Saturday, December 31, 2011

Another Challenge is coming ...

I will be moving the Block Lotto blog to a new home in 2012.  I know that change is hard for almost all of us (me included), but I think it will be a positive change and worth it ... for all of us.

It won't happen right away, so continue to post here.  It's going to take some time and effort, because:
  • I want to bring all we have here with us here.
  • It will take some time and effort for me to explore and learn a whole new bumch of templates, gadgets and plugs
  • I want to get things close to "right" as I can before we move to make the change as easy for all of us as possible when we make the leap.
In the meantime, as part of moving all your posts, in order to keep all the authors on those posts,  If you have ever posted here, I will be setting you up as a contributor or an author in the new environment.   Because our new home doesn't have the same restrictions that we keep bumping into here and  everyone should be able to become an author.  If you have been posting via email and would like to continue to do so,  you will be able to do that, too.

I plan to use the same name as you have used on Blogger.  If you would like to a DIFFERENT user name, please let me know.  Because it only has to be unique in our area,  especially if you have a common name, you may have more options on our new Block Lotto site.

Why the Rules Matter

Andrews recent experience with his red and white blocks, my own experience of working with some (not from the lotto) swap blocks in making my Christmas quilt and a couple of emails from recent winners have reminded me to remind you of a couple of rules and explain why they matter.

  1. PRE-WASH ALL FABRICS YOU USE FOR LOTTO BLOCKS  I know many quilters trust in the quality of the fabrics they buy and don't pre-wash for their own quilt projects.  I will confess that for my first few years as a quilter, I didn't either. Unfortunately,  sometimes, even name brand, pricey fabrics will RUN.  If you don't put them through the wash, how will you know?  I speak from recent personal experience when I say it's heart-breaking when fabrics from even one block RUN . . .  and can ruin an otherwise wonderful quilt. 
  2. MEASURE YOUR BLOCKS  The Block Lotto is a newbie-friendly activity and there is a bit of wiggle room, but your blocks should be within 1/4 inch of the specified block size.  In 2012, all of our blocks will be 9 1/2 inches (to finish at 9 inches when sewn into a quilt) which means your blocks must measure between 9 1/4 inch and 9 3/4 inch -- no more, no less.  If you send a too small block, you make it IMPOSSIBLE for the winner who receives it to use in a straight setting (no sashing).  Cutting down every other block to match yours is often NOT  possible because of the block pattern) If your block is too large, cutting it down to fit may mean cutting off points or otherwise creating a block that will look different than the rest.
  3. CHECK YOUR SEAMS Regardless of the pattern or technique you use, all your seams should be very close to 1/4 inch.  In my Christmas quilt, I didn't re-check the seams of the blocks I received in a block swap and truly regretted it when, as I was quilting the last round of blocks around the outside edge and noticed that a seam in the last block had pulled out because someone had sent me a block with a half-square triangle that had almost NO seam allowance.  I had already quilted around three sides of the block, so fixing it was no treat.  Unfortunately I know that some lotto blocks have been sent with seams like this, too.  Consider what's going to happen when a block like that is sewn into a quilt, perhaps stretched  into a quilting frame (or stretched by a quilter like me who is shoving a big quilt through and around a small home sewing machine) ... and, if it survives the quilting, will be going through washer and dryer many times in it's lifetime.  Check your seams and don't send a block that will not last.
  4. FOLLOW THE BLOCK GUIDELINES I usually try to push the guidelines in the blocks I make for the lotto and create those "edge case" blocks to see if they will work. As quilters, many (most) of us don't always color within the lines, but for the Block Lotto, it's important that you stay within the guidelines for fabric, color and block pattern. I like the way my Christmas quilt came out, but ... it was SUPPOSED to be a sampler.  Swappers signed up to make specific blocks and then about half of them sent something else.  So when I received my blocks, about half of them were the easiest block on the list and the rest were a selection of others.  As a sampler, it didn't work.  As a non-sampler, it didn't work.  I ended up taking apart and remaking half the blocks so I ended up with two block patterns.  I think it is successful now, but as a swap experience, it was a complete fail--do you suppose that's why I haven't participated in a block swap since? 
The winners are almost always thrilled with the blocks they receive, but rule-breaking blocks really do tarnish the glow. Let's all resolve to only enter good (and rule-abiding) lotto blocks in 2012 ... and beyond.

