Saturday, July 31, 2010

I Won!

Thanks everyone for making blocks this month! I'm the lucky winner of one set. I already have decided how I'm going to make my quilt. BUT....I MUST get my son's wedding quilt done, before I start a new project. I did get some of the blocks done for it today. But this week has been a big distraction, we have our ND State Fair in town, so we've been out there alot. Too many good concerts this year, not to! But it is over tonight, so back to normal tomorrow. Now to get ice put on my poor, aching knees! Thanks Again!!
** Caroline **

July Block Mailing Info has been Sent

If you made blocks this month, you should have email from me with the information you need to mail your blocks.

Because it was a long distribution list, I expect many of you–especially those of you with email accounts on Yahoo–will find my email message in your SPAM folder.

Let me know ASAP if you did NOT receive the mail and I will try, try again.

Thank you to all of our winners for responding quickly and making it possible for me to turn around the information to everyone so quickly.

FYI, the August block announcement is scheduled to publish in three hours.   If you didn't receive a sneak peek and are curious about the August block, you might find this tutorial of interest.  If you did receive the sneak peek, made blocks and sent photos to me, they are already posted and will "go live" tonight.


Congratulations again to July winners Andra, Carol, Caroline, Janet and Linda! Make something pretty!

July 2010 Recap

What an incredible month for the Block Lotto!  43 quilters made and entered a total of 235 Blocks!  Before I wipe out that long list in the side bar in preparation for starting over again tomorrow, I wanted to archive the numbers for July, 2010.

Congratulations again  to our winners Andra, Carol, Caroline, Janet and Linda. Welcome again to the July first-timers, Janet S., Jenn, lucky Linda S., Maree, and Marie . . . and welcome back to Gail and Mary–I'm glad you re-found us.

Thanks for Carrie,  Pat and Pattilou for making blocks and donating your chances.
I've included Blog links for everyone I know about . . . if you have a blog not included here and want to share it with the group, please leave it in a comment and I'll update the list (and my personal list, too ;-) 

    I Won?!!

    Thank you, thank you!! I am soooo excited!!!! It's my first win, and these blocks are fabulous. Wheeeee! Thanks to everyone for making these neat fireworks blocks and for making enough so I could win!

    Fireworks Blocks Drawing!

    These are the winners for the fireworks blocks:
    Carol--48 blocks
    Caroline--48 blocks
    Andra--48 blocks
    Linda S.--48  Thanks for making it possible for 5 (five)! Winners!  ...and yes it really was by the random generator that you won!  :)
    Janet R. 43 blocks

    Congrats gals these look like some really fun blocks!
    pattilou and the random generator (Sophie did all the work by making the list!)

    ... and 4 more from Linda S.

    I was just about to send the list of names to Pattilou, when I noticed email from Linda S.  from Napa, California.  With these blocks, our total this month climbs to 235 blocks!

    Linda, welcome to the Block Lotto. I love your blocks.

    I will resend the blogger invitation to add you as an author and then I'll check my email for any other blocks sent overnight, update the list and send it off to Pattilou so she can do the honors and make FIVE winners very happy.

    Ps. to Linda,  a good friend is in Napa county today, competing in the Vineman Triathalon (in the women only fundraiser, Barb's ride, a half-ironman).

    ... and 4 more

    Here are four more blocks from me (on dark navy) . . . for a total of 231 blocks this month.

    Four more Fireworks Blocks

    This means we will have FIVE WINNERS. The first four names randomly selected will receive a set of 48 blocks and the fifth winner will receive a smaller set of 39 blocks.

    I'm off to put together the long list of names for Pat (aka Pattilou) to randomly select the winners.

    Cross your fingers everyone ;-)

    Three more Fireworks

    How great to having a working sewing machine again. I'm preparing for a trip, but I couldn't resist making three more fireworks. That makes my total eight for the month and I think it puts us over the top. I'm going to work on taking pictures without getting my shoes in them!

    By the way, if anyone knows good places for quilters in Amsterdam, I'd love to know.

    Sophie finally makes her blocks ...

    Here are four blocks that I made last night. My fabric is still packed and I found the box of solid kona cotton (and not any black), so these have a dark green background (which is OK according to the guidelines).

