won the lotto in August 2008 might like to see what has become of your handiwork.

Apologies for the dodgy picture - the quilt is currently laid out on the floor in our spare room, half-way through being basted before quilting. I tried rotating the picture, but it just looked weird...

It's destined for my daughter - she helped design it, and chose the Amy Butler Imperial Fans fabric that forms the extra borders down the long sides. On its own it ended up slightly bigger than a UK single, but not big enough to pass as a double, so we extended the width slightly.

It's backed with another piece of the Amy Butler fabric and more of the cream background. I'm really pleased with how it has turned out, and am looked forward to hand-quilting it. Maybe it'll even be ready for the winter... :)

here are some more

My five blocks for this month -- I'll donate my chances to someone who hasn't won yet!

Monday, April 12, 2010

More Blocks Arriving in San Diego

Today there were two envelopes waiting for me:

Liz (2) plus an extra block
Wendy (2)

This is so much fun looking at the different fabrics and seeing how the blocks were sewn.

Thank you!

Blocks in Stockton

First I am sorry I was unable to post this sooner. I was VERY ill last week and today I am trying to get back to normal.

I am opening the mail that came as of Saturday, it is raining again and the mailbox is flooded today.
Ginny-2 sets
Andra-1 set
Louise-1 set
Sophie-2 sets
Kim-2 sets

For a GRAND total of 18 sets received. A BIG THANK YOU to all of you. I can't wait to get them made into a top!


More Blocks Arrived in San Diego

These are from Cory/Coralee (2) - thank you!

Blocks from???????????

Two lovely sets arrived in my mail today, but there was no return address and no label inside. It is a small padded envelope, adddress label and postage both printed on computer. No postmark telling where it was from.

Looking at my list, it must be Krista or Wendy, as they are the only ones sending me two sets that I haven't gotten yet. Also one more set is coming from Michele.

Any claimers?

More Blocks for April

Here are 5 more blocks for April for a total of 9. Please donate.

Blocks Arrived

from Caroline in ND, Terri in MN, Kathy in PA and Wendy in ME. Thanks to each one for the beautiful blocks. Happy quilting day everyone!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Krista's Blocks sent

I finally sent off my March blocks.  Sorry for the delay, but they are on their way (or will be tomorrow morning, when the mail picks up).

Quick quilt

Hello everyone!  I have not been able to swap with anyone because of my schedule with the kids and my college classes...but I got spring fever today and made this month's blocks for a quilt for myself.  I thought I would post my layout as an idea for the winner!  I personally liked method three (the stack and slash method) the best when making the blocks!


Saturday, April 10, 2010

More cool blocks!

So excited ~ I rec'd more blocks today from Cory, Kate and Michelle! They are all so great and so different. Thanks so very much :)


on their way

mailed blocks today from Texas! Wendy Lee

More blocks from UK arrive

Kate, your lovely 2 sets arrived today. I'll get a picture when I have all of them. Thanks everyone.

More Blocks Arriving in San Diego

These arrived on Thursday, April 8th: Sophie (2), Kathie (2), Linda (2). Such a variety of fabric! It's such fun to see all the different interpretations of the challenge. Thank you!

And Linda - nice of you to include a photo of yourself and family - and your business card!  Cool that you are an attorney and still have time to quilt!  Thank you!

Sent my blocks out yesterday

to Rho Shelley and Dianah, by standard airmail. So no idea how long they'll take.

Friday, April 9, 2010


Received blocks from Laura in today's post. Thanks! They are great!

Blocks from Andra

I received two sets from Andra today. Only problem is, I'm not supposed to have received any from Andra. Sophie, if you or Andra can figure out the rightful recipient, I'd be happy to send them on. In fact there's no cancellation stamp on the stamps so I can probably just readdress it.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

More blocks came today!

I rec'd 2 pairs of blocks today from Kathie - love them! They are truly wonky and the polka dot fabric cracks me up! Thank you so much!


P.S. As a first time winner (still pinching myself) how do you all record the name and locations of those who made the blocks in your quilt? Looking for ideas....

Shoo Fly Synchronicity

Look what I found in the Connecting Threads catalog that arrived in the mail today.