Friday, December 30, 2011

Red and White

Here is my finished red and white quilt!  I copied the layout from a post by Prayerful Threads.

I'm really pleased with how my black and white binding turned out.

A word of warning to anyone who won the red and white D4P blocks and hasn't yet washed them... they bleed!  I know Sophie has warned us before to at least throw a color catcher in the wash with the quilt the first time you wash it, but did I listen?  NOOOOOO!  I didn't listen.  Am I sorry?  YESSSS!  I did some reading online and discovered that Dawn Ultra Dish Washing Liquid does a pretty good job of trapping dye.  So I applied Dawn directly to the spots that bled and washed the quilt multiple times.  (Just be sure you don't use more than about 3 tablespoons in a load or you'll have a lot of suds.)  I did eventually get most of the red out.

Now that it is finished I'm going to give it to my partner's mom for Christmas.  Luckily we weren't doing Christmas with his family until next week, or I wouldn't have had the binding finished in time.  Hope she likes it!   -Andrew

Trips received

Corrine, your blocks arrived earlier this week, I just forgot to post about it.  Thanks so much!

Better Photos of your wonderful gift

I will come back later and add information about all the blocks and who made them (thanks to the wonderful list that was enclosed with the quilt), but here is the quilt, on my design wall:

Block Lotto Community Quilt

The photos still aren't perfectly square--though the quilt DEFINITELY IS--but you can see how all the wonderful blocks look together. 

More Squishies

Thank you to Andra, Kim, Krista, Shannan and Vicki - your blocks have all arrived safely.  I cant believe there are so many yummy fabrics that I have never seen!

I am making myself get rid of a few UFOs while I wait for Gwen's package,  and then I will allow myself to play with these lovely blocks.  Thank you to all, and I wish everyone on BL a very happy New Year


Thursday, December 29, 2011

Are you ready for a (little) Challenge

Sophie's Sample BlockThis is a slightly modified version of a block I found on the site, called Eclipse which will be our January 2012 lotto block. We're changing the directions to make a smaller block (9 1/2 inches, to finish in the quilt at 9 inches).

The two challenges you may find in this block are working with templates and sewing curves.

You can download the directions for the Eclipse quilt from the free patterns at the bottom of this page: FunQuilts Patterns & Kits

You'll also be able to see their setting and just how cool these blocks will look together ;-) 


IN STEP 1. OF THE CUTTING DIRECTIONS, CUT THE LARGE SQUARE 9 1/2 inches (instead of 11 1/14 inches) 

This is a free pattern with materials and cutting directions for making a quilt.  For each block you'll need 2 squares of fabric, approximately 10"square of bright background and an 8" square of light for the arc.

NOTE: The templates on the bottom half of page 2 must be printed (or enlarged) at 200%.  I took mine to a copy shop because my printer at home doesn't print on "tabloid" sized paper (11 x 17 inches in the US).

UPDATE: Kristin enlarged and re-arranged the Eclipse templates so that they are printable on "Letter" (8 1/2 by 11 inches in the US) paper--one template per page--and ready to use. You can download them using these links:

Template A
Template B
Template C


The colorway for January is BRIGHT + LIGHT.

The background should be bright, bold fabrics.

The arc should be a fabric with a LIGHT value. Please NO whites or creams.  Your light fabric should have some color.

They may be solids, tone-on-tone prints or multicolor prints that are predominately ONE color. Please do NOT use "made" fabrics (sewn from small pieces) for the lotto block this month. Your bright + light fabrics do not have to be the same color. They can be light and dark values of the same color or interesting fabric combinations.


You may make a maximum of 9 blocks.  If you make multiple blocks, you may use the same fabric in up to three blocks, as long as the fabric combination (bright + light) is unique in each block.  So, you could make the maximum 9 blocks from as few as 3 brights plus 3 lights, combining each bright with each light for 9 unique fabric combinations. 

Let's wait until January 1, 2012 to post photos of our Eclipse blocks.  When you post, please use these labels for your posts:

eclipse - for block photos and discussion related to the block
eclipse-sent - for posts about mailing your blocks
eclipse-received - for posts from the winners about receiving your blocks


I will have set up a group on Flickr called Eclipse Lotto Blocks and will post directions on how to join, upload and crop photos and add them to the group sometime this weekend.