    Sophie's 4 Fireworks blocks

    I thought that Hoffman Challenge fabric from a few years ago (lower right) makes pretty good fireworks.

    My four blocks bring the total to 224 ... which is only three away from the number needed for 5 winners. I think I'm going to have some breakfast and make a few more blocks before the deadline.

    Friday, July 30, 2010

    My July blocks...

    Welcom Back Mary!

    Mary K from Oregon emailed these photos of blocks to me.

    Welcome back to the Block Lotto, Mary. I'll be asking Blogger to send you an invitation to become an author soon.

    Because someone asked ...

    . . . and I figure others may be wondering.

    YES,  it is perfectly OK to add background fabric to a too-small block to bring it up to size.  Part of the liberated quilting approach is chopping off anything that is too big and, if something is is too small, ADD ON. I had fully intended to make some blocks intentionally small as examples, but because of my move (and my LIFE), I haven't been able to make blocks for this month  . . .YET.  (I still have 24 hours and I am perhaps foolishly optimistic ;-)

    Here's the Block Pattern info, from the July 1 blog post, with new emphasis added on the relative sentence:


    For instructions for making this block, download Asterisks from Tonya Ricucci's tutorial page on her UnRuly Quilter website.

    We are making larger blocks than Tonya's: 8-1/2 inches square to finish at 8 inches in the winners' quilts.  I suggest beginning with a 10 square of background fabric to give you some wiggle room to trim and square up; and cutting the strips 1-to-2 inches wide. If your block comes out a little too small, don't fret, just trim it to 7-1/2 inches or less (in one or both directions) and add a strip of background fabric to bring it up to size.

    As usual, you may make up to a maximum of NINE BLOCKS this month.

    Thursday, July 29, 2010

    Re-Conditioned Blocks

    These three are not new. I just added sides to them to make them the appropriate size. So don't count these for me again. They're just the same 3 I had made earlier. I wouldn't mind winning this month! What pretty blocks! But whoever wins will have fun with these.

    Kristin's July Blocks

    Hi all!  It's been awhile since I've been able to participate.  I managed to get three blocks done for this month.  :)

    july lotto fireworks

    4 blocks

    Whew!  Just made it in time!  I have four blocks for the July lotto.  The blocks are square, it's the picture that's not.

    -Wendy in Canada

    The LAST of the June Lotto Blocks?

    I still haven't found the box of kraft paper envelopes that I like to use for mailing quilt blocks, so Rho, Pat and Cory will be receiving my very late basket blocks in some funky stationary that I came across while unpacking, but . . . they are FINALLY on the way, with my most sincere apologies.

    I really hate it when I'm a bad example . . .  even though I know LIFE happens to all of us, including me.

    As it turns out, I can WALK to the post office and I did–a little earlier when it was a "cool" 80 degrees (with about 90% humidity).  My car is in the shop and I couldn't wait one more day to take care of those blocks.   The effort was worth it, though, because I saw things I never noticed as I whiz by in my car.  It felt like the silver lining of my bad day yesterday.  Details on my blog, if you're interested.

    If anyone else has been dealing with some LIFE issues of their own and have still not mailed their June Liberated Basket blocks, could you please let me and/or the winners know, so they can plan accordingly.  I believe at least one of them is already working with their blocks . . .

    Fireworks block

    Hi all,
    Just one block to contribute this month. It's been a while since I played and it's great to see so many new people. Hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

    I live in Las Vegas, Nevada, and yes, it's darn hot in the summer, but when much of the U.S. is suffering through the winter gray skies and snow, I'm walking my dog in the gently winter sun!
    Good luck to all of you!

    Wednesday, July 28, 2010

    Three More Firework Blocks

    Here are my blocks for the month. One was ready for the sneak peek and I've managed 3 more this month. I'm loving all of the stripe ones I've seen, but I used up some bright tone on tone strips that I had. Interesting how in the photo I like the orange one, but in person it looks too 'thick' to me. Looking forward to seeing what the winners make with these blocks!
    {maybe one will be me:)}

    Tuesday, July 27, 2010

    Fireworks in July!

