Sunday, July 31, 2011

3-patch quilt top - vineyard fantasy

Thanks to my lucky winnings, I was able to put together and complete a quilt top today! I used a little fewer than half the blocks in this table topper. (it is 36 x 42). I have a friend who is a wine lover, and she will be a recipient of a "pay it forward' promise I made earlier this year. The purple, green and blue colors made me think of wine, and I found these wine panels that went beautifully. It was a math challenge, because the 6 to 9 ratio sort of predefined what I could do with the outer border, so I had to build the center panels and inner borders to match up with the inner dimensions of the outer border. Luckily I also had a nice blue/green mottled remnant that seemed to tie things together. It's not a perfect job, but a nice day's work (and too hot in Texas to do much else).

I am still pondering whether to stay with the 36/42 size or to add a top and bottom border to square it up. But I think I may just bind it in this size.

I will also use the remaining 3-patch to make a children's quilt for our guild. Thanks again!

July 2011 Recap

In July, sixty-one quilters made 476 liberated checkerboard blocks, which was enough for ten winners.  Congrats again to our winners, Andra, Julie Wa, Linnea, Marie, Marybeth, Pokey, Rho, Ronda, Shannon and Vicki. 

Among our winners are newbies, some first time Block Lotto winners and someone who only made 1 block pair ... proving that it's true, it only takes one to win ;-) 

Here's the list of the 238 block pairs made, donated and won in July:
  • Andi - 2
  • Andra - 4 *** WINNER ***
  • Belinda - 4
  • Benta - 5 (donate)
  • Brenda Kay - 5
  • Béa - 3
  • Caroline - 5
  • Cathi - 1
  • Cathy Ann - 5
  • Cathy C - 5
  • Cheri - 5
  • Cindy - 3
  • Cory - 4
  • Cyndi - 5
  • Ellie - 5
  • Ginny - 5
  • Irene - 2 (donate)
  • Janet S - 3
  • Jennifer - 5
  • Jo - 5 (donate)
  • Joan - 5 (donate)
  • Julie P - 5 (donate)
  • Julie Wa - 5 *** WINNER ***
  • June - 1
  • Karen - 3
  • Kate - 5 (donate)
  • Kathie - 5
  • Kathy S - 5
  • Kim H - 2
  • Krista - 5
  • Laura - 5+1
  • Laurina - 4
  • Linda - 4 (donate)
  • Linda W - 2 (donate)
  • Linnea - 2 *** WINNER ***
  • LPB - 3
  • Maree - 5
  • Marie - 5 *** WINNER ***
  • Mary Jane - 5
  • Marybeth - 5 *** WINNER ***
  • Michelle - 5
  • Nan - 1
  • Nancy - 5 (donate)
  • Pat A - 1 (donate)
  • Pat H - 5
  • Pokey - 5 *** WINNER ***
  • Rho - 1 *** WINNER ***
  • Ronda - 5 *NEW* *** WINNER ***
  • Sandi - 4 (donate)
  • Sara - 5
  • Shannon - 5 *NEW* *** WINNER ***
  • Sharon - 5
  • Sophie - 2 (donate)
  • Terri -1 (donate)
  • Tina - 4
  • Toni - 4 (donate)
  • Vicki - 4 *NEW* *** WINNER ***
  • Vivi - 5 + 1
  • Wendy F - 3 (donate)
  • Wilma - 4 (donate)

In the Next 24 Hours ...

I have sent email to our 10 winners to confirm their mailing addresses and find out how many of their own blocks they want to keep. I have heard from 5 of them already (thanks for the speedy replies).

If you are one of the 51 quilters who made blocks but did not win, hang tight.  As soon as I've heard from the winners, I will put together the ginormous mailing chart for this month's 476 checkerboard blocks (incredible!) and send email to everyone so the mailing can begin.

And the July winners are ...

1. Vicki
2. Shannon
3. Rho
4. Marie
5. Pokey
6. Linnea
7. Julie WA
8. Marybeth (MB)
9. Ronda
10. Andra

Winners #1-#9 will receive a set of 48 blocks
Winner #10 will receive a set of 44 blocks

Congratulations ladies!

Welcome Ronda

Ronda squeaked in ... and sent her info in time to be included in the drawing.  Welcome Ronda.

