Thursday, September 30, 2010

September 2010 Recap

This month,  27 quilters made 120 liberated house blocks--quite a village!  Congrats, again, to the winners, Tamera, Janet and Kathie.   Tamera and Janet are first time winners . . . and it seemed the Rndom Number Generator decided to reward Kathie for sticking around (it's been more than a year since she won).

Christina, Karie and Kate joined us this month.  We're glad you found us and hope you decide to stick around, too.

Here's the list of blocks made and who made them:
  • Andra - 9
  • Caroline - 5
  • Carrie - 2 (donate chances)
  • Cathy - 6
  • Christina - 4 - NEWBIE
  • Coralie - 9
  • Gail - 2
  • Ginny - 4
  • Helen - 2
  • Janet R - 9
  • Janet S. - 5 *** WINNER #2 ***
  • Jenn - 4
  • Julie - 2
  • June - 3
  • Karie - 3 - NEWBIE
  • Kate A. - 1 - NEWBIE
  • Kate N. - 2
  • Kathie - 3 *** WINNER #3 ***
  • Kim - 2
  • Laura - 9
  • Linda S - 5
  • Maree - 9
  • Michelle - 2
  • Pat - 9
  • Ramie - 2
  • Tamara - 4  *** WINNER #1 ***
  • Wendy Lee - 3

and the Liberated Houses Go To.....

drumroll puleeze.....

48 blocks to TAMERA
36 blocks to JANET S.
36 blocks to KATHIE

Congratulations gals - cannot wait to see how you put together your wonky towns & villages!

Sophie, thanks for allowing me to be the girl of the hour :)

A wonderful quilt ... and a reminder about today's deadline

I had to share Mary's wonderful quilt, Wonky Town.

You can read more about it (and her adventures in letter-making) on her blog, Quilts for Fun and Giving.  I love that the Block Lotto not only provides some of us with a chance to make and win blocks each month, but also inspires others--Mary mentioned on the Yahoo group Lib-quilters that we inspired her . . . and I think her quilt could definitely inspire some setting ideas for one of our winners this month.

Speaking of winners . . .  we will have THREE this month.  The first name drawn will receive 48 blocks; winners number two and three will each receive a set of 36 blocks.   The deadline for posting photos of your blocks and having your name entered into the drawing is just 90 minutes away.  Noon on the East Coast, 9AM on the West Coast . . . 5 PM in London.

Carrie--who is donating her chances this month--will be randomly choosing our winners.


I have sent the list of names to Carrie ... so cross your fingers everyone!

House Blocks

House blocks.  I was hoping for more but have run out of time.

Karie Steuber

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Three Houses from San Diego

I finally got new rotary blades - what a difference!  So now I could trim up my blocks to submit them for September BlockLotto.
The houses are actually reversed in this photo.

My September blocks...

Laura Randolph

September Liberated Houses

Finally got these photographed and posted! I have had these done since the day of the Sept sneak peek for goodness
I love making houses :)


Sunday, September 26, 2010


Here's my 9th house for this month.

And here's a real-life liberated house. We walk by it on our beach walks. It reminds me of Noah's Ark, perhaps left high on a Lake Superior dune, LOL! The builders were certainly liberated in their thinking, and here, in the UP of MI, it sort of fits right in! Many things are quirky here.

Quilty hugs,
Pat from FL & MI

Wonky Houses

Here are my blocks for September. I really didn't want to miss out on this round but I've been so busy with other swaps and craft group deadlines I barely had time to make these. I'd love to do a whole quilt of wonky houses someday so I had to be sure to get them done and at least have a chance at winning a few more. I love to make them though, they're so fun. ^^


Oops! Looks like I left out some window. 0.o So I've updated the two blocks that were missing them and while I was down in the sewing room couldn't help but make one more. ^^


7th and 8th Liberated Houses

I finished two more this morning, bringing me to 8. I was using scraps of teal, and it occurred to me that if I made the houses bigger I could stretch the teal farther, LOL! But for #9, I'll need to cut into new teal, which is in the wash right now. This really is a teal -- can't believe how blue it comes out in the pics.
Quilty hugs,
Pat from FL & MI

Liberated House Block

Hi folks, here is my very first Liberated House block. This little fellow was a challenge for me as I mainly do everything by hand, over freezer paper, using precise geometric shapes! But here it is anyway....

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Second three houses

Here's my second group of three houses. I'd love to win this month, so I picked up some more tourquoise fabric at my LQS this morning. I was lucky to find just what I needed on the sale shelf, LOL! I need to make three more, to maximize my chances:)
Quilty hugs,
Pat from FL & MI

Four-ever Wonky

I am brand new to Block Lotto, but not to quilting.  I loved the idea when I stumbled onto the blog here!!