    These are my four fireworks so far.  What fun!  Thanks Sophie :)  It's a busy month I'm hoping to have more made before the end of the month.  We'll see :)

    Monday, July 26, 2010

    Mary Jane - Geese heading south to you!

    Mary Jane,
    I dropped a few geese in the mail for you today. It's a little early for geese to be heading south, but I guess it's too hot for them here. Post a pic of your quilt, when you get it done! ** Caroline **

    Geese for Mary Jane

    Here are a few geese flying Mary Jane's way in hopes of a speedy recovery. Kathie L in Allentown

    Sunday, July 25, 2010

    Blocks mailed to Cory and Pat--with apologies

    Dear Cory and Pat

    I thought I had put your blocks on the mail before leaving town and realized when I got back that they had been in a knapsack the whole time-- so very sorry to be late like this. They went into the mail on Thursday. Both of my sewing machines broke before I left-- hope I get one back in time to finish the blocks for this month.

    Two for July

    I hope these are bright enough. I heard Cynthia England speak about using fabric to create "pictures" and I thought the black background with dots are strips would actually look like fireworks.

    Going out of town, so these may be my 2 for the month.

    Saturday, July 24, 2010

    Mail Received for June blocks

    Baskets in the mail from
    Kim H in NY--2
    Shelley C ME--3

    Thanks gals.  They're great.

    Fireworks Blocks Done

    July blocks are done.  These were fun to do.  Put these as donation blocks. 

    Sneak Peek Saturday ... Yes, Saturday

    I think I can . . .  I think I can . . .  I think can make it happen today.

    The sneak peek email with the advance information for the August block will be going out later today--so if you have made blocks but not posted the photo yet, it's time to do that (or email them to me and I'll post them for you).

    For some reason I thought I had tomorrow to work on the directions . . . good thing I looked at a calendar to double check.  Doh!

    It's no excuse, but I'm blaming the brain fog and broken body created by all the chemicals present in a freshly cleaned and painted apartment with new carpeting.  I'm very slowly coming out of it.  I just wish it weren't so darn hot here so I could open some windows and doors and let the place air out so I could feel better sooner.

    UPDATE: The Sneak Peek email  has been sent.  If you have made and posted blocks this month, you should have mail from me about the August block.  If you do not, first check your spam folder and then let me know ASAP and I'll try again.

    Friday, July 23, 2010

    Fireworks, finally

    I had fun with these! Of course, I say that every month, so Sophie must be doing a good job with the patterns and instructions. Thanks Sophie!!

    Asterisks - not fireworks

    No photo since Hubby grabbed the camera for his morning hike, but that's ok since I just noticed I only used 3 strips and the guidelines call for 4!! DOH. At least that's a quick fix, if I can get things lined up and keep the block at 8.5" Crossing my fingers...

    Thursday, July 22, 2010

    Firework Block

    So fun! I finally got a few minutes to make blocks for July and had a good time doing it. I've been following here for a few months and this was the first time I've been able to enter anything in. =D

    Liberated basket blocks from Canada

    Three blocks from Sarah V in Canada.  They are lovely!

    Here are the blocks I made-now that I have this figured out how to post pictures-I just may do a few more-Thanks for the help with getting the pictures posted!!!

    Wednesday, July 21, 2010


    I have received baskets from Wendy Lee in TX yesterday and one packet containing seven blocks from Andra R and Janet R from NM. I love them all!! Thank you! Only five blocks to come. Now I have to decide how I am going to set them in a quilt or what ever.


    Geese for Mary Jane

    My liberated geese for Mary Jane. I finally got the hang of it after the first 6! Enjoy Mary Jane!
    With Joy,
    Sarah Vee

    July blocks

    I have completed my blocks and now I want to figure out how to post the pictures.

    Tuesday, July 20, 2010

    July Blocks - Too Liberated

    Love these Liberated Asterisks, fireworks, whatever you call them! I finally got some time to make my July blocks, but they ended up TOO liberated, as I failed to read directions carefully. Mine are 6.5" instead of the required 8.5", so I guess I just made myself a few pretty fireworks. Well, here's the picture of the blocks I will nolt be sending to anyone! Put me down for zero for July (unfortunately).