Here are my first four blocks on the design wall:


While the FunQuilts directions are very good, I wanted to add a couple of notes of my own.  I like templates to have a little bit more substance and there are a few ways to do that.  To make really long-lasting templates, you can trace them onto template plastic.  You can print or copy them onto card stock, or take the printed copy and glue it to card stock or lightweight cardboard.   Cereal boxes or other package materials work pretty well.  Guess who had a tamale craving and bought packaged tamales recently?

Of course, I will be using them like this:
Use Templates right side up

For this set of templates it doesn't matter if you use them right side up or not because they are symmetrical, but it's good to practice always using them right side up . . .  because in the future you might be using templates that all need to be right side up to work together.

You might find it easier to follow along the edges of these curves (without cutting your templates) by using a rotary cutter with a smaller blade.  If you have one of these, this is a good project to use them:

Smaller blades make following curves easier 

You could even use the template to draw the curved lines with a colored pencil or marking pen and CUT it with scissors ... believe it or not, quilts used to be made just like that--using cereal box templates and scissors :-)

When sewing the curves, you may find that you don't like all the pins suggested by the directions. If you cut precisely using the templates, every will match up.  Personally, I carefully lined up the beginning and end and used one pin at the center of the curve and that worked for me. Your mileage may differ ...

O! M! G!

You all are pretty great at keeping secrets.

I will sit down and read all the cards and notes after I post this (and I promise better photos soon, too), but I had to let you know that your wonderful gift arrived.

I had no idea what could be waiting for me at the post office.  The clerk suggested I had a "secret admirer".  If ONLY he knew what was inside the box.

Lotto Block Sampler 

The cats are VERY excited about the new quilt, too. Johnny was ready to jump in the box with it before it was unpacked and here they are checking out the other side.  For some reason, there was one spot they both found VERY interesting ;-)

Lotto Block Sampler - Side 2 

Soon afterward, they were playing some kind of kitty version of "king of the mountain" and fighting over it. 

NO ONE has ever made a quilt for me. I can't tell you how much it means. With my chemical sensitivity issues flaring up and losing my job, it has been a tough holiday for me. You ALL have created a beautiful, happy ending to 2011 for me.   Thank you.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

a combination of blocks...

The hearts were won in February, the flowers are made from the violet flower block last summer. I love the way they work together.
I have more hearts! I am making a sister quilt like this one, only a little different.

I am really looking forward to a January block. Julie P.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Hello Everyone.  Sorry I did not post earlier but got busy with Christmas.  Hope everyone had a nice Christmas.  I have received all of the foreign blocks from Celine, Kate N, Laurina and Vivi.  I am still waiting on the 3 blocks from Andrew.   I have made 6 more to make my quilt 6 across and 7 down.  Hope to have a picture of it to show soon.

Thanks to everyone and happy sewing. Debra

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Trip blocks received

Blocks received yesterday, 24th Dec, from Wendi (Winola) Irons in Galt, CA.  Thank you very much, lovely colours! Took 22 days to get here but so worth the wait!!!!  Thanks again.  Very best wishes for Christmas and all the best for 2012 to all Block Lotto-ers and their families.
Jo in Oman

Saturday, December 24, 2011

IT'S HERE....IT'S HERE !!!!!!

Thanks soooo much GWEN!!!!! Your little package just arrived, all safe and sound! I now have all of my blocks and I will have fun opening all of my block lotto winnings in the morning! I'm excited and can't wait!!




I fell in love with the Violet Blocks in August, so when my daughter asked for a flower quilt, I was eager to get started!  Now that I have finished some high priority projects, I am having fun with violets again.
 I decided to use 3 sizes: 12 inch, 8 inch and 4 inch.  Kendra helped pick out a variety of fabrics.  I have the large ones done, and below are the tiny pieces for the small ones.
Merry Christmas!
Andi in Arizona

Blocks received and Merry Christmas to All!

My blocks from Linda arrived yesterday.  That makes 34 blocks safely here and then the ones from Angela whenever life lets up and gives her room to breathe.  I'm still praying for Angela's dear daughter.  And wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Cyndi has all blocksI

We came home from our Arizona-New Mexico journey a little early - it's unseasonably cold so we decided we'd rather be comfy in our home instead of our RV.  We picked up the mail, and ALL the scrappy trips that were on their way to me have arrived.  I'm looking forward to playing with layouts and sewing them together. It'll be fun!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Belinda Has Received Blocks

I have received my squishie package from TERRY in California! I still haven't opened any of them yet. I am saving them for Christmas. I'm kind of afraid I might not have anything to open Christmas morning! HA!!