Here are my four funny houses.  The polka dot house is by far my favorite...of course it was my last one and I am out of turqoise fabric! The Curious George peeking out one window is my grandsons favorite!

Swing by my blog if you want to see any more of my projects -

Now I am off to work on my neices Purple Passion quilt! ~Christina

Friday, September 24, 2010


Here are my first three blocks. I hope to do a few more before the end of the month.

I had to giggle about the sample candy cane house. I'm in a Christmas Cottages swap right now, but since most of us aren't using Christmas fabric here, that one reminds me of the neighbor who leaves the Christmas decorations up in the yard until spring! Too funny! Would love to win that one.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thirty Days Hath September ...

Which means that the sneak peek email will be going out today ... actually probably later tonight.

If you have made and posted a photo of a liberated house block, your name should appear on the list in the left sidebar and you will receive email from me today with a sneak peek at the block we're making for OCTOBER.

I'll post a message when the email has been sent.  In the meantime, if you have made house blocks, please confirm that you are on the list and that I have the correct number of blocks from you.

Ps.  I actually googled to make sure the rhyme really is . . .  HATH September  before posting that title.

Thirty days hath September,
April, June, and November;
All the rest have thirty-one,
Save February, with twenty-eight days clear,
And twenty-nine each leap year.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Flower Quilt

Check out a blog site called "15 minutes play" to see a fantastic idea for using log cabin roses and other scrap flowers. It has made me want to start some more.

Fun to Make

Here are my three entries for the month. I finally had some time last night for some housing construction. They were definitely a fun block to do. Kathie L in Allentown

Rose Quilt Started

The final blocks arrived today. Thanks to Sophie and June for their wonderful blocks.

As I had a day off work and was already sewing I decided to put them together this afternoon. The colours certainly look vibrant - I love them. I am looking at edging them with the blue and green fabrics pictured. This will have to wait though as I am back at work tomorrw and I will have to buy more of the blue fabric or something similar.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chicken Coop

Just like I mentioned yesterday, I was able to get a second house done and I'm calling it Chicken Coop. I just LOVE it when my 1 yr. old naps for an hour and a half in the evenings!! I can get a quilt block done and then some. :)

houses from texas

3 Houses from me this month. I hope that I get a chance to make more, but we'll see!
Wendy Lee

Sunday, September 19, 2010

houses at last!

I managed to get two little houses done this evening -- the photo is wonky as well as the houses! Hoping to have more of these done by the end of the month, but for some reason I'm not finding turquoise fabric in my stash...


Lion's Den

I was able to crank a liberated house out tonight. I couldn't resist putting something in the window, which is why I called it Lion's Den.The next one may have a chicken in the door or window, I may call it Chicken Coop. I didn't realize how quickly the house fills up the 8-1/2 inches when I was making it. Next house will be a little smaller too.

Some Design Ideas from a Traditional House Quilt

Detail from House QuiltThis detail photo is from a group quilt I saw at the Austin Area Quilt Guild show yesterday. It was made by Lorraine Mossman, Jill Bacon, Eugenia Brix, Ann Byrd, Betty Novak, Carol Hassell, Andi Horton, Marcia Kaylakie, Kathleen McCrady, Ericka Rogala, Rebecca Salinger, Marianner Schmitz, Sue Laurent and Karen White; and quilted by Kyra Thomas-Moore.

I loved the larger-than-life kitty peering out of this window ... and thought it might inspire those of us that have not yet made their house blocks this month to think about how scale can contribute to the overall impression of the block. When I noticed this block, I immediately imagined my great big tom cat squeezing himself into a doll house and getting stuck there ;-)

I also thought that the classic setting on this quilt could easily be liberated for an interesting setting with our liberated house blocks–just imagine that all the triangle corners on the sashings (and even that outer border) being added in a free-style fashion, in an assortment of sizes. 

House Quilt

(I apologize for the quality of the photos–I forgot my camera and took these with my phone.)

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Another Four Rose Parcels

Thanks to Laura, Patricia, Andi and Linda - your wonderful rose blocks have arrived.
The remaining two parcels are on the way from June and Sophie so my rose garden will soon be ready to be constructed.

Three diminsional houses

I just saw these wonderful 3D fabric houses on Candy Glendening's blog, Candied Fabrics.  They seem to fit into our theme of liberated houses this month. so I thought they were worth sharing.

Follow the link for more photos and information on where to find the pattern for her "mod house" ornaments  . . .  and to enter her giveaway for a copy of the magazine and fabric packs.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

San Diego Roses to New Zealand

After much delay, I was able to go to the post office and mail my three August Log Cabin Roses roses!  Hurray!