    Carol E.

    Monday, July 19, 2010

    More Liberated Blocks Rec'vd Today - - - -

    from Sarah in Canada. Thanks for my lovely blocks.

    Get Well Geese...

    Thanks for the kick in the pants Janet. I had time today to work on these. So here are eight for a whole block. Hope you like them Mary Jane!

    I will email you Sophie for Mary Jane's address.


    Michelle's lovely basket blocks arrived today. Thanks That leaves 5 more packets to come. I can't wait to see them all. I've made some geese for Mary Jane but haven't taken a picture of them yet. Glad to hear you are at home and getting better.


    For Mary Jane

    I made a couple wonky geese to send to Mary Jane.  I hope her recovery goes swiftly.
    Janet S.

    Saturday, July 17, 2010

    5 More!

    Here are 5 more Fireworks, bringing my total for July to 9.
    ** Caroline **

    Block Lotto Housekeeping

    As I mentioned that I was going to do a while ago, I have just finished going through the list of authors for this blog and removing privileges from anyone who has NOT made and entered lotto blocks at any time during 2010 . . . except for the five newbies who have asked to join but have not yet made blocks.  Don't wait too long.  Jump in!  The water's fine.

    I do make mistakes and if I removed anyone's privileges by mistake, just holler and I'll set you up again. 

    Anyone who was removed for lack of participation is more than welcome to rejoin.  Life happens.  Quilting tastes change and I promise they won't all be Liberated/wonky blocks in 2011 ;-)

    Wonky Get Well Geese for Mary Jane!

    A while ago, Mary Jane suggested liberated flying geese to me as a potential lotto block and since I'd already decided on a set of blocks for this year, I parked it on my list of possible future blocks.

    Today,  making some wonky get well geese to entertain and encourage Mary Jane while she recovers and rehabs seemed like the perfect match for me. My camera has gone missing and I'm still a long ways from unpacking my fabrics, sewing machine and other necessities, but these will be easy and fun and I think I can describe the parameters of making them now and add photos when I can . . . or when one of you sends me some to use (hint, hint, hint).

    The blocks you send to Mary Jane–and please feel free to send her a few (or a bunch) so she'll end up with enough to make something wonderful when she's able to sew again–should measure 3.5 inches tall and 6.5 inches wide.


    Mary Jane said:
    Why not make the liberated geese truly bright scrappy – any colors are fine mixed with neutral – WOW, BOB, or COC – maker’s choice. 
    For the goose part of the block   something bright - maker's choice
    For the sky, a neutral tone on tone (TOT) print: white-on-white (WOW), black-on-black (BOB) or cream-on-cream (COC).

    1. Start with a piece of your bright geese fabric, in the neighborhood of 3.5 inches by 6.5 inches–a little smaller or larger will work, so you don't even have to measure anything yet ;-) 
    2. Drawing with your rotary cutter and a straight edge, create a triangle that is flat on the bottom and pointy at the top.
    3. Add sky fabric to the two sides (non-bottom) of the triangle.  You might start with a square (4 inches or a bit larger), slice it in half diagonally , then add a triangle of sky to each side of your goose.
    4. Square up the block so that it measures 6.5 inches wide and 3.5 inches tall. 
      • If your flying goose is too short, add more sky fabric to the top and then trim to size. 
      • It it isn't wide enough, add sky fabric to one or both sides and trim to size.
      • If it is too tall, trim the bottom and keep the point.
      • If it is too wide, don't worry about preserving the points on the sides. 


    If you need Mary Jane's mailing address, Contact Me and I'll share it with you via email.

    Both Mary Jane and I thought these would be great to use in a liberated interpretation of the Dutchman's Puzzle block.  If she decides to go this route, she'll need 8 get well geese to make a single Liberated Dutchman, so feel free to make and send lots of Get Well Geese. 


    Sharing photos on the block lotto blog is optional–if you want to post a photo of your wonky geese blocks, please add the label get well geese.   If you would like to share, I think some initial inspirational eye candy would be nice,  hint, hint, hint . . . especially since I don't know when I'll be unpacked and unbusy enough to make samples.  Thanks in advance ;-)

    Wendy Lee's second round of fireworks

    3 more for June July.  Seriously, the summer is getting away from me!
    Anyway, this brings my July total to 7.  What fun these are to make!