These Shoo Fly blocks (CT refers to them as churn dashes) are more stretched than wonky, but have those rectangular centers that I just mentioned this morning (in a comment to Kate's post) that I like so much ;-)

If you are a fan of appliqué–or wanted to give it a try–this could be a great setting idea for wonky Shoo flies, too. You could even use the easy free-form machine appliquéd posies we made for the lotto a couple years ago for the flower blocks.

FYI, Connecting Threads sells this as a Wall Hanging Kit. The finished size is 28 1/3 by 36 inches. (Click the image to go to the CT page with more details).

More arrivals

Block arrived today from Sophi (1 set) and Laura (2 sets). These are all so amazing. Laura, I LOVE that cat/dog black and white! How fun! Thanks to everyone.

April Blocks

Here are my blocks for this month. These were fun and easy to make. Please donate. Thanks.

Blocks Arrived

from Laura in GA. and Ginny in NY. Thank you both for beautiful blocks.

April flowers...

Here are the blocks I made for April - I did the third method, which created pairs of blocks, so there is an extra - though it doesn't really have great contrast, so it's probably not the most desired block of all - still, I am happy to throw it in the pot if it's considered worthy! Sophie, I'll donate my chances this month - too many blocks hanging around again, I really should acquire any more...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Blocks mailed

2 sets to Carrie, 2 sets to Pat and 1 set to Rho.  I had loads of fun making those.  Enjoy!


Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I mailed blocks to winners yesterday

A Couple of Blocks

Busy Month ahead....

Here are two blocks.  Hopefully I'll have time to make more.

Blocks arrive from UK

Two sets arrived today from Celine. I love what you put on the customs label -- fabric scraps! One person's trash is another's treasure, and customs is none the wiser. Thanks!

Speaking of Shoo Flies . . .

For more variations on a theme, check out Malka Dubrawsky's  Supersize Shoo-Fly Quilt Tutorial on the Sew Mama Sew blog.  Each block is a big 35" square and you only need 4 blocks to make a big quilt. 

Of course, I looked at this and imagined it being made with WONKY shoo flies . . .  can you imagine starting with a square yard of background to make each block?  I don't have a cutting mat big enough to do that without sliding it around.

April Shoo Fly Blocks (9)

Here are my blocks for April. They are made from the 3 different techniques (which were all very clear). These pictures include the one I sent in for the sneak peek for a total of 9. I'm not big on florals, but while I was looking, I pulled out a big bag of scraps someone gave me after the death of a family member. They are neat florals in three colorways, probably from the 1950s. I didn't include them in the lotto because I'm not entirely sure of the fiber content, but you've inspired me to turn them into Shoo fly blocks.

Blocks Arrived

from Mary Jane in GA. and Dianah in CA. Thank You!

Blocks arriving in San Diego

I came back from my cooking class to find five squishies waiting for me on the dining room table. Once I (ripped them) opened them, I could see that each one was folded in a different way - all look great together.

Thank you to: Andrea and Julie (2 and 1), Dianah (2), Janet (1), Kristin (2), and Mary Jane (2).

This is so very cool...! My husband was very curious about all these envelopes and blocks (So will they look good with the ones you made? What? You mailed your blocks off? I like the colors!) and even my son came in to see that the envelopes had arrived!

: ) June

March Blocks - will be a bit late from me.

Mine are due to go to Dianah, Rho & Shelley - I'm still not back in London (which is where the blocks are) - but should be by Thursday, and I'll send them then.  Sorry for the delay, an ongoing saga of minor family crisis rolls on and keeps me away from home.

Monday, April 5, 2010

I Got Blocks!

Today is the first day I was able to get to my mailbox, it floods when it rains here. I got tons of packages!!!

June 2 sets
Barbara 2 sets
Julie 2 sets
Mary 1 set
Kristen 2 sets

So far I have 10 sets! They all look so good together.
Thank you ALL!

Blocks mailed

I mailed my blocks today to Dinah and Rho. Congratulations ladies!

Did you make a Circle quilt?

Weekly Themed Quilt Contests I thought of our Polka Dot block winners and the quilts they made when I read that the theme this week is circles.

You can read the details of this week's virtual quilt contest (and check out the prize) on the Quilting Gallery blog here:

Weekly Virtual Quilt Contest: Circles