Friday, July 31, 2009

July Lotto Recap

Archiving our activity for July, 2009:
  • Christine - 8 *** WINNER ***
  • Debbie - 2 (donate)
  • Gail - 3 (donate)
  • Ginny - 6 (donate)
  • Kate - 9
  • Kathie (Kathryn) - 8
  • Kathy - 4
  • Lisa - 7 *** newbie ***
  • Marie - 6 (donate)
  • Mary Jane - 9 (donate)
  • Shelley - 4
  • Sophie - 1 (donate)
  • Sylvia - 9

And the Winner is . . .

The July winner is . . .


Congratulations, Chris!

Today is D-for-Deadline-Day

Again, because of my work hours, I may not be able to deal with the drawing at our deadline of Noon.

This gives anyone who wants to squeak in at the last minute some more hours to do so this month. I will prepare the list and do the honors when I arrive home from work tonight, approximately 9PM Central Time.

(I promise not to go straight to bed . . . )

At the moment, we have block enough for ONE very happy WINNER.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

And 3 more makes four

Please add these 3 men to the preview guy. It took a little to get my guys nice, but a fun block. Thanks, Sophie for finding them. And the gal design would be nice too, if I win these. Kathy in Colo

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Sneak Peek Has Been Sent

The VERY VERY late sneek peek email has been sent this morning.

I went to bed as soon as I got home after work on Friday, not feeling well, and spent the weekend there . . . I'm sorry for leaving everyone hanging.

If you don't have the sneak peek now, or if you have any questions, let me know.

Friday, July 24, 2009

And seven more make eight :)

Hurray! Here are all eight of my Boomers for July's block lotto!!

April Blocks

Shelley in Maine....I don't know when you mailed your April Blocks to me but they just arrived today. The envelope was in bad shape and the Post Office put in in one of those "we're sorry we messed up your mail" envelopes. Thanks..................................

Did I make it in time for the sneek peek?

Here is one of my eight boomers.... The rest are cut out, and WOULD have been sewn, except my dear hubby is home sick today and that just throws a monkey wrench into everything! LOL Anywho, I wanted to at least get one up in time for the sneek peek email! I will post the rest this evening :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Friday's Sneak Peek Email

The timing of tomorrow's sneak peek email message may be a bit screw-ball because–in case you haven't read about it on my blog, sophie junction–I have started a new job.

For the next month and a half or so, my hours are going to be a lot different than what I signed up for and, unfortunately, pretty BAD for the noon deadlines timing of the lotto . . . sorry everyone. If you can be flexible with me for a few months, I think we can get back on track soon enough.

So, you'll either be seeing an early email (with catch-up messages for anyone who posts last minute blocks after I send the early message) or a late sneak peek email tomorrow . . . IF you have made and entered blocks this month. Either way, don't worry, I haven't forgotten ;-)

Which prompts me to ask everyone who HAS made blocks this mont, PLEASE double check for me and make sure that your name is on the list in the right sidebar of our blog: if it is not, I goofed and need to add you, to make sure that you receive the sneak peek email and, even more importantly, make sure you are included in the drawing at the end of the month.

Next month's block is a popular classic on a couple of levels . . . I'm already looking forward to seeing your reaction ;-)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

My July blocks

Here are my 4 blocks for July. I did like making them even though I cut off their head points...:) I think these will make a great addition to a patriotic quilt as either alternate blocks or borders or something. Thanks Sophie for broadening our skills and ideas. I'm so glad to use up scraps every month....that's why I joined the lotto!


Sunday, July 19, 2009

July Blocks from Mary Jane


No offense, but not one of my favorite blocks. Even though I have not won since beginning this lotto, I can't think of any reason I would find to put a quilt together with these blocks. Please donate my chances.

July Block Donations

I made 6 blocks that I would like to donate. My computer won't let me post the picture to the blog. Sophie, if you would be so kind as to post the picture I sent you, I would be grateful. I will try to figure out what I need to do for next time!

(edited by Sophie to add the photo of your Oklahoma Boomer Blocks)

Received more June blocks

I'd like to thank Julie and Mary Jane, whose blocks arrived this week. Only 3 more blocks to arrive and and I'll have all 48. I've been mulling over setting designs, but haven't yet decided. That fun is still to come.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

postman called again

Hi I have received more blocks today from Jane,Terri,Sharon,Laura and Debbie making a total of 45 only 3 more to receive and then I can start putting them together Thank you all so very much the blocks are just great

Monday, July 13, 2009

Debbie's July Blocks

I made two blocks for July. Since I'm not crazy about making a quilt from these blocks (no offense, Sophie!), I'm donating these blocks.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

3 blocks

Here are 3 blocks for July. I would like to donate these chances!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lots of June blocks arrived this week

I had a real windfall of blocks from my June lotto winnings this week. Thanks to Barbara, Celine, Christine, Gail, Julie, Kathy, Laura, Marie, Melissa, Shelley and Sylvia. All I can say is that the photos we post don't do justice to the real thing. They just look wonderful in person. Thank you all so much for being so creative.
Kathie from Allentown

boomer blocks

Hi here are my July Boomer blocks enjoyed making them never done this block before but I am sure I will use it again Thank you Sophie for the new ideas

Friday, July 10, 2009

more blocks

Hi more blocks arrived from Gail,Kathie and Marie Thank you ladies such great blocks this now makes a total of 29 received and evey one different looking forward to the postman calling again soon

More great blocks received!