The only ones I am waiting for are from Gwen in Novia Scotia, I know she mailed them on the 6th of Dec. They just haven't made it here yet, maybe soon!


p.s. Has anyone else noticed a problem/difference in your blogger post page. The only selections I have are to check my a photo and to preview????

Monday, December 19, 2011

Block received

June, your lovely block arrived at it's new home in Oklahoma today.  Thank you!

Blocks received

Andrew, your blocks came today.  Thanks so much!

Only one more set to arrive then I can start to play with layouts!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Scrappy trip block

Today I received 3 blocks from Kathy, East Canton; Pat, Upland, CA and Rhonda in Missouri City, Texas.  Thank you ladies all, the blocks are gorgeous, beautifully stitched and great colours.  Thank you for your prompt posting and thoughtfully wrapped parcels.  I am going to get a design wall put up sometime this week and will start to play with the blocks I have so far.  Seasons greetings to you all. Jo

Lovely Squishy Post

I came home yesterday to a lovely pile of squishies - thanks to Cathy Ann, Celine, Debra and Kate - your packages have arrived safely.

Thanks to all - and Merry Christmas to everyone on Block Lotto


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Blocks from "Down-Under"

I have received my Scrappy trips blocks from both Cathy C. and Sue.  Thank you Ladies. they look great on the design wall with the rest.  Back to my Christmas sewing now...

Poll Results - Quilting in December

Here's the results of our poll. What's your December quilting project?
Personally, I realized that  I've done a little bit of "all of the above" ... and not as much as Block Lotto blog projects as expected–since most of you consistently remind me, if it ain't broke, I don't need to fix it, I'm not feeling too bad about my lack of productivity ... but I DO need to get busy and make some January sample blocks, so that after the holidays, I'll be ready for Block Lotto 2012.

Friday, December 16, 2011

More Trips received

I have now received all my trip blocks. The latest to arrive were from Pat H and Kelly. Thank you to all who sent blocks to me. Everyone must have been on the ball this month.

Trips coming your way!

Finally got my blocks in the mail to Ellie and Jo!

Scrappy Trip on Way from San Diego

I went to post office today and sent my one block to Oklahoma.  I'm hoping it will become part of a great quilt!

: )

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Received from Liz

Just received the October blocks from Liz. I love them!! Thank you and Merry Christmas
Janet H

Susan's Magical Forest

I was a winner of these beautiful trees [and an equal number that were black with colored background].  These were made into a gift quilt [45" x 53"] for my quilting bee Secret Sister, and I'll give it to her tonight.

I look on it as a Magical Forest which you can tell stories about.  How do you get across the river?  What do you want to explore.  What adventures could each tree hold within it?  Is that your little house, or does someone, something else live there?

Hope my Secret Sister has a place to enjoy this!

Sara Homeyer

Mary's Blocks received

Mary, your blocks arrived yesterday.  I think 2 days is pretty fast to travel from WA to OH at this time of year!  Thanks so much.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trip blocks received

Yesterday I got the 2 lovely blocks from Barbara in Florida.  They are gorgeous colours and thank you again for your prompt posting and great blocks.  Seasons greetings from Oman, Jo

Do NOT open any strange links from me

My email account has been hacked.  (Google says it was accessed by someone in Poland).  Apparently *I* sent emails containing various links (some to a polish web site ending in .PL) to everyone *I* know.

I don't know what it is, but it can't be good.  PLEASE delete the message and do NOT open the link.

I have updated my password and crossed my fingers that the problem is resolved.

Scrappy trips finally mailed

My apologies to those waiting for blocks from me - they were finally mailed on Monday (so Benta, you may have yours by now) - the other two should be with you within a week or two, I hope. No excuse for being late, other than it's just been one of those weeks (or more to the point - two or three!).

Disappearing Four Patch from Block Lotto winnings

Hi Ladies
Several months back I won blocks from the Lotto. Following that I did a red/white charm swap with some ladies. I decided to incorporate them into a quilt for my Mom's Christmas gift. It has been completed for a few months now but have had the worst time with my computer & camera lately. Anyway, here it is - it is queen size and all hand quilted. I think she will love it.

