Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May 2011 Recap

In May,  48 quilters made 272 Pineapple Blossom blocks.  Three newbies joined this month–welcome again to Cynthia, Diana and Linda ... and one of them, Diana, found herself among our 8 winners this month, along with Andra, Julie P, Julie Wy, Kathy S, Kim G, Sandi and Toni.

Before I clear the list in the sidebar and we start all over again for June, here's the list of blocks made and who made them:
  • Andra - 9 *WINNER*
  • Barbara - 9
  • Blondie - 4 (donate)
  • Carrie - 1
  • Cathi - 2
  • Cathy Ann - 4
  • Cheri - 2 (donate)
  • Cory - 9 (donate)
  • Cyndi - 7
  • Cynthia - 4 *NEW*
  • Debbie - 2
  • Diana - 9 *NEW* *WINNER*
  • Ellie - 4
  • Ginny - 7
  • Janet R - 8
  • Janet s - 8 (donate)
  • Jenn - 9
  • Julie P - 9 *WINNER*
  • Julie Wa - 1 (donate)
  • Julie Wy (UK) - 5 *WINNER*
  • June - 2
  • Kate - 5 (donate)
  • Kathie - 2 (donate)
  • Kathy S - 9 *WINNER*
  • Kim G (HK) - 9 *WINNER*
  • Kina - 1
  • Kristin - 3
  • Laura - 9
  • Laurina - 9
  • Linda - 2
  • Linda W -2 *NEW*
  • Liz - 1 (donate)
  • Louise - 2
  • LPB - 6
  • Maree - 9
  • Mary C - 6
  • Mary Jane - 9
  • Pokey - 9
  • Ramie - 6 (donate)
  • Rho - 1 (donate)
  • Sandi - 9 *WINNER*
  • Shelley - 9
  • sophie - 9 (donate)
  • Tina - 6
  • Toni - 9 *WINNER*
  • Vivi - 2
  • Wendy - 4 (donate)
  • Wilma - 9
Thanks to everyone for putting together these gold and gray scrappy blocks and making this another successful month for the Block Lotto.

So far this YEAR, we've made 1645 lotto blocks.  Can you believe it?


my son gets to enjoy his tic tac toe quilt from blocks I won in January 2010.

Three-patch Rectangles

Sophie's 3-patch #4This simple 6 inch by 9 inch (finished size) block was influenced by the proportions of the golden rectangle.

It showcases the fabrics used and/or the quilting design.  It's quick and easy construction makes it a good choice for a last minute gift or a quilt-in-a-day project.

For the June 2011 Block Lotto, we are making blocks in an analogous colorway of green-blue-violet, including one green, one blue and one violet fabric in each block.


For each block,

Cut 1 rectangle - 4.5 x 6.5 inches
Cut 2 rectangles - 3.5 x 5.5 inches


  1. Sew the two smaller rectangles together, along their long sides, Press toward the darker fabric.
  2. Add the large rectangle to the top.  Press the seam toward the large rectangle. The block should measure 6 1/2 by 9 1/2 inches.
First SeamLast Seam

Here is a sampling of blocks made by some quilters in the Block Lotto community.

For a clean, minimalist look, surround each of the blocks with wide borders in a solid neutral–simulated by white space here–and arrange them all with the same orientation:

Sophie's 3-patch #16     Cathi's 3-patch #4    Kristin's 3-patch #9     Julie's 3-patch #8    Julie's 3-patch #7

Ginny's 3-patch #5      Cathi's 3-patch #3    Julie's 3-patch #5   Ginny's 3-patch #1    Ginny's 3-patch #7

Ginny's 3-patch #2     Julie's 3-patch #6    Cathi's 3-patch #2    Julie's 3-patch #4    Ginny's 3-patch #6

Ginny's 3-patch #8    Cathi's 3-patch #1    Julie's 3-patch #3    Ginny's 3-patch #3    Kristin's 3-patch #7

Kristin's 3-patch #8    Julie's 3-patch #2    Ginny's 3-patch #4    Julie's 3-patch #1    Ginny's 3-patch #9

For more virtual blocks and layout ideas, check out the June Guidlines for the Block Lotto

Congratulations! May Blossom Winners!!

I have my block on my magnet board here at work, ready to mail! Congratulations to you all!

New member

Welcome Linda W. its good to have you join us, Enjoy. Congrats to our May winners.


Congratulations to the May 2011 winners!!

The Random Number Generator gave me 8 names for this month's winners! The first 7 whose names were randomly generated will receive 36 blocks and the 8th person will receive 20 blocks. Have a wonderful time with them!

