Friday, September 30, 2011

September 2011 Recap

In September, 68 quilters made 448 curved rail blocks.  Wow.

Many newbies joined us in October.  Welcome again to Angela, Corinne (a lucky winner), Debbie D, Debra, Ella, Gwen (another lucky winner), Marie, Paula, Sue and Wendi.

Congrats again to our NINE winners.  I look forward to seeing the many beautiful batik projects you make from your winnings.

Thanks to everyone who made blocks. 

Her's the block list:
  • Andie - 3
  • Andrew - 9   ***WINNER***
  • Angela - 3 ***NEW***
  • Balinda - 9 (donate)
  • Béa - 3 (donate)
  • Cathi - 9
  • Cathy Ann - 3
  • Cathy C - 6 (donate)
  • Cathy S - 3
  • Celine - 9
  • Christa - 9
  • Coralie - 9
  • Corinne - 9 ***NEW***  ***WINNER***
  • Cyndi - 9 ***WINNER***
  • Debbie D - 9 ***NEW***
  • Debbie M - 3
  • Debra - 9 ***NEW***
  • Ella - 3 ***NEW***
  • Ellie - 3
  • GInny - 3 (donate)
  • Giselle - 5
  • Gwen - 9 ***NEW *** ***WINNER***
  • Janet R - 6
  • Janet S - 6 ***WINNER***
  • Jean - 6
  • Jo - 3 (donate)
  • Joan - 9
  • Julie Wa - 9
  • June - 6
  • Karen S - 9 ***WINNER***
  • Karen W - 3 (donate)
  • Kasey - 3
  • Kate - 9 (donate)
  • Kathie - 9
  • Kathy S - 9
  • Kena - 5 ***WINNER***
  • Kim G - 6 (donate)
  • Krista - 9
  • Kristin - 3
  • Laura - 9 + 3
  • Laurina - 9
  • Linda - 9
  • Linnea - 3
  • Liz - 9
  • Maree - 9
  • Marie J - 9 ***NEW***
  • Mary Jane - 9
  • Marybeth (MB) - 3
  • Melinda - 9
  • Michelle - 9 ***WINNER***
  • Nancy - 3 (donate)
  • Pat A-S - 3 (donate)
  • Pattilou - 6
  • Paula - 9 ***New***
  • Pokey - 6
  • Rho - 3
  • Ronda - 3
  • Sandi - 9
  • Shannon B - 9
  • Shelley - 9
  • Sophie - 3 (donate)
  • Sue - 6 ***NEW***
  • Terry - 6 (donate)
  • Tina - 9
  • Vicki - 6
  • Vivi - 3
  • Wendi - 9 ***NEW***
  • Wilma - 9 ***WINNER***


to all September winners! Make somethin pretty!

And the Winners are ...

Mary emailed the list of the lucky winners to me.  And they are:

  1. Corine  *NEWBIE*
  2. Wilma 
  4. Andrew
  5. Janet S
  6. Michelle
  7. Kina
  8. Karen S
  9. Gwen  *NEWBIE*

Corrine and Wilma will each receive 56 blocks.  Everyone else will receive a set of 48.

Thanks, Mary, for doing the honors today.

If you are one of the winners, look for email from me tonight or tomorrow.  I'll be confirming your mailing address and asking how many of your own blocks you'd like to keep.

Everyone else, please sit tight.  Once I've heard from all 9 winners, I will email the mailing info out to everyone,

Get ready, Get set ... Cross your fingers

I've just emailed the list to Mary who will be using the random number picker to "draw" our winners ... from a list of 445 names (for 448 blocks).

The first two names drawn will receive 56 blocks, the remaining seven winners will each receive a set of 48 blocks.

Sandi and MB, because I was tied up in meeting, meeting, meetings today, you were both on-time and entered into the drawing ... and now, I'm going to race back for the final two meetings of the day (after which I may actually get some work done in the office.)

Thanks to all the sneak peekers who sent October block photos (I think I have received 31 virtual blocks).  I will be putting the "quilt" together tonight, but I already know it's going to be a good one ;-)

Under the wire

Here are my three to donate, making a total of three from mb. in Florida for September.