Here are her 5 blocks pairs.

This brings us to a total of 238 pairs or 476 blocks.  We will have TEN WINNERS this month.  

Last Minute Newbies

In the past 12 hours, I have received email from two newbies that have made blocks--one sent a photo of her blocks and the other said she had made "some."

I actually cannot find any mail that I have ever received from either of you before OR any mail in which you have sent the info I need from you to be included in the Block Lotto, though both of you indicate that you have mailed me or received email from me in the past.   If I had received email from you, I would have sent the standard response in which I tell you what information I need from you. I am truly sorry, but:

  • I cannot include you in the drawing if you haven't provided your information to me.
  • I cannot include you in the drawing if I don't have your info AND a photo of your blocks.

Corinne and Ronda, please read the email I have sent to you, please follow the links with information about how to participate and please respond with the information I need.  To be included in the drawing I need this ASAP.  THE deadline for the drawing has actually passed as I type this. For others that are thinking of joining the block lotto, please don't wait until the last day of the month to send a note saying you'd like to join. Things get very busy at the end of the month/beginning of the month . . . especially when I have plans or commitments beyond the block lotto (yes, I do have a life).

Sending me you city, state (or province) with no postal (zip) code and no street address is not enough for anyone to get lotto blocks to you if you happen to win and therefore, I cannot include you in the drawing.

2 pairs under the deadline

It's been the craziest time ever for Block Lotto-ing. I cut out some blocks for last month and then got a herniated disk that kept me from using the sewing machine. I LOVE this block and these are the primary colors in my stash, but it has been a really busy month.

This morning I was determined to take advantage of the "extra" day and get some blocks in before the deadline. My glasses broke just as got up this morning! Hoping for fewer accidents in August.

I'm hoping these are OK and that Sophie can add me to the list.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

4 pairs of checkerboards

I finally got these done. Originally planned to do 5 sets, but one got really wonky on me. I think I sewed one of them together wrong and didn't realize it until I had made the 2nd set of cuts. I did another that way too, but caught it before cutting. Maybe "liberated" just isn't my style - LOL. I am glad I tried them though.
I will donate my chances this month. Good luck everyone.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

One Pair for Cathi

Here is my set of blocks for this month's lotto. I have no more white fabric...going to have to shop when I meet up with Katy in a few days!! It is definitely a good staple to have and one I need to keep more of!

Another Pair

This makes 3 pair for July. I can't wait to see them put together by the lucky winners!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Here are my quilt blocks for this month

These blocks were fun.

July Blocks

Here are my blocks for July, so far.  I really enjoyed making these so if time permits I will get some more done.

I'd like to donate these as I won last month.

That's better!

I got them right this time..

So that's two more pairs for me Sophie

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Wonky Blocks finshed

Okay Gals, just to let you know these blocks were a riot to make.  First I made a set of white and green.  Then realized that I had washed the white but not the green fabric - Ugh, back to the drawing board. 

After washing and drying both green and the red, I cut and sew up the green blocks - they turned out nice.  But I totally messed up the red.  Sorry!  My husband came over and tried to help by turning the pieces all around - I wanted to shoo him - but less face it, I'm the one that screwed them up and I didn't think there was any way to fix them. 

So up for donation are the green blocks and if they are wanted the red ones too.

Linda W. in Calif.

Monday, July 25, 2011

coin stack quilt top complete

After a few misstepts, I now have added the borders to the quilt top, and I'm pleased with the outcome.
I followed your suggestions with the green fern border with a thin blue line for a little oomph. Even though I have completed 4 or 5 quilt tops with borders, and have always added borders one layer at a time (including a large king size quilt), I decided crazily that it would save time to make a single long border strip by sewing the green and blue fabrics together, and then cutting them for the different sides. I got the top and bottom borders cut and sewed on, and then realized my mistake, that the blue corners wouldn't work with just a long strip of green and blue. So I had to cut off the side strips to the exact measurement of the blue border, and then add green corners to fill in. Luckily the fabric is so dark that the corner pieces don't show.
I'm confessing this dumbness in case there are any new quilters out there, to show that the standard procedures have a reason (even in liberated quilting). Luckily I had enough fabric to make the corners!
Now I have to figure out the backing and binding.
If I can take off work, on the 5th the Guild is having a workshop about quilting design, so I may take this quilt to get suggestions on how to quilt it or have it quilted. With so much white space, there are opportunities for some interesting design.
(By the way, I think the photo is sideways; I visualize the coins and flowers (or lanterns) going up and down vertically).
Thanks to all the January coin stack makers for your beautiful blocks!