Paper Piecing Template Instructions Added

For those who like the look of liberated houses . . . but just aren't loving the liberated quilting technique, I've posted step-by-step instructions for drawing your own wonky house foundation template, here:

How to Draw a Liberated House

(If you aren't fond of paper foundation piecing either . . . I'm sorry.  You'll have to find your own way to play this month ;-)

I have yet to make blocks myself this month, but plan to make some houses both ways.

How to Draw a Liberated House

We're making liberated houses this month for the Block Lotto.  I know that even if you like the look of liberated or wonky houses, you might not be in love with the technique.  An alternative is to draw your house and use the drawing as a foundation for paper piecing.  Here's how.

  • When drawing a PFP pattern, remember that ALL lines must be STRAIGHT and that all lines must begin and end with a "T-intersection" with a previously drawn line.
  • Remember that a paper piecing template looks like the MIRROR IMAGE of the finished block.  If, for example, you draw a house with a door on the left and window on the right, your house block will have a door on the right and a window on the left.
Begin with a sheet of paper (or other foundation material) that is at least 1/2 inch larger than the finished size of the block you want to make.
  1. Draw a square that represents the FINISHED size of your block–for the September Block Lotto, that would be an 8 inch square. Remember when you are making the block, you will add 1/4 inch on each side of this square for the seam allowance, making a 8 1/2 " square.

  2. Draw the horizontal-ish line that will represent the top of the main body of the house and the bottom edge of the triangle which forms the roof.

  3. On the bottom half of your drawing, add two vertical-ish lines that will define the left and right sides of your house.

  4. Draw a line between the two lines in step three which will define the top edge of your door and window.

  5. On one side of your house, create the door by drawing two lines that begin at the line in Step 4 and end at the bottom of the square.

  6. On the other side of your house, create a window by drawing two more lines that begin at the line in Step 4 and end at the bottom of the square.  Then add the horizontal line between them to define the bottom of your window.

  7. Define the roof by drawing two, intersecting slanted lines.

  8. Now, number your template with the paper piecing order:

    1 - window
    2 - space beneath window
    3 - house section beside window
    4 - house section on the other side of window
    5 - door
    6 - house section beside door
    7 - house section above door and window
    8 - sky on one side of house
    9 - sky on the other side of house
    10 - roof
    11 - sky on the side of roof which does NOT extend to the top of block (MISNUMBERED as 12 in the drawing below)
    12 - sky on the other side (MISNUMBERED 11 in the drawing below).

Remember that the block you piece will actually EXTEND beyond the square 1/4 inch for the seam allowance. I usually cut out the paper pattern adding the 1/4 inch on each side of the square to make sure I DON'T FORGET.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

More Roses

I have received 11 more rose blocks from Kate, Carol, Marilyn and Ramie. Thanks to all of you - they are all beautiful.

More blocks

Cathy's beautiful blocks and Terri's beautiful blocks are here as well.  Thanks so much!

liberated quilts in Baltimore

Hi all,

Last Saturday, I went the 20th anniversary show for my Mother's guild. I wouldn't ordinarily post about it here, but it has a few quilts that use liberated quilting techniques-- including this sweet Gee's Bend-inspired quilt made by a local fifth grade class.

"20 Years of a Pieceful Passion," celebrates the 20th anniversary of the African American Quilters of Baltimore. It runs through September.

James E. Lewis Museum of Art
Morgan State University
Baltimore Maryland
Hours and Directions:

Monday, September 13, 2010

2 for September

What's a good way to fill time waiting for surgery? Build a couple of wonky, liberated houses! I have my surgery coming Wednesday morning, and it will include a stay in the hospital overnight at least. I've been doing a lot of nothing but stewing, anxious to hear test results , and worried a bit about surgery (2-3 hours was what the nurse figures I'll be on the table). So tonight I decided to sew, having cleared up the sewing room enough to work. Here is the result of my effort...2 houses, one big, one small...

These are fun and easy and I hope I'm up to doing some more soon after surgery. Tomorrow I really need to do laundry and clean house...or make sure the kids do! BTW, my PET scan came back all clear but the mass on the adrenal gland, which is to be removed in surgery and biopsied. Oncologist was pleased with the test results, so I'm pretty confident all will be fine, but a few more thoughts and prayers sure couldn't hurt!

Wonk-ish Houses

Here are my September houses. I'm hoping to make more, truly wonky houses, but I'm away almost every weekend and ended up making these from scraps at my mother's house.