    Have YOU Mailed Your Basket Blocks?

    As the winners have already heard,  I've been walking around with my liberated basket blocks in my handbag, but haven't yet mailed them  . . .  how about you?   I did drive past a post office today near my house, so at least I now know where THAT is and should be able to get to it soon.

    The sneak peek email with the August block information–yes, August already–will be going out in one week.  In a perfect world, all three June winners will have all their blocks in hand by then . . .  but we all know the world's not so perfect.  If, like me, you haven't yet been able to send your liberated basket blocks on to their new home, please let me/us know when you think that will happen so our winners can plan accordingly.  Thanks.

    And while I have your attention . . . 

    I have plans to publish the fabric choices/colors for the rest of the year soon, so those of you who like to plan (or shop!) will have a list of future "needs" for the Block Lotto.  

    Also, as I mentioned a while ago, it's time to do some blog housekeeping and I'll be removing author privileges from anyone who has not yet made blocks in 2010.  It's no big deal to reinstate them if you haven't yet made blocks, but want to rejoin us in the future.  The housecleaning is necessary because there is a limit on the number of authors for a blog.

    One last thing.  I had a little brainstorm for a get-well block shower for Mary Jane, if enough people are interested in making a few liberated blocks for her to fondle while she recuperates.  I will publish directions for making the block (it's not one of our blocks for the lotto this year, so it would be a BONUS liberated block for us.) Post a comment, if you'd be willing.  And Mary Jane, if you're reading this, start thinking about fabrics and colors and let me know what you'd like.

    Friday, July 16, 2010


    Baskets from Balinda in ME arrived yesterday. Very nice fabrics used. Today blocks from Shelley in ME, Caroline in ND, and Laura in GA arrived. Thank you all very much.


    Kathie L's July entry

    Here are my fireworks for July. Let's hope my birthday month brings me a little luck. This was a fun block to make, and if I had the time I would make more, but other projects are calling my name. Kathie L in Allentown

    Marilyn's Sparkler July Blocks

    These were great fun to do and have really liked the variety of the ones already on the blog.

    Thursday, July 15, 2010

    More Liberated Blocks Rec'vd 2 days ago - - - -

    from Shelly. Thank you very much. They are very nice!

    Short Update

    Hello everybody:
        I really appreciate all the cards and notes.   I am still waiting on the followup surgery, but after 2 weeks in Rehab I have reached maximum improvement for my limitations (no weight bearing or gross movement for my left arm and left leg) and get to finish waiting on surgery at home.  I will make the 2-hour ride in the morning.  My new board to assist with transfers, my new potty cahair and my new wheelchair are waiting on morning and me in the corner.  The travel may be painful, but I will be home with hubby and 2 cats, a dog and a kitten that I have missed horribly these past 3 weeks in hospital and rehab.  Thank you for your well wishes, cards and prayers.

    Shelley's Sparklers

    Here are my blocks for the month. I had to get them finished before next Wed. as I will have company the rest of the to clean clean clean! :(

    I also sent out my blocks to the June winners last Wed and haven't heard that any have received them....Rho's came back so those were resent on Monday. Let me know ladies!


    More Basket Blocks

    3 blocks arrived from Balinda W in ME
    Such fun variety.  I love them all.

    Fireworks from a new member

    Hi I am Maree from New Zealand. I have included four blocks for this lotto and have one extra for the pool. I accidentally made two blocks from the same pink fabric. I am looking forward to taking part in future block lottos. I am off on holiday in a couple of days but will be checking in again when I'm back in early August.

    Wednesday, July 14, 2010


    Baskets keep trickling in. Yesterday, baskets received from Julie in CA and Mary Jane in GA. Today, from June in CA. All nice, its fun to see the different sizes together, tall and skinny to tall and fat to just medium sized. Thank you all!! Thank you June for the extra fabric as well.
    Last night at our guild meeting, we had a guest speaker from Germany Inge Heuger or Heuber?, (a senior moment on her name) anyway she began quilting 30 years ago and is a sort of pioneer of liberated style quilting. She hand dyes all her fabric and designs with strips and her seams are all on the front. Very interesting texture demension, tactile and shadow effects. Not bed quilts, but are large wall hangings. She has a web site if you are interested.
    Have a great day!