Late Tuesday they finished installing the new kitchen counter, Wednesday the plumber came & hooked up the sink & water-needing appliances & around 4 yesterday my sewing room emerged from under the kitchen boxes & these three blocks were (almost) the first thing I did!

Minor crisis with my son this morning and totally forgot to post these. Can't remember the time zone and am a few minutes late even if it's central, so if I am too late I totally understand.
I did 9 and really enjoyed them.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Kim's Blocks

Kim is no longer in HK and neither is her sewing machine.  Here are her blocks:

She's donating her chances this month.

Sep 2011 photos - Curved Rail Blocks...

 I finished these three blocks several weeks ago, but have been too busy to post. Getting the kids in the back to school groove is taking longer then normal, as well as all of their extra after school activities.
I was only able to make three and since I haven't had a chance to put my wonky checkerboards together yet, I will donate my chances this month.
Good Luck everyone!!

Six September 2011 Blocks by June in San Diego

Under the wire!  Here are my six blocks.

: )
San Diego

Block Lotto Baby Quilt

A gift for a colleague having a baby - her last day is tomorrow - the blocks are from a block lotto win back in May 2008. I knew they'd come in handy some day! Detail of the quilting can be seen over on my blog...
I thought I would work on the October sneak peek blocks, but on Sunday my husband mentioned a girl who works with my daughter Katy,  whom he had been visiting with a while back and discovered that she had no memories of birthday gifts growing up, except one time she was given a comb.  She has had a hard life.  Anyway he thought it would be nice to give her a gift for her birthday, which is tomorrow.  My thoughts immediately went to a quilt as a gift.  I remembered I still had some of the Sept. 2007 lotto blocks I had purple Ohio Stars.  Katy  said Kayla would like pink.  I also had border fabric in mind with pink flowers and birds on it and Katy said Kayla like animals, so I decided I would do it.  From the start this quilt has just been meant to be. I pulled out the blocks and the border fabric and decided a green sashing would be best.  Right on top of my greens was the perfect green with white dots...enough for sashings and binding.  Then I found a scrap of a pink that was great for the cornerstones.  By bedtime Sunday it was all cut and up on the design wall.  Monday was community quilting day for guild so I was gone most of the day, but I sewed after I came home in the evening and had it all sewn together but the top and bottom borders.  The border fabric is a standard 44" width.  Being a very directional print and fairly large at that, and the quilt being 62" wide I needed to piece the fabric for those borders. I wanted to match the designs in the fabric.  Amazingly it went together perfectly on the first try.....the seam runs right down the center in each of these pictures of the border.

Tuesday morning I attached the borders and found fabric and pieced the backing.  I mounted it on the longarm and started quilting.  I could have done a simple allover meander, but decided the the large simple blocks and sashings really needed a bock by block quilting.  I meandered the border, did a heart chain in the sashings, heart in the cornerstones, and hearts in the start parts with straight line quilting in the background.  It turned out quite nicely!

Melinda's Blocks

Here are Melinda's blocks ... I noticed them on her blog with a mention of how she is no longer an author. As some of you can probably tell, the Author's list has become a bit of a revolving door ... if you haven't make blocks for 2-3 months, you probably have been replaced on the list by someone who wanted to join and has made blocks and is ready to post.

(And if you think that sounds like a pain for you ... imagine what it's like for me, CONSTANTLY editing the list and looking at the history of blocks made to figure out who can be removed in order to add someone who has made blocks and is ready to post.)

Anyway, as you can see, Melinda made some beautiful blocks--you can read what she had to say about them on her blog.


With the addition of the blocks from Jean and Melinda, we now have enough blocks for NINE WINNERS this month.  Mary will be choosing the winners tomorrow afternoon. 

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Sep 2011 photos

5 Curvy blocks for Sept from Kena

This is from Kena B. - She has been having a time getting into blogger; how well I know! This is the first time in a week that I have succeeded myself. Is it a full moon? lol.

I think her blocks are groovy!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Debbie D's September blocks

I'm new to the Block Lotto this month. I'm a longarm quilt from Southington, CT. Shannon (pieceful kwilter) told me about this and i'm thrilled she did. I've done 9 blocks for this month's drawing.