Here's my September offering - not very wonky, I'm afraid, though I think they are cute... This month I will probably be limited to these two blocks - not because I don't have time (though that's always a bit in short supply) but because I don't have any more turquoise solid or TOT fabric! I do really like this house pattern, though, and was inspired to make some more blocks for myself with non-turquoise skies...

I always hope . . .

When I end up mailing my blocks to the winners later than I planned, I always hope that mine are the last of the lotto blocks from last month going into the mail . . .

I just came back from a hot sticky walk to the post office and my blocks to Janet, Maree and Wendy are on their way. 

If you made rose blocks last month and haven't yet been able to get to the post office, please let me know when you expect to be able to mail your roses to the winners.

Blocks finally Away

My blocks are finally on their way to Wendy.
My apologies for the late mailing. Life speeds up in September and this was my first chance to get to the post office. Enjoy!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Another House

I did one more house, so I'm up to a total of four.

I don't anticipate being able to finish any more.

Can't wait to see who wins this month!  Maybe me!  :-)

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Two houses

I really enjoyed making these but making them wonky didn't come naturally...hence house number one is scrappy rather than wonky!

I hope they're ok - sorry about the colour in the photo, the only camera I have is on my mobile and it sometimes dulls the colours (I don't think the grey sky outside helped much, either!).

Friday, September 10, 2010

blocks received + a sneak peek!

Here's my studio floor today:
Such pretty blocks! I love how they look together.

Received lovely blocks today from Kate in the UK.  Thanks so much!

Three Houses From Tamera

Hello, ladies. I haven't played in a few months, but I'm going to play this month.

These houses were a little harder than I thought at first, but after the first one, I read Tonya's instructions and then they got MUCH easier, lol.

Here are three houses to at to the mix, and I'm hoping to make some more.

I'll have to make some with chimneys next.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

My Rose Garden is Growing

I have received 5 more lovely rose blocks - 3 from Janet S and 2 from Gail. Thank you both.

The Last Asterisks

I received three asterisks from Kristen (or was it Kirsten?).. so I have now received all 48 blocks. They are fabulous! No quilt made, but I'll post a picture when it is done. Thanks, everyone.
Carol E.

Sept 2010 Liberated Houses

Nine liberated houses completed this month, they got a little more wonky as I got used to making them. They are fun to make and everyones will make a really fun neighborhood. They will be great for the winners.


More roses received from Canada and UK

Can I just tell you I LOVE getting mail.  And it's even more exciting when it arrives from international locations.

Beautiful, beautiful blocks from Coralie and Helen arrived today.  Thank you so much!

3 more houses

I had fun with these! I threw in a modern one, just for a fun it. I think I'm not naturally a wonky quilter, so it's a little hard for me to set my houses off kilter. Ginny

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Roses from Spokane

Janet and Maree,

My wonky roses are on there way as of today! I hope they make it safe and sound.

:) Ramie

A couple of NY houses

Here are my houses for this month, not sure if I'll have time for any more than two...September is a busy month!


2 more houses

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

roses on the way

You roses left Michigan for New Zeeland today. Hope they have a safe trip and arrive in full bloom!
Pat Harrell
Quilty hugs,
Pat from FL & MI

Rose block mailed this morning

Wendy, my rose block is headed your way.  Sorry I was a little late, its been crazy around here!  Sound like a great plan for the blocks!


Blocks received!

It's so exciting to go to my mailbox!

I've received:
3 beautiful blocks from Kim
2 beautiful blocks from Julie
3 beautiful blocks from Laura
4 beautiful blocks from Balinda.

I have a plan for my blocks.  It's a good one.  Want to hear?

The day I found out I won, I also found out that my beloved neighbor is battling cancer.  I adore my neighbor.  She's in the same generation as my parents, and she has been a good friend and support to me and my little family.

And so most of the roses you wonderful quilters crafted will be going into a get-well quilt for my sweet Carol.  I'm going to piece it together as quick as I can so that I can get busy quilting it for her.

Thank you so much for your work and your time!
Wendy Lee

3 roses have arrived in NZ

Thank you Coralie for the lovely rose blocks that arrived today in the mail.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Where did August go?

I seem to have missed August. Life just got too busy and there has been no time for sewing. September is not looking much better, but gosh those houses are cute! Mom is mostly moved now, but now I have surgery scheduled for Sept. 15 and must make myself a couple of dresses before then because I don't think I'll want to wear anything binding around my middle for a while after surgery (removal and biopsy of my right adrenal gland/mass). Maybe I can manage a few houses before my surgery...or maybe after...this type of construction shouldn't be too strenuous...not like the 10 day total kitchen remodel we did for Mom last month!

Liberated Houses

Here are my houses for september hope they are ok Janet R.