    Tuesday, July 13, 2010

    Here are 4!

    Here are 4 for this month. We'll see if I can get any more done. My due date is Sat. and we're ready for this baby to come and join the family. Hopefully my sewing won't take a huge hit when he gets here!


    Here are my two fireworks - pieced on my machine, for speed. I like these - would love to win this month, because I know my son would adore a quilt made out of them. :)

    I'm a bit meh about the one on the right (the lines didn't meet up at the final stage, despite my best efforts) but I love the blue one. Fingers crossed for this one!


    Mary's Quilt - Inspired by this month's Lotto Block

    Mary started making blocks for the lotto . . . and 42 blocks later, ended up making this quilt top.  You can read about it on her blog, Quilting for Fun and Giving.

    She may still decide to join us this month, but if not this month . . . maybe next time ;-)

    Ps.  In case you're wondering how I'm posting with no DSL . . . I live a block away from the Library and can often pick up their free WiFi signal.   But I really ought to be finishing up the packing . . .

    I spy swap

    I'm hosting an I-Spy swap here and would love for you to participate if you are interested!  This is the second time I've done this swap, so I'm posting a picture of the quilt I made from the last swap--
    Take care, 
    Wendy Lee

    Monday, July 12, 2010

    Debbie's July Fireworks

    Debbie M

    I will be disconnected for a while

    My internet in Dallas will be canceled sometime after midnight tonight. My appointment for cable/internet in Austin is 10 days away.  (I should have called a LOT sooner than I did and I haven't yet received a call-back confirming when they'll be coming.)

    Worst case, I'll be checking mail and the blog from my iPhone in the meantime.  With luck, I'll be reconnected just in time to send out the SNEAK PEEK for August on July 24.  (I know, already ...)

    So, if I seem slow to respond or acknowledge, that's why.

    Starting to Piece Wonky Shoo Fly Blocks

    I am starting to put the blocks together for what will be my Wonky Shoo Fly quilt...

    There will be about half pieced blocks from the BlockLotto and half will be my Kona Cotton orange, purple, and green.

    I am going to be 'quilting in sections' so there will be little bars between the sections.

    I know this quilt was not done in segments, but it's the inspiration for my setting...

    I haven't decided yet whether to have these be one of the colors I'm already using (O, P, G), or if they will be red to match the thread that I think I am going to use for the quilting, or a charcoal or ash Kona.

    The back of each section will be the Kona Cotton too.

    Thanks again to everyone who sent me blocks!


    Three more baskets have arrived from Cathy in Anaheim. Nice blocks. Thank you.

    Baskets Away!

    My baskets are now in the mail for Rho and Pat!
    Enjoy the blocks, ladies.

    Sarah Vee
    in humid Espanola, ON - even with the rain today:)

    Sunday, July 11, 2010

    my fireworks!

    Not a lot of time this month,... but here are my FOUR!

    One more

    Found a fun scrap so had to do another fireworks block.

    re Tic TacToe

    I haven't figured out how to add a comment so am sending it this way. Your Tic Tac Toe top is delightful. I like the dark backgrounds with white crosses sprinkled around in the quilt.
    To help with some of your questions, I would suggest that you quilt it then bind it. If you plan to quilt in the sashing, you might like to try using a serpentine stitch if your machine has one. A quilter friend used it instead of a straight stitch and if you are trying to stitch along a seam ( in the ditch) it hides a multiple of "oops" I went off the line. It looks nice too. If you think that it needs more quilting after doing the sashing you might tie it in the blocks. That would certainly be secure enough to withstand lots of washing.
    I took a machine quilting class recently and the instructor suggested pinning the quilt layers well, press the backing and top well. Then to layer them tape them down on the edges to hold them taut then pin approximately 4" apart in the centre of the quilt and closer around the outside edges. A walking foot on the machine will help to feed the top layer and prevent bunching up pleats where you stitch over lines. It probably won't be needed if you don't use batting. Some machines have the walking foot built in. Remove the pins after you have quilted to make the whole thing lighter to handle. A hint I learned to help support the quilt, move your ironing board next to you and the sewing table and adjust it to the height of your table. It gives you more surface area beside you to hold the quilt as you are quilting. Practice on a few small pieces to get the hang of it and take your time. Don't forget to breath - we tend to hold our breath as we are trying to machine quilt - the instructor was right about that, I learned that from experience too. Happy quilting!