Blocks Received

I received pretty blocks from Linnea today.  Only one to go then I will put a top together.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

3-patch quilt top done!

Using an idea Sophie posted, I sewed blocks together in panels, put borders on the panels, sewed the panels together and then used the remaining blocks in the border. If I were doing it again, I would use the same color fabric to border each panel and in between the blocks that form the outside border.
I used every block I received and made two additional to have 3 blocks on the top and bottom borders.
My husband said this quilt top is "gorgeous"! First time he has said that about a quilt I made :)

More blocks received

Last week I received blocks from:

Belinda (also included extra fabric pieces, thanks Belinda)
Cathi (also included a beautiful fat quarter, thanks Cathi)
Marybeth (also included a neat postcard, thanks Marybeth)


August Sneak Peek

The sneak peek email with advance information about next month's block has been mailed.  If you have made and posted blocks this month, you should have email from me . . . check your spam folder first, then let me know you don't receive it and I'll resend it.

Also this is a great time of the month to double check that the number of block PAIRS that I have listed for you in the sidebar is correct and that I have noted that you're donating your chances if that's your intention.

If you have NOT yet made blocks but are curious about August, remember that the fabric guidelines are here: Fabrics for July, AUGUST and September (also linked in the left sidebar)


Here are all my blocks for July: 10 blocks/5 sets.  One of the dark ones is black and the other is navy.  Doesn't show the difference very well on computer.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

4 pairs to donate

The first orange pair was done the hard way, but then I read about the easy way, so the remaining 3 were quick. I'm donating these 4 pair this month.

July Checkerboards

Well, here are my 6 blocks...more difficult than I imagined!  The piecer in me was looking hard for the seam allowances, and of course there really wasn't any!  But, it was fun, and with all the beautiful colors, the finished quilts will all be lovely.

penultimate 3-patch

I received a nice package from Belinda - thanks for the bonus fabric and the lovely blocks. I think I just have one more to go.


I had my blocks stacked with like colors, there are 8 of them Sophie. My design wall was full so I had to put them on my ironing board. Sorry about that. If you look closely you can see them all. I should have alternated them.


Friday, July 22, 2011

4 Checkerboard Sets

Just in case I don't get anymore made, here are the 4 sets I have finished!!! I would sure like to win this months cute blocks!!! Belinda

First two checkerboards

These are my first two blocks for this month. Hope to get a few more made before the end of the month, but need to locate some solids or TOTs first.
Quilty hugs,
Pat from FL & MI

July Blocks

Here are 8 entries for July. All for donation.


Here are 5 pairs of blocks from me.  I finally got my challenge quilt done and could get to this.  As soon as the block directions came out this month, I found the fabrics I wanted to use and set them on the cutting table as incentive to finish that darn challenge.  This block was a lot of fun - lots more fun than the challenge -  and I love the way they look all together.  Very visually interesting.  I have solid white in all the blocks, and some of the colors are solids and some are tone-on-tones.  Again this month, my fingers are crossed!

Sophie, good luck with your move.  I hope it all goes smoothly for you, and you can get into your new sewing space very soon!  How exciting to finally have a space to call your own!

Thursday, July 21, 2011


Block Lotto Bannet on RailThe Block Lotto isn't going anywhere, but . . . I am moving. Tomorrow is the day that my cable and internet move to the new apartment. The movers are coming on Saturday. Even if things go terribly wrong, I should be able to find a work-around in time for the SNEAK PEEK email sometime on Sunday.

In case you missed it, that's our block lotto blog banner hanging over the rail of a small patio of my new apartment.  The window on the left is ... in my future sewing room. It is very small, but it's the first time in a long time that I've had a dedicated sewing space and I will make it work.

Please be patient if I don't see your blocks on the blog or respond to your email right away.