Many thanks to Celine, Sophie and Gail. Wonderful blocks!

Blocks mailed

Hi Sylvia -

I mailed your blocks on Wednesday so you should have them in about a week.


Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mailed blocks

Sylvia...look for more blocks in the mail. I had company over the 4th of July, so cleaning and cooking came before getting to the post office. Sorry if they are a bit delayed. Enjoy! Sharon

June Blocks

I mailed my blocks to the winners today. Laura Randolph

6 July blocks from Ginny

Here are my blocks so far---I hope to make a few more before the end of the month. I'd like to donate my chances, as I just won the lotto in June!

Wonderful blocks received!

I've received June blocks so far from Marie, Syliva, Kate and Kathie. Thanks so much! They are terrific!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Sylvia's Blocks Received

I have received June blocks from the following people today

Barbara,Julie,Kate,Rho and Shelley thank you very much looking forward to recieving the rest and getting started on a quilt something to give me an incentive into quilting again

Blocks Mailed

Kathryn - I mailed your blocks yesterday. They might show up today since you are only in Allentown and I am in Kutztown!


Blocks mailed

Ladies, congrats on your win! I have put your blocks (I am sending to all three winners) in the post yesterday. Sylvia, I expect you'll have yours today, the others, a few days longer...

Monday, July 6, 2009

June Blocks Mailed

Ginny and Kathryn - your blocks are going out with the afternoon mail. Sylvia, I need to go to the post office for over seas delivery and will do so before starting the full bore of work in the morning. Ladies, make something pretty.

Mary Jane

Blocks sent to Sylvia

My June blocks went out to Sylvia today. Enjoy them, Sylvia.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

A few more 30's sampler blocks

Since I had some 30's fabrics out, I couldn't resist making a few more of my favorite lotto blocks in 30's repros . . . and appease my Hostess guilt over never making blocks last month.

Stamp Basket "Boomerette" Ohio Star
House Block Scrappy Heart Oklahoma Boomer
Maple Leaf Annie's Choice Cactus Pot

I think I may have some sort of fabric addiction when it comes to 30's repros . . . it was really bugging me that I wasn't able to make blocks last month.

From left-to-right, top-to-bottom, the blocks are Stamp Basket, Julie's Boomerette, Ohio Star, my "Amish" House, Scrappy Heart, Oklahoma Boomer, Maple Leaf, Annie's Choice and Cactus Pot. I love remaking some of our favorites and "breaking" the original rules, like I did for the Ohio Star, Amish House and Cactus Pot . . . I'm such a rebel ;-)

I figure if I send these all to Ginny, she'll end up with a total one short of my target of a ideal set size of 48 blocks for each of our block lotto winners. Win-win and I've satisfied my 30's itch, too ;-)

Paper Piecing the Oklahoma Boomer Block

Thanks to Debbie for suggesting it and seeing how it could be done in two units and Julie for designing it, if you'd rather paper piece this month's lotto block, I have a foundation pattern for you. Just contact me by email and I'll send it (and Julie's Boomerette, too, if you want).

I tested the Boomer foundation pattern, as well as Julie's original "Boomerette" block, using some of the 30's repro's that I'm embarrassed to admit I never got around to using last month . . .

Paper Pieced Oklahoma Boomer Block "Boomerette" in 30's Fabrics

They're perfect!!

Since Ginny was the third winner last month and, as a result is receiving a smaller set of blocks, I'll be sending my Mr & Mrs Boomer blocks to her to add to her sampler set. Wouldn't a bunch of these in 30's repro's make a great baby quilt?

If you decide to paper piece your lotto blocks this month, here are a couple of tips you might want to consider:
  1. As always, be sure that when you print, you are don't have any "resize to fit" options selected.
  2. I still used my business card template to cut the triangle head (A) It worked perfectly.
  3. I rounded up and cut the half-square triangles (HST) from background fabric on either side of the head (H) from a 2" square. By starting with a HST for those triangle pieces, you won't end up with stretching bias edges on the outside of your block and the final quilt assembly with be easier.
Also PLEASE REMEMBER, for the lotto, we are ONLY making the OKLAHOMA BOOMER block. Julie's Boomerette is charming, but she's not a traditional block and she's not a lotto block option this month (Sorry, Mrs. Boomer ;-)

Kate's Boomers

Here are 9 boomers for the collection - this block is a superb illustration of one of the reasons I play the lotto - this is not a block I would probably have ever picked to make for myself, nor indeed a colourway I tend to work with, but actually, I am really fond of these blocks and now would really quite like to win them!