Kathy S.
Kim G. (HK)
Julie P.
Julie Wy.
Andra (20 blocks)


Cheri in Champaign

Edited by Sophie to add - I haven't heard from Julie Wy in 48 hours--the guidelines are that the winners must contact me within 24 hours.  I truly hope she's OK.

An Alternate winner has been randomly selected - Congratulations Shelley.  Andra will move UP the list to become winner #7 and Shelley will receive a set of twenty blocks.

Happy to join you

Good Morning!

I'm so happy to join you in Block Lotto.  It's a wonderful idea.  I had so much fun sewing up my blocks.  I only did two - I wanted to make more but time got away from me.  It had a little to do with running off to Las Vegas too.  (hehehe)

Okay so here's a little bit about me.  I live in Bakersfield, California and have a wonderful husband that likes my quilting hobby.  And I have two grown daughters (including 3 grand kids) and one daughter that is still in high school.  I've been playing around with this quilting adventure for about 10 years.  I haven't made lots of quilts as my full-time job sort of gets in the way.  LOL!!   I also have 3 little annoying dogs that I just love to death.  They really love my quilts too - and lay on my quilts every chance they can!  (But not the block lotto blocks so don't worry - no dog hair!) 

Me, Linda W., and my granddaughter, Violet.
Thanks for letting me join,
Linda W.

Welcome Linda W

Linda is a newbie who is having problems accessing the blog ... so I'm posting her blocks so she makes the deadline.

Once we get it worked out, I've asked her to post a little intro to the group.  In the meantime, you can check out her blog, Little Bits and Pieces.

Linda is our third Linda and the second one living in California, so she'll be Linda W to me, so I can keep it all straight ;-)

90 Minutes and Counting

Just a reminder that the deadline for posting blocks and to be entered into today's drawing is at NOON US East coast time . . . or, in about 90 minutes.

Today, I will be compiling the list and sending it to Cheri, who will be doing the honors of randoming choosing our SEVEN WINNERS.

Squeaking in again

Here are my 9 blocks for May. I love the way these look, so I wanted to maximize my chance of winning. I was sewing that last triangle on at 10:30 last night - LOL
Good luck everyone with the drawing.

Little Dresses for Africa (or in this case, Ecuador)

Quilt block swapping slid to the back burner in May when it finally stopped raining and I could get out in the garden. Also, an acquaintance takes "little dresses" to Ecuador a few times a year so I whipped up a few to send along.  I'm mentioning them here because the pocket decoration came straight out of Sophie's Junction "Free-Style Trees".  Another quilting connection was realizing I could make super-wicked-easy triangle headscarves to go with the dresses with two fat-quarter-sized pieces by applying the half-square triangle technique.  The two larger dresses have the scarves; the size 3 one has a tiny stuffed kitten toy in its pocket.

Monday, May 30, 2011

May Pineapple Blossom--Done!

Loved this block. Lots of fun. Looking forward to using it in the future to create a wall hanging.

May 30th Blossoms

Typical of a "pokey" person, these are finished today to enter. They were a pattern I was wanting to try, and I think I'll do again! ( this photo includes the first two for a total entry of 9.)

Happy Quilting,


Wonky Geese

        Many of you will recall that it is one month shy of the one year anniversary of that wonderful day when I went down on my motorcycle and lost the use on 1/2 of my body for 5 months and then had to learn to walk and use the arm all over again.  Quilting has been my solace and my online friends here and at about.com have been wonderful.  Your thoughts, prayers and wonky geese made my days bearable and made me eager to heal and return the favors or pay them forward.  Thank you oh so very much.
       What to do with the various wonky geese stayed on the brain and I thought and thought, but did not like anything I consciously did.  So, I decided to make the black center first, then put all of the geese into a bag and I reached into the bag blindly to put each Dutchman's Block together.  Look at this wonderful result.  I had to add only 2 geese to get this far.  Suggestions for the borders.........?

Sunday, May 29, 2011

May2011 - Pineapple Blossom

Here are my two blocks for this month. The instruction said that it didn't matter which corner you put the triangles; I found out that if I did not copy the instructionphoto the block turned rectangular. I had to use a smaller seam-allowance.

Penultimate blocks

Received blocks from Linnea yesterday, which means all my blocks are here except for the ones from Sophie - and she's already mentioned she hadn't sent hers yet, so I'm not worried about them being lost in postal space... Thanks to everyone for the great variety of blocks. Now I'm going to have to start thinking about what to do with them!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Friday, May 27, 2011

Believe it or not

Small ToteIt might not be obvious, but this bag is made from four of the string squares I won in January 2008. The rest of those light and dark string blocks I won way back when were used in a quilt–which I haven't photographed since I finished the top, but you can see an almost finished photo here.