Remember even if you have sent me email with your photo (for use in the virtual quilt or for any other reason) you still need to post them on the blog in order to be entered into the drawing at the end of the month and to receive the sneak peek email on Sunday. The deadline for posting in time for the sneak peek is Sunday 12:00 (noon) on the east coast of the US. The deadline for posting in order to be entered in the drawing in exactly 7 days later: Sunday, July 31, 12:00 (noon) on the east coast.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm finally moved into my new place and got my sewing space organized enough to make this pair of blocks for the month. It sure felt good to sew again!

Sophie, I would like to donate my chances this month.


3-patch on it's way from San Diego

I mailed the 3-patch to Georgia.  Sorry so late to get to post office this month.

Have fun!

Five pairs from Fla.

Here are my five (5) pairs for ten (10) blocks.  The really dark color is actually a deep purple, but the others look 'true', more or less.  The white for all of them is a white-on-white pin-dot.

I was so glad I purchased the spiny-rotary cutting mat to make the D4P blocks earlier this year.  It made a huge difference, being able to twist & cut, twist & cut & then bring the whole board to the machine.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

My July blocks...

5 pairs + 1 extra pair

3patch received

I received your package of goodies yesterday Ms. Benta. Thank you very much. I love them!
Take care,
Nancy D. :0)

Blocks Received

Kristin's blocks arrived this morning - thank you.  Only two more sets to arrive and then I must make time to stitch.

Monday, July 18, 2011

One July Block from June in San Diego

How nice it was to be able to get into my sewing room and to make these blocks!

I really like the blocks that feed off each other - and so result in two being created.

I used the modified method for sewing these.  I first cut the strips, alternated them, sewed and cut - then alternated and sewed.  Very quick and easy block!

June in San Diego

Blocks Mailed

I have mailed my June blocks this morning to Karen ..... Laura ..... and Linda......

3 patch block posting from Oman

To Karen S and Laura.
I am so sorry, I have just read the posting sheet properly (after all this time!!) and realise I should be sending you both blocks.  They will be in the post first thing tomorrow with my abject apologies.  I really should read though ALL of the details and not just skim through.  My only excuse is that I am new to Block Lotto but that is a bit poor really. At least I now know where the Post Office is here in Muscat so that should help them on their way a wee bit quicker.  Once again, so sorry.

3 patch block delivery to Oman

Hi blocks lotto-ers   I got 3 x 3 patch blocks today from Ginny in New York.  Amazed they arrived so quickly and safely.  Thank you very much Ginny, these are my first.  I am in the UK from the 20th July so won't be here to receive any more until 25th August.  A big thank you to everyone in advance who has sent blocks to out here in Oman; I will post details of what has arrived when I get back.

Blocks Received

Kristen's blocks arrived today.  Now I am awaiting those from Dianah and Linnea - by my count.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Lots of Mail in Minnesota

Good evening everyone! I've enjoyed receiving many blocks in the mail over the last week or so.  I have received blocks from:
  • Carrie
  • Coralie
  • Diana
  • Ginny
  • Kathie
  • Marybeth
  • Michelle
  • Sharon
  • Sophie
  • Tina
Thank you so much!

More Checkerboards from Krista

I finally got my current quilting project to a state where I can think about working on something else.  So, after I tidied up a bit, I pulled out some bright fabrics and made a few more checkerboard blocks.  The yellow set was already registered, so a total of 5 from me.

One oops - the red is actually red with stars, which are outlined in black.  I think it still reads red, but if it isn't acceptable according to the guidelines, then I'll toss it in as a bonus block to whoever gets mine, and you can count 4 pairs from me.

3 more packets arrive in Dallas

I've received squishies from Sophie, Jennifer and Kathy S. Thanks, ladies! 2 more to go, I believe. I have a pay it forward promise to a friend who is very interested in wine, and I've found (and bought) some interesting fabric panels with wine bottles, etc., and of course they have purple and blue and green, so I'm thinking that if I surround the blocks with the 3-piece blocks it will make a nice small quilt or table topper, or a couple of them (I like wine too!). It will be interesting to make the math work out, probably have to vary the panel blocks with some internal borders, etc., to preserve this block's "golden rectangle" ratios. More to come.

Alice in Wonderland !

Here are my two July Lotto blocks... a gazillion years ago my SO and I painted the floor of a club in Los Angeles with this sort of checkerboard! Hadn't thought of that in YEARS. Great block choice, Sophie... fun to make.

Problems accessing the Block Lotto Blog?