3 Curved Rails from Kristin

Even though I pulled and washed my fabrics at the beginning of the month, I procrastinated on building them, mostly because I don't care for sewing curves.
I can do it, they aren't overly difficult, I just don't like curves.
I had hoped to get them done in time for the sneak peek, but I didn't.
Now I have to wait to find out what we get to build with blue and white.
 Oh well.
Here are my three blocks.

block lotto septmeber

 - Kristin 

Three blocks from Sophie

Even though I've had more fabrics pulled, pressed and sitting on my sewing table for a few weeks, it looks like I won't make any more blocks beyond the first three.

Repeat to make 3 blocks

I' donating my chances this month.

Curvaceous Inspiration

Cory emailed me a link to this quilt, Curvaceous Squares, by Diane Hire, (From her Quilts and Classes blog.)  I had to share.

Take a close look  and you'll see that the blocks are made in PAIRS, with 2 or 4 curved cuts/seams in each block.   If you enjoyed making our curved rail blocks ... you could consider making something like this.  Or taking this workshop if Diane come to your guild.  FYI, I checked and this one is NOT in her book, Quilter's Playtime--which is still a pretty terrific book--but I'm guessing it might be in her about-to-be-released book, Vivacious Curvy Quilts.  I own (and recommend!) the first and have added the second to my wishlist ;-)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Rail blocks

I forgot to post these after the sneak peak! I only made 3, and I'd like to donate the.

all violets received

all violet blocks have safely arrived at my house!!! ( joan in NY arrived today)

thank you to all that made them! they are beautiful and i know exactly what i'll be doing with them...

good luck to the piecers for the September rail fence draw!!

shannon B in GA

Bright Batik Blocks

Here are nine blocks for September. I used what I thought was a small stash of mismatched batiks and love how they all look together as blocks!   As always, our recipients will be lucky indeed!

Karen S. in MN

Block Lotto: rho's Polka Dot Quilt - "Final Destination"

Block Lotto: rho's Polka Dot Quilt - "Final Destination": This is the final resting place for the "Polka Dot"Quilt. I won the blocks in ...

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Sneak Peek, etc

If you have made and posted blocks for this month, you should have received the October sneak peek email from me earlier today.  If not, check your spam folder for the message, then ... let me know and I'll resend it to you.

This is a good time to check your name on the list in the sidebar and make sure your information is correct.

If you didn't make blocks this month OR made them and donated your chances AND you'd be interested in volunteering to choose the winners (using the random integer website), let me know.  I'll likely be sending the info sometime after noon on Friday.

Batik Curved Rail Blocks, and Thank You

Thank you for 'bringing me into the fold', Sophie. 
These are my first lotto blocks - though I got previous patterns made, just not in time for the lotto.  These were fun and colorful.  I have to admit to loving batiks!  As you see, I made the max of 9.  Having sewn clothing before, curved piecing isn't a lot of challenge, though it HAS been awhile.  I see I left a ripple while taking the picture, though.  Now that I'm done sewing these, I can cross my fingers for luck!
My name is Corinne. My husband and I retired here to Forks, Washington, USA about 5 years ago - before the "Twilight" hype started.  Forks is on the Olympic Peninsula, west of Seattle and Puget Sound, in the middle of beautiful forests, including the only temperate rainforest in the continental US - which means we get about 10 FEET of rain each year.  Yes, I mean feet.  For more pictures of Forks and the West End (of the peninsula), you can click to go to my blog. I used to post there a lot more often, and haven't really done a lot lately, but the archives have a lot of shots we've taken around the peninsula.  It's really beautiful here!
Good luck everyone with the lotto!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Problems with your SECOND Blog Post

I frequently get mail from newbies asking for help when they are ready to add their SECOND post to the blog but can't find their way back. The first thing to figure out is whether or not you are signed in.

When you open the Block Lotto blog, look in the upper right corner of your browser window.  If you see something like this, you are NOT signed in.

You will need to click Sign In and provide the email address and password that you probably created when you accepted the invitation to become an author on the blog.