    Saturday, July 10, 2010

    More Liberated Blocks Rec'vd Today - - - -

    from Balinda W. in ME. Thank you very much!

    More Blocks Received July 10

    More fun blocks in the mail today!  It's so fun for me to see up close!  Love them all!
    June D--3  CA  (and a bit of extra fabric--thank you)
    Debra E--4  IN
    Caroline C--3  ND
    Michelle L--3  OK
    Kate N--2  UK
    Andi--1  AZ
    Thank you all so much!
    pattilou in UT

    Tic Tac Toe - January winnings progress

    Sorry for the poor picture, but I'm very excited - this is the nearly completed flimsy of my January 2010 Tic Tac Toe winnings. There's just one row of 7 purple blocks not yet set with sashing/cornerstones to add to one end.

    Don't look too closely - the cornerstones don't match. But that's fine with me.

    Once the last row is on, it makes it 7 blocks by 9 - but actually it needs to be 9 blocks by 9 blocks. So I need another two rows of blocks at each side - another 18 blocks. I'll probably do them in the same colours as the rows, but all with coloured backgrounds and white crosses. Or maybe I'll do a bit of lettering. Am undecided.

    I do want to ask some questions though - where's the best place to find out:

    1. I've got some cotton to use as the backing, but I'm not using batting as this quilt is going to be my bedcover which keeps my duvet cover free of cat hair (Ivor cat only trespasses on other furniture in the flat if he's banned from the bed, so he gets to sleep on the bed, I only have to worry about hair on the bed), so it'll be washed fortnightly/ weekly, so needs to be small enough to go into the machine, and to dry pretty quickly. I have loads of safety pins to use to baste the two layers together - and will probably just sew up & down the sashing lines to quilt it by machine, but do I add the binding before or after I've quilted it?

    2. How far apart do my quilting lines need to be? Do I need to quilt inside the blocks as well - bearing in mind there won't be any batting.

    3. Should I put the completed flimsy in the washing machine (a) before quilting (b) before binding or (c) after it's all completed?

    4. What else do I need to know that I don't know because it's the first time I've done any quiltmaking?

    Hopefully someone will be able to point me towards an idiot's guide to making the quilt bit to completion on the net!


    Blocks mailed Wednesday..

    Life has been crazy, so I forgot to post that I mailed blocks Wednesday. I see they have started arriving. Between broken cars, son working at camp having an orthodontist appointment (which meant two 90 mile round trips in one day, an out of town friend visiting, my mother starting to prepare to move, and my guild's quilt show next weekend (I'm in charge of hanging the quilts and the treasurer for the show) I am overwhelmed with things to do! Good thing I did July Asterisk blocks early! Add a day trip to Texas tomorrow to visit my brother (tomorrow). And 10 year old heading to camp Sunday...and the overabundance of rain we have been having destroying our wonderful dirt and gravel road. Stressed? Who? Me!! But for anyone in the vicinity of Norman, Oklahoma (just3-4 hours to DFW, TX or 3 to Wichita, KS) the quilt show is at the Cleavland County Fairgrounds on Robinson street in Norman. 10-6 on Friday, 9-5 on Saturday. Admission $5...hourly doorprize drawings. And a great raffle quilt (I helped make).

    Friday, July 9, 2010

    More Liberated Blocks Rec'vd Today - - - -

    Janet R. in NM
    Caroline C. in ND
    Michelle L. in OK and
    June D. in CA.

    Thanks ladies. All are beautiful blocks!
    P.S. Thank June for the extra!

    Happy Quilting to All!