I have no idea how or why it's happening, but a couple times this week the block lotto blog became "hidden."  When I go look at the settings, the options have been changed to make the blog readable ONLY by invited readers.  I change them back and we're good to go again ... except I don't know when it happens or why it happens or how it happens.

If you have problems being able to read the blog, please email me.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

3-patch Received

Hello again!
I've received 3 patch blocks from Cathy C, Janet S, Kathy S, Kristin, Lisa, Maree and Sophie. Just nine more to go from three lovely ladies. I've been playing with them and trying to figure out how I'm going to put it all together. I have a creative flaw in me - I don't do random very well. I need some kind of color or print order or pattern. Now don't laugh at me too hard, but I've got the blocks I've received in color order so I can see if there is some sort of order to the randomness. Here are six different possiblities and what I've received from each category: (top color, left color, right color)
Green, Blue, Purple (12);
Blue, Green, Purple (10);
Purple, Green, Blue (4);
Green, Purple, Blue (2);
Blue, Purple, Green (6); and
Purple, Blue, Green (5).
Out of the 39 blocks I've been trying to put them in a some sort of pattern, but not loving any of the layouts yet. There are so many variations of the individual colors.
I'm thinking I might add a black or a fun print in the spots of white are in the pictures. Any suggestions? They'd also be cute in a pillow or a bag too. ~sigh~ I'm sure I'll figure something out...
Y'all have a great week!
~ Nancy D.


Greetings from North Texas! I've had these checkerboards made for a bit but haven't been able to get on the computer to get them posted. I'd like to donate them. Nancy D.
I've had these made for a while, but haven't been able to get on the computer to get them posted.

Blocks Received

Early mail brought blocks from Sophie and Jennifer.  Pretty blocks ladies.  I spent the rest of my day driving 2.5 hours northwest to a class on the Mega 18 x 8 and I now feel safe in turning that rascal in my back room on.  That will be Monday's fun.  Tomorrow is a movie after church.


I made one of these pairs back during the sneak peek (the green ones) but didn't have a chance to get around to making the other pairs until today - but here they are now - I do enjoy blocks like this. Both making them and looking at them. Still, I think I will donate my chances this month Sophie, as I have several sets of blocks lurking around waiting to be put into tops - and anyway, I have plans to do this block in another colourway for a charity top...

More squishies!

Received blocks from Kina, Vivi, Sophie and Cheri. Just have to double check on blocks from Pat, but I'm pretty sure they came and I threw out the, consider my winnings complete.
My company left today. Son and his family of 5 all under 7! they were here for two weeks. I'm tired but had a great time. Other son and daughter also came with their families so 10 little ones around the table all under seven...can you imagine the food I'll need when they are teens???!!!! And this is only half the kids married...yikes. Oh, and we were informed another blessing is on the way come March! Great news!

This week I've received blocks from...

  • Cyndi

  • Diana

  • Kathie

  • Mary Jane

  • Michelle

  • Sharon

  • Sophie

  • Tina

Thanks, ladies. They're great looking blocks!


3-patches – all received!

Thank you to Kate (love the butterfly note!), Sharon in Washington state (loved your address label with the quilt block - gave me a great idea for future address labels!) and Sophie in Austin.

This was my first lotto win and I thoroughly enjoyed getting the envelopes in the mail. I'm going to miss the thrill of opening them and seeing what wonderful fabrics they contained. 
The blocks are all beautiful and I’ve been playing with layouts. I hope to have a fun layout very soon!

3-patches on their way

I posted my 3-patch blocks to Jo today.  Sorry it's taken so long, had some house guests for two weeks and am only now catching up with my life!

Friday, July 15, 2011

More Blocks from CathyC

I am loving being part of Block Lotto

This photo includes my 3 blocks posted earlier and makes a total of 5 pairs (the greens are different fabrics)



Here are two. Sophie, thank you for finding such fun blocks month after month.

Shannon's July Blocks

Here are my July blocks. This is the first lotto for me and I had a blast making them. I had a pain of a time ironing them out lol and I messed up a set of the red blocks but other then that these were cake to make.