It was made using the Summer Tote directions I posted last summer . . . with string pieced straps inspired by the totes that Laura made

When I finished the quilt top, I had these four lotto blocks and 8 triangles from mitering the borders.

Leftover string "fabric" I *had* to use them. I added some solid black to the triangles and trimmed everything to the size of the smallest square–five and a half inches.

I had a small spool of variegated red quilting thread and decided to practice my free motion quilting. Nothing like the pressure of high-contrast stitching to force you to see every wiggle and jiggle, eh?

4 Lotto blocks form the bottomI think this smallish tote will be perfect for carrying around my next knitting project.

It's 10 inches tall, with a 7 1/2 inch square bottom formed from the 4 lotto blocks.  This unusual angles shows the string squares that inspired this bag . . .   anyone recognize their fabrics? (kidding . . . though I think someone may remember that cute fish fabris ;-)

If you clicked over to look at the quilt, you might imagine that there are some more leftover string triangles at my house . . . and you'd be right.  I just *can't* toss them and have a couple of other projects in mind.

Blocks from Janet R

Here are my eight blocks for May.
from Janet in Rio Rancho

Thursday, May 26, 2011

R & W Swap Blocks -ready for borders.

I wanted to show some Progress on my Red and White D4P Swap quilt. This month over at "Patchworktimes" the color for the Monchromatic Challenge is RED! How perfect for me to have WON these blocks just last month. Who knew how many shades of Red you all could find. I like the varied backgrounds. Thanks to everyone who sent their blocks to me. Tonight, I got the blocks all sewn together and it is ready for the border...maybe two borders. In the morning I'll see what fabrics jump out of my STASH to play with the quilt. I have only a few more days left in the month to get this one quilted and bound, wish me luck!
Mary C in WA-- aka: "Quiltingrandma"

It IS Still May, Right?

Whew, a couple evenings, and here are 2 Pineapple Blossoms that bloomed in my sewing space.
Yippee! Last month, I only completed 1 Clover, but it's neat to get something turned in each month. So, here's mine for May, unless I can get a couple more done.

Happy Quilting!


pineapple blocks from Andra

Here are my nine blocks for May.
I love this block! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

clovers received

Three lovely clover blocks arrived today. There was only a postal stamp of Halifax on the envelope, so I am assuming it came from Heather. Thank you. That leaves two packets remaining to come. There is a postal strike looming in Canada which I hope doesn't happen. I hope that they hold off until after my May blocks get delivered to the winners.


More clover in

Clover in yesterday's post from Heather, who has used fabric with actual clover on it for the leaves and stems - very cool. Thanks, Heather! This leaves only two sets of blocks still outstanding for me.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

My first try: May pineapple blossom blocks!

Hi there, fellow stitchers!  Here are my contribution for the month, four blocks I nervously assembled.  Then I looked at your pictures, and decided that mine will fit in just fine!  I have been sewing forever, and quilting seriously for about 8 years.  I live in a quiet, rural area, and am hoping to find some other stitching friends out there in cyberspace.  Enjoy the holiday weekend everyone, and hope to "bump" into next month.  Happy stitching!

Sneak Peek for June is on the Way

If you are one of the 40 quilters who have made blocks so far this month, you should have sneak peek email from me soon.

Based on the results of our quick poll, the colorway for June will be:
 Green - true greens or bluish greens, no yellow-greens this month
Blue - any variation of blue
Purple - true violets or blue-violets, no red-violets, please

All fabrics may be solids, tone-on-tone (TOT) prints or multicolor prints that "read as" green, purple or blue.

In the email I asked everyone to confirm that the number of blocks I have listed for them in the sidebar is correct. Please also double check that if you are donating your chances this month that I have included that information.

May Pineapples

Hi everyone,

Here are two pineapples from the UK - machine-pieced (I usually hand-piece, but I've been practising!), fabrics entirely from stash. The grey is a stormy batik which Sophie assures me is grey enough - I hope so.

By way of brief (re)introduction - this is my return to the Lotto after an absence of nearly a year. I blog my sewing activities here (also sadly neglected recently, although I have been sewing, honest!). I'm hoping to keep up a bit better in the future, and look forward to meeting the new faces I see around here.

Good to be back!

Louise in Derbyshire, UK