Thank you ladies for helping me create this for a wonderful gift. And thanks Sophie for this blog.

More Trips Received

I have received two more parcels over the last two days- one from Cathy C and the other from Laura. Thank you both - I cant wait to get started on putting these together.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My scrappy trip top

I just finished sewing the border on a scrappy trip I've been working on for awhile now, and although I've posted it on my own blog (BrooklynQuilter) I thought I'd post it here also to inspire the lucky winners of the scrappy trip blocks this month. This block is fun because there are so many different layouts you can create with it. I was worried that it looked unfinished as just scrappy trip blocks, so I made the zig zag border to pull it together. Congratulations again to the winners. And Sophie, I hope you are having a nice and well-deserved month off!

Trips revceived

Block's came from Kathy in OH yesterday.  Thanks so much!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Scrappy Trips Mailed

My package of two Scrappy Trips were mailed to Ellie today.  Sorry for the delay in getting them mailed. Hope you make something pretty with all of them. Please post you quilt when you get it put together.  Merry Christmas to all of my Block Lotto Friends!  I'm loving my Red and White D4P quilt.  It works for the Christmas season right through Valentines Day.   Mary C in WA

Kristin's Trips - All Received

I received the rest of my blocks today!  Pat A-S’s came on Saturday and Joan, Kathy & Pat H arrived today!

Joan also sent a bunch of extra strips, Thanks Joan.

I'm totally impressed that it's not even the middle of the month and I have all my blocks.  Thank you so much!

Now, as soon as finish my Christmas gifts, I get to play with these!

·                     Barbara (3) - sent 12/2 - rec'd 12/5
·                     Cathy S (3) - sent 12/5 - rec'd 12/9
·                     Joan (4) – rec’d 12/12
·                     Kathy(3) - sent 12/9  - rec’d 12/12
·                     Laura (4) - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
·                     Pat A-S (2) - sent 12/6 rec’d 12/10
·                     Pat H (3) - sent 12/9 – rec’d 12/12
·                     Rho (4) - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
·                     Sara (3) - sent 12/3 rec'd 12/5 {thanks for the extra strips!}
·                     Wendi (3) - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
·                     Karin (4) - sent 12/5 rec’d 12/7

Trips on their way

My scrappy trips are on their way to Benta and Cyndi.  Sorry for the delay, but I finally got my act together and packaged them up this morning.  Cyndi, yours might get there before Christmas but it's hard to say.  I think I caught the 'last mailing date before Christmas', but I"m not sure.  Benta, I suspect the cross-Atlantic time means you won't see them until January at this point. 


Trip blocks

Received  two 'Trip' blocks today from Beatrice in France.  They are beautiful and I look forward to making up the quilt top with them all.  Thank you for your prompt posting and for the lovely blocks.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Three More Trips Received

Thank you to Helen, Julie P and Sara - your parcels arrived today. Sara included three extra strips which I will include in the extra blocks I will be making.

Curved Rails

So I've finished piecing the top of the curved rails that I won in September.  I was going to wait to share it until I'd finished it entirely, but I couldn't wait.  (I am going to wait to share the quilt I'm making from the disappearing 4 patch that I won earlier in the year.  I'm almost done with it!)  Anyway here is the top.  You can read more about how I hope to quilt it and my practice runs at doing so, on my blog: Quilt Evolution.  Let me know what you think!

Trips sent (from Pat K)

Sent trips to Jo and Ellie on Dec.5th. I want to also congratulate
all the lucky winners. Can't wait to see what you make with these
beautiful blocks.
Happy Holidays to all blocklotto-ites!!
Pat K from Upland CA

Saturday, December 10, 2011

more blocks received

Coralie, your blocks came today.  Thanks so much!

Belinda has Received Blocks

Today I received blocks from KIM and ANDREA!!

Getting squishies in the mail every other day is most fun!!!


Friday, December 9, 2011

Belinda Has Received Blocks

Today I received my trip blocks from....NAN.....Cathy Ann and Shannon!

I still haven't opened any of my squishies yet. I'm still thinking about putting them under my tree for Christmas!!! It's soooo hard though, I have 5 squishy pkgs. sitting here begging me to open them!