A little about me:
I live in Ohio with my husband, 10yo DD and 14mo DS. I am a 'crafty' type. I like to knit and crochet during the cold months and do my quilting and drawing during the hot months... not planned that way it just seems to work out like that lol.
I am making a quilt for my son and ATM it measures ~70" x ~48" I've added a picture of it for you to see but what I was wanting to know is if you would recommend adding boarders to it? I was thinking of a 2 1/2" wide outer border in the sashing fabric and a smaller inner border (1/2-1 1/2"??) of a solid red fabric that matches the red already in the quilt. I was also going to do corner blocks of the black/red fabric.
All suggestions appreciated :-)

Whoo Hoo! Or however you spell it!

The timing is perfect! I got my last three Pineapple Blossom blocks today. And I will be able to start arranging them tomorrow. I have to admit to using two of my earlier received blocks when I made a sewing machine cover. The colors were too perfect. Maybe you recognize your blocks?

Today I have one more row to sew together for the Kaleidoscope quilt along and I think I have three blocks to do to be caught up on the BowTie Block a day. My goal is to have Pineapple Blossom done by the end of the month. I'd better get busy! Thanks to everyone that contributed blocks.  Toni

Blocks Received

Received blocks from Kathy, Cathy Ann and Vivi.  Nice blocks.

more blocks arrived in Dallas

Big, hot thanks to Michelle, Liz, Nan, and Cyndi for the squishy packets. Beautiful colors. Cyndi, I wish your envelope from the Yukon had contained some cold Canada air; we need it badly here in Dallas!
Linda in Big D

3 Patch Blocks received

Lisa's blocks arrived this morning - thank you!  Only 3 sets left to arrive and then I can start stitching.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Liberated Checkerboard

Four pairs of checkerboards to enter this month. The first one I made was an oops - I made four slices instead of just three and so is not elegible. Always check twice and cut once, or in this case three times and not four.
Welcome Vicke from Edmonton. You sound like a very special couple, I commend you for helping our teens. They have enough to deal with just growing up into adults without being homeless too.
Sophie, warm thoughts and prayers go to you. I hope the new job works out well for you.
Blessing to quilters everywhere!!
Coralie from Canada.

Wonky Checkerboard Blocks

Here are 4 blocks.  It's interesting how these blocks come out.  A few of my corners did NOT meet and would NOT meet no matter what I tried so they are rather wonky.  And then I forgot we are not to trim them so mine are trimmed.  If you think they won't qualify for the lotto, let me know and, and, and, I don't know what.  I guess I'll make some more?

3 Patch Received

Three blocks received from Mary Jane today - thank you.  I can't wait to go and collect the post each morning and open it to find such lovely fabrics and colour combinations.

wonky checkerboards

I'm done with my 5 pairs. This was fast and fun, kind of like the 'shuffle the deck' plan. Anyway, I'm donating these and and my chances for this month.Good luck to all.

Blocks and introduction.

My first lotto blocks!

A little bit about me.
I live in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. I am married and have 2 children, ages 13 & 9. We also have two foster kids, a brother and sister ages 17 & 15. We have been parenting foster children for 15 years, we mainly have had teenage boys. I also work part time as a dental assistant/receptionist. I have been quilting for 14 years, it is a way to keep sane in my crazy household! I make a lot of scrap quilts, I love scraps! My husband is supervisor of the Youth Emergency Shelter, a 16 bed facility for homeless youth, so I donate some of the quilts I make to them, and am hoping to do a pillowcase drive for them soon. I love making the rolled pillowcases and the shelter is always in need of bedding.
I am very excited about the block lotto's, I have been lurking on the site for quite awhile. I think it is a wonderful idea and a great chance to use up some of my growing fabric collection.
Let the fun begin!

Checkerboard Blocks Completed!

Here are my 10 blocks. A very fun block to make. These blocks will make a very fun, whimsical quilt for someone. Thanks, Sophie, for all your hard work so we can have our quilting fun!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

3-patch received

Thank you to Coralie in Canada and Andra in Albuquerque! Your beautiful blocks arrived safely.
I have 40 of the 48 blocks coming and I keep playing with different arrangements. Tomorrow I'll see one of my quilting buddies and get her ideas on laying them out.

I'm back... Checkerboard blocks

I've been out of the Lotto for the last couple months, but I think life is getting back to normal. These blocks were fun and easy to make. I used the strip method.