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Great Blocks, Everyone

Thanks to all for the great cactus pot blocks I received in June. I am anxious to lay them all out and try using them to make 12" blocks and set them as a frame around a basket wall hanging I started several years ago.
I have shared my swapping saga with an elderly friend (an ex-quilter) and van rider who has severe macular degeneration; I want to have her touch and talk with me as I experiment with this layout. She had tried to do a swap years ago, but it must have been one of these "pyramid" scams and although she sent a very nice block she heard nothing back from anyone.
She has been so thrilled to hear about the different colors I received and the letters from Isreal, UK, and the US and now I want to at least share with her feeling your blocks.
I think I was able to thank each of you in your comment area, if not, maybe I can do better now that I think I can write posts. Kathy in Colo

Blocks received and sent

I have today posted my June blocks off to both Kathryn in Allentown and Ginny in Brooklyn hope you recieve them soon, I also received my first blocks from Celine it was a little like opening Xmas presents so exciting and look forward to the postman calling again the blocks are loverly also the kind words you but in with them

Friday, July 3, 2009

June blocks sent!

Blocks on their way to Kathie! Congratulations June winners!!!

blocks in the mail

My blocks have gone to Sylvia yesterday and accross to the USA today. They should reach you within 5 days. Congratulations to the winners!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

the boomers

Here's the boomer...And here's the boomerette!
I had fun in EQ6 -- if anyone wants the file, I'll figure out how to forward it.


post office report

Kathie and Silvia -- your blocks went in the mail today!


Welcome Lisa!

How nice to get mail from Lisa today . . . asking about the block lotto. She followed up with photos of her 7 Oklahoma Boomer blocks. Aren't they charming? You can read more about Lisa, including her comments on making these blocks, on her blog, BlogginMommy.

Welcome to the block lotto, Lisa. I've added your blocks to the list. Our new total-so-far this month is 17 .

Surfing the 'net, I found this pretty red, white and blue quilt with boomer blocks.
It's on this website:

Ginny, Kathie, and Sylvia - blocks in the mail

Congratulations to the June winners!
My blocks are in the mail to you - enjoy!


I mailed my two blocks to Sylvia this a.m. Travel time = 5-10 days to the U.K.


I've mailed my blocks to Sylvia and Kathie. Also, a heads up to Barbara...I sent 4 new thrifty blocks to replace the ones that never made it in May. Hope these make the trek with better success.


Kathie's July Boomers

I'd never seen this block before, but it is a snap to make. Seeing all these men lined up, I wondered where the Oklahoma Boomer Woman block was! I hope you all (the Americans, at least) have a festive Independence Day holiday.
Kathie in Allentown, PA

*** It's Time to Mail Your June Blocks ***

Everyone should have received email from me last night with information about mailing your June blocks to our winners.

If you made June blocks and didn't receive the email, please let me know ASAP.

If you received the email and have problems opening the attachment, found an error in the attachment or have questions, ditto . . . please get in touch with me ASAP–email me or post a comment here.

Thanks again, everyone for your participation and all your beautiful 30's sampler blocks.

For tips for mailing your blocks, follow the link.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

July's Block is Oklahoma Boomer in Red OR Blue

Sophie's Oklahoma Boomer BlockThe Ladies Art Company first published the Oklahoma Boomer block in 1898. I have always loved this block and couldn't resist including it for the block lotto in this year of traditional blocks.

. . . It's just a happy coincidence that I saw a production of The Wizard of Oz a week ago and keep seeing the Tin Man, an alternate name you might also see for this block, as in Judy Hopkins & Nancy Martin’s book, 101 Fabulous Rotary-Cut Quilts.

Kathy's Oklahoma Boomer BlockIn July, our guidelines for fabric will be:

Main fabric (AKA BOOMER) will be RED or BLUE tone-on-tone (TOT) prints. if you make multiple blocks, you must use a different BOOMER fabric for each.

Background fabric will be cream TOT prints. You may use the same BACKGROUND fabric in all of your blocks.

(Thanks to Kathy in Colorado for this blue Boomer.)

Directions for the block are found here: Oklahoma Boomer Quilt Block. I didn't see an easy way to paper piece this little guy (in less than 4 units), but Debbie DID. Julie has created the Paper Foundation Piecing pattern for the block, as well as her original "Boomerette"block. If you would like to paper piece the block, contact me by email and I'll forward the PDF files to you.

Since LIFE was in the way and I couldn't even think about building a virtual quilt for inspiration this month, how about this Tin Man quilt from Hopkins and Martin's book. Even if you're not so hot on the Red-Blue-Cream colorway, you can see how adding a fourth color in the sashing might take the blocks in a new direction . . . and you still might want to enter (and maybe WIN!)

Tin Man Quilt

This quilt keeps it quite traditional with the addition of gold, but how about adding more of a true yellow for a red-blue-yellow primary colorway, or a bright multicolor print for a more contemporary look? I think an imaginative winner could take these blocks in a lot of directions . . . if a patriotic BOOMER wasn't their cup of tea. (Of course, a Patriotic Boomer quilt could be pretty wonderful, if it was ;-)

I think a row quilt of alternating rows of red boomers and blue boomers "holding hands" could be fun, too.