    Wendy Lee's fireworks

    Boy, these were fun!  
    I hope I win, but if I don't, I think I'm going to do a quilt of these in red and cream.
    Sophie, is the top right one too fat?  If it is, I'll redo it.  
    I'm hoping to make some more before July 31.
    Love from Texas, y'all!


    Liberated baskets from Marilyn have arrived. Lovely fabrics choices used. Thank you.
    I hope your move goes well, Sophie. Moves can be stressful when packing up stuff, but at the same time fun on the other end in the new place deciding where everything is going to go. Best wishes to you both.

    Debbie's Fireworks

    Debbie E. sent this photo of two blocks to me a couple days ago . . .  I'm sorry for the delay in posting it.

    I am in frantic packing mode right now . . . and will be until I'm moved and settled in on the other side.

    Thursday, July 8, 2010

    june 2010 liberated baskets

    Baskets from Ginny have arrived. Thanks. I love the stripey fabric that you used in some of the baskets. Can't wait for more to arrive.

    Wednesday, July 7, 2010

    Blocks Sent from San Diego

    I just came back from the post office - each of the winners will receive 3 of the blocks I made.  The holiday messed up my schedule for going to the post office - sorry for the delay.

    My rotary cutter is acting weird - guess I need to get new blades - so I didn't trim up them all up completely just so it wouldn't be crooked for you.

    Looking forward to seeing any finishes with the baskets!

    : )

    Tuesday, July 6, 2010

    blocks hitting the road....

    Cory, your blocks are going in the mail tomorrow!  Wendy Lee

    Blocks Rec'vd Today - - - -


    Pat H - - - -- MI
    Mary Jane - -GA
    Ginnny - - - -NY
    Laura - - - - -GA and
    Cathy - - - - -CA

    Thank you all, these are all so pretty and all so different. Thank you ladies.

    So Excited!

    I took my new blocks to the sewing room and they shouted that they wanted to be joined with some bright blocks I'd been sewing yesterday.  I added a border to make the 6.5 inch blocks to 6.5 x 8.5.  This is how some of them look!  I'm saving some of the more subdued ones for the other idea I had, but this is going to work.  I'm thinking some kind of black/white sashing and little red squares inbetween that--dunno for sure, but these brights are working together, I think!  There's going to be 2 quilts from these blocks--and they will be so-o-o different!  The "holes" are where I still need to make some crumb blocks.

    Basket Blocks Received

    Wow the mailbox was full today!  Thanks to those who sent me their blocks:
    Since this is first time for me, I hope this is correct protocol to ackowledge these this way.
    I've got some ideas cookin' and anxious to start!---Just have a "grandson" project facing me and I'm not moving too fast on it!  *Pattilou*

    In the Mail

    Blocks to this months 3 winners are in the mail as of noon today! Have fun with all you winnings! Congrats! ** Caroline **

    Rho's Finished Quilt from Polka Dot Blocks

    There's a "firewall" between Rho and the blog right now, but she wanted to share the "final" photos of her quilt made from her December 2009 lotto winnings . . .  so she emailed me these photos.  She wrote:

    I wanted to show these "final" pics of my block lotto winnings to everyone.  I've have it quilted now, and it's on it's way to my sister for it's final rest, or home I should say. 

    A big thanx to all who sent me the blocks to complete this quilt.  It turned out well, if I may say so and my sister loved it when I first sent the pic to her.  I used every single block I was sent and I made an additional forty or so to complete the project.  A real team effort.

    Rho's finished Polka Dot quilt

    The perspective in this photo is interesting . . . because it was taken by her 4-year-old granddaughter.

    Honestly.  I was out in the backyard, where I usually am taking these pic, and she said "grandma", "grandma", let me take one - so I let her take one. And pic #1 is the result.  You'll notice the "vantage" point in pic # 1, is due to her height perspective.

    Rho's Polka Dot Quilt -- front and back Rho's Polka Dot Quilt - backing

    Rho's Polk Dot quilt folded

    I uploaded these photos to my Flickr photostream, clicking any of them will take you to the flickr photo page with options for seeing larger images.

    Thanks for sharing with us, Rho, and congratulations on this finish.