** Caroline **

More 3-patches on the way

I just returned from mailing my 3-patches to all the winners (everyone receives one or two from me).  I just realized I completely forgot to do the OTHER thing I was supposed to do at the post office–forward my mail to my new apartment.

I'm not moved yet and because of a knee that's acting up, I haven't even made much progress with packing and organizing ... but I am moving this month.  So if I seem to be missing something you posted or emailed to me, please REMIND me because I'm a bit distracted.  The new job which should have begun on Monday didn't ... and I'm getting more than a little nervous about being in a holding pattern.  Any crossed fingers for luck on my behalf would be appreciated.

June blocks mailed

I got mine into the post on Monday - Pat, you probably got them today; Gail and Jo it will be longer, I'm sure (no idea how long mail take to Oman, never mailed there before)... I think Oman has taken over as my new "most exotic place mailed to" - previously, Lithuania was the record holder...

June 3-Patch Blocks Mailed

... to Jo, Linda, & Mary Jane.

Congrats on your win, and enjoy!

-- Jennifer (funkysmama)

Blocks done and mailed

I don't seem to find as much time at the sewing machine during the Summer.  I guess I'm just drawn outdoors more, and the little kids seem to have more going on too.  But here are three pairs for me for this month.  These are fun and I think they're going to make a very striking quilt.

I've also (finally) got Nancy's 3-patch in the mail.

Janet S.

Arrived safely...

Blocks from lovely, thank you Laurina.

Blocks Received

Wonderful post this morning!  I have blocks from Laurina, Benta, Julie P, Kate, Cathy C, Rhonda, Vivi.  Thank you everyone, so many lovely crisp blocks and beautiful fabrics.  I am so looking forward to putting them all together.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Clover Top

Here's the top, mostly done. A colorful batik strip border followed by another black one are in planning, but I thought you might like to see it this far along.

Blocks in the post

I have posted blocks to Nancy and Pat. Hope they get there soon :-)

3-patch blocks mailed

My four 3-patch blocks are in the mail to Shelley! Have fun!
Cheri in Champaign

PB May block received

LPB in Madison NC... yippee your blocks for the May lotto have arrived from the USA. Only one more set still outstanding from Janet R in NM, and then I will start putting it together.

Thank you to everyone that has sent me blocks.
Diana in England

Monday, July 11, 2011

3-patch received

The mail today brought 4 envelopes of blocks! My husband can't quite wrap his mind around the fact that people are sending these to me and I didn't have to pay them! He's so cute.
Big Thank Yous to:
Liz, CT
Brenda, TX
Mary Beth, FL
Laurina, New Zealand

Gail, Las Vegas

July Blocks

Here are my 10 blocks for the lotto this month.  These wonky squares were so fun to make my 13 year old plans to help me make baby doll quilts for the twins using this block.

1 set Liberated Checkerboard for rho - July 2011

this is my single set (so far) for July.

PB Blocks Received

I received my Pineapple Blossom blocks from LPB on Saturday. She was so generous. She had originally sent blocks from the UK but they were lost somewhere. She is now back in the states and I assured her that really,  and it wasn't her fault they were lost, but she insisted on sending more anyway.  As it turns out, she allows for things to go wrong and already had extra blocks made "just in case". I love it! These blocks will fit right in! I AM going to finish Pineapple Blossom this month. Only one person failed to send their commited blocks and who knows? Maybe they will still show up this week and be able to be included in my quilt...if not....I also made extras!  Toni

blocks received...

from Sandi, Wendy, and Lisa today. I did receive a few from people on Sat, but with a housefull of guests I didn't post and I'm not sure who they are from...I can't find them in the chaos right now....I know one was from Beatrice. Will update when I can.

Blocks Received

Over the weekend and this morning I received blocks from Blondie, Liz, Lydia (LPB), Maree, Pat A-S, Sandi, and Toni.  Beautiful blocks and fabrics.  Yes Sandi - we do need to take out the middle man.  Since you have my full name and address, type it all together with a  .com and you will have a direct route to contact me with email which is far quicker for me.

July Blocks

I think I made one too much this moth, so then I have to donate a set.
As I cut all layers at the same time, I did a mistake; I forgot to face all the fabrics the same way. This happened to the WoW, so two sets have the back side up. Sometimes this is what you do to make an effect, so I let them pass.