Kristin's Trips Received Updated 12/9

received 3 lovely block from Cathy S today.  Looks like all but one set are making their way towards me.  Yeah! 

- Thank you.

Here's my list:

·                     Barbara (3) - sent 12/2 - rec'd 12/5
·                     Cathy S (3) - sent 12/5 - rec'd 12/9
·                     Joan (4) - 
·                     Kathy(3) - sent 12/9
·                     Laura (4) - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
·                     Pat A-S (2) - sent 12/6
·                     Pat H (3) - sent 12/9
·                     Rho (4) - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
·                     Sara (3) - sent 12/3 rec'd 12/5 {thanks for the extra strips!}
·                     Wendi (3) - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
·                     Karin (4) - sent 12/5 rec’d 12/7


Hello, I made a mistake earlier it is not rails it should have been trips-received. Debra



Good day for squishes.  I received pretty blocks from Kathie, Sharon, Laura and Irene.

Thanks to everyone, Debra

Scrappy Trips from Kathy in Ohio

Today I mailed scrappy trip blocks from Ohio to:
Kristin in OR
Ellie in OH
Jo in Oman
Congrats to all of the winners!
Happy holidays, everybody!

Went to the post office

and mailed Scrappy Trips blocks to Belinda.  Enjoy!

~Andi in Arizona

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Blocks In the Mail

My blocks to Debra in Texas and Cyndi in California went out yesterday.  (I would have let you know yesterday, but we had no internet).  I hope you have fun playing with the blocks!



I received Qty 4 very pretty blocks from Tina today. 

Thanks very much, Debra


My blocks to Kristen in Oregon, Jo in Oman, and Maree in New Zeeland, all took flight today.  Enjoy them ladies!

The lady at the post office had never heard of the Sultanate of Oman.  Jo, guessing by your very western name, are you living/working there as an expat?  We lived in KSA (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia) for about 15 years.  Loved it.

Quilty hugs,
Pat Harrell
Pat from FL & MI

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My last Sampler block has arrived

Thankyou Neaya for sending your beautiful block across the seas to me. This makes a full set plus an extra gift to use as a label on the back. Thankyou everyone for such lovely blocks.
Hugs Sue in Western Australia

Scrappy Trips from CathyC posted to NZ & USA

Hi there!
my scrappy trips to Maree & Michelle are in the mail ;-)

Enjoy ladies!

Trips Received

Thanks to Caroline, Sue and Laurina who included a cute extra block. I am surprised how quickly the blocks from Australia and the US have arrived. Laurina's blocks had a much shorter journey.

Kristin's Trips Received Updated 12/7

My mail arrives between 8 and 9 in the morning, which is awesome if I’m expecting something, not so awesome if I want to mail something.

I braved the 30 degree morning to walk the 1/4 mile to the mailbox and back.

My mailbox had 4 beautiful blocks from Karin.  Thanks so much Karin!

Seven days into the month and 70% of my blocks are in the mail or have made it to me! 

Here's my list:

·                     Barbara (3) - sent 12/2 - rec'd 12/5
·                     Cathy S (3) - sent 12/5 - 
·                     Joan (4) - 
·                     Kathy(3) - 
·                     Laura (4) - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
·                     Pat A-S (2) - sent 12/6
·                     Pat H (3) -
·                     Rho (4) - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
·                     Sara (3) - sent 12/3 rec'd 12/5 {thanks for the extra strips!}
·                     Wendi (3) - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
·                     Karin (4) - sent 12/5 rec’d 12/7

Thanks so much!

Curved Rails Quilt done!

I finished the quilt made with the curved rail blocks that I won.  I found a couple of large pieces of batik in my mom's stash that worked well for the backing.  I quilted in a freehand, edge to edge design I'm calling sun spiral meander using "Blue Moon" Essentials Pro thread.  I couldn't find a batik in the stash that worked for binding,, so I used a marbled print with a dark blue background.  Thank you again to all who made these blocks .  I think they made a wonderful quilt....and hope my sister likes it.  It will be going in the mail to her on Friday!

Blocks received

Ginny, your blocks came yesterday.  They all look so nice, and thanks for the extra block!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Trips sent

I sent the SCRAPPY TRIPS to CA and England today!


Scrappy Trips ~

Congratulations to all you winners this month, these scrappy quilts are gonna shine! My four blocks are on