When you sign in, you'll see the blogger dashboard which will look something like this:

You won't see as many options as I have (because I am the owner of the block lotto blog), but you will see the New Post button and links to Edit Posts and View Blog.  Click the New Post button to add your message and block photo to the blog.  FYI, if you ever are creating a post and accidentally SAVE it instead of PUBLISH it, you can use the Edit Posts link to find your draft, finish the message and PUBLISH it.

You an also sign in by starting at

If you are already signed in to your google account when you come to the block lotto blog, you'll see the email address associated with your google account and different links in the top right corner, including New Post and Sign Out.

The New Post link on this page will also take you to the page where you can create your message and post it. 

My September blocks...

9 + 3 extra:

blcoks from marybeth in FL

i have recieved my violets from marybeth in fl. only one more envelope and my violet patch will be complete.
shannon b in GA

Tina's September blocks

I really enjoyed choosing fabrics from my batik stash for these blocks and the stitching was easier than I expected.

I considered sitting this month out, but I haven't missed a month since I started in April. I'm on a roll, but haven't won any blocks yet.

This block is my favorite!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Curved Rails for September

I've completed 6 lotto blocks for this month.  I'm sure I'll do more, as it is a fun way to use up my mish mash of batiks into an eye appealing quilt top.

 Pat F in UT (pattilou)

September blocks

Here are my three blocks for September.  They were surprisingly easy.  This was my first time with curved seams and with batiks!

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

more violets received by CathyC in Australia

more blocks from:
Coralie, Irene, Jennifer & Nancy

only 7 more lots to come - the design wall is looking amazing!

I am thinking I will make 'his' & 'her' lap quilts with these ;-)

3 more for September

I've had these blocks done for ages and am finally posting them now. I am really loving all of the great batik colors.

That makes 9 all together from me for the month.

I've received all 56 Violet blocks...

and this nifty little change purse/card carrier, along with my final 4 blocks, from Dianna in the UK. Here are two photos of it....isn't is adorable?

rho's Polka Dot Quilt - "Final Destination"

This is the final resting place for the "Polka Dot"Quilt. I won the blocks in the Block Lotto in Dec. 2009. I have posted pics before of this quilt................. but I have always wanted to show it..... in final - on my sister's bed. The URL is my webshots page which shows the entire progress while constructing. Take a look/see.

We LOVE the Block Lotto! Yes we do!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Newbie Asked ...

Someone asked (in a comment) about how we'll be splitting up the blocks and sending them to the winners--whether we'd be sending matched sets of three or purposely NOT sending blocks with the same fabrics to a single winner.  

Some of you probably know how I think well enough that you might have a good guess, but for the MANY (8 so far) first-timers and others that are wondering . . .
  • If you make 3 blocks, you'll send them all to a single winner. 
  • If you make 6 or 9 blocks, you'll be splitting them up and mailing them to three winners so that the 2 or 3 blocks that you send to each winner are made from different fabrics. 

So the winners will receive SOME blocks with repeated fabric combinations, but with lots of scrappy variation. 

The target set size will be 48, but depending on how many blocks we end up making it could be a little more or less, but all winners will receive at least 36 blocks.

Based on the numbers so far, if we have 7 winners, they will each receive 2 matched sets of 3 blocks and the rest would be unique blocks. (If you really hated the idea of have some duplicate fabric combinations in your blocks, you might suggest a swap with one another.)

Tipped Heart

This quilt for AAQI was inspired by the block lotto block for February. It is 7.5" x 9.0". I used one set of the cutoff part of the string-pieced heart to make the heart in this quilt:


African Violet Sept 20th

The last 6 blocks from Laurina & Joan have arrived, so now I have received all my winnings (do you say it like this?)
Yesterday I desided how to make the quilt. Ask me if it is not finnished by 2011.
Thanks to everyone. I love your work and all the colours, even if some don't remind me of the African Violet flower.

Curved Rail Blocks

Hello Everyone,

I think I have it, this is a picture of my curved rail blocks. Qty 9. I really like batiks, but I had to search my stash inside the house for 9 different ones. I am rearranging and almost everything is covered up in storage.

Have fun Quilting

Curved Rail Yumminess

I'm not a huge fan of batiks, but I have promised myself I would start to work with them to possibly change my mind. This was the perfect project to dip my toe in the batik waters! I had fun picking out some FQs and stitching these blocks. Thanks for the opportunity to challenge myself, Sophie!

September curves

As you see, I love batik tie dyes, and the rich colors. These were fun. I'm entering 9.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Violets leave Florida, at last!

The violet blocks are FINALLY on their way to Shannon & Cathy.  So sorry for the long wait!  & I have quite a pile of envelopes that I KNOW have more violets for me.  I just don't have anyplace to sit down & note from who; I will by the end of the week.  In kitchen remodel news we have cabinets...but no counters.

Violet blocks received

from Belinda in Texas. So great! And thanks for the extra fabric as well.

more violets came

i have gotten nancy in TX and caroline in ND violets blocks...

shannon b in GA
Pieceful Kwilter

Musicmama's Sept. blocks

Hi all. This is my first visit to the Block Lotto, so I hope I get this right.
I am a retired school music teacher and am hoping that retirement will permit me to get more quilting done. I call Cape Breton, Nova Scotia , Canada home and I share it with my daughter and several pond fish and of course, our 3 cats and Summer Raine, our young horse, the love of my daughter's life.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

more violets received by CathyC in Australia

I have received some more blocks from  JanetS & Tina

thank you, the design wall is looking great!


One More Basket Quilt Completed

I wish I knew whose blocks I've used.  I still have some blocks left, but now most of the blocks I received last year are used.  This is my latest quilt from them.

Thanks to all whose work went into my quilt!
Pattilou (Pat in UT)

Batik Curved Rails

3 blocks from me this month. I was lucky in August and have a Quilt to finnish.
Vivi :)

October Colorway Poll Results

Here's how you voted:

More than 1/3 of those who voted chose Blue & White and/or Blue - Cream - Tan - Brown so . . .  if you want to start thinking about fabrics for October, look for:

BLUE - solid or TOT print that is any shade of BLUE
CREAM - solid or TOT CREAM print

Your October blocks must be made from Blue and Cream fabrics, but may also OPTIONALLY include these fabrics:

TAN and BROWN - solid or TOT prints that are any shade of TAN or BROWN

Gallery Update ... and a Request

I've pulled a bunch of photos of quilts and other projects made from lotto blocks and/or inspired by lotto blocks and added them to the Gallery Page.  I think I've added everyone's photos ... or at least everyone who added the labels quilts (for quilts and projects made from lotto blocks) and lotto-inspired quilts (for quilts and projects made by those who didn't win ... but made blocks for their projects).

The Gallery Page is organized chronologically backward, based on the lotto block featured in the project.  I'm thinking that I'd like to create a group on Flickr for these photos and others inspired by lotto blocks or the block patterns I've created.  What do you all think?  May I share your projects with the Flickr world?   If I created a group would you join/add your photos?

Violets mailed

Violet blocks were mailed this morning to Marybeth in Florida, Ginny in New York and Cathy in Australia. Congratulations, enjoy your blocks.
Coralie in Canada

Violet blocks received

Blocks arrived from Linnea and Laura. So lovely! Thanks a ton.

3 Patch block lotto winnings

Hi, I just thought I would post a picture of the quilt top I have finished using the lovely 3 patch blocks I won.  I made a few more so I could increase the size a wee bit.  I have yet to get the backing and quilting sorted out but you can get the gist.  I think the colours go great with the grey tie-dye sashing and I have bought some purple cotton that I am thinking of using for the back.
Thanks again to all the lovely ladies who sent me blocks and good luck to everyone who takes part in the lotto draw.
Jo in Oman

Friday, September 16, 2011

Violets Mailed

Mailed out my Violet blocks this morning to Marybeth and Ginny!

Debbie's batik curves

I took a break from the lotto. I've never won anything, anyway! But, I couldn't pass up a block with all batiks, my favorites! This block was sooooo easy. I only had time for one set of three.

Have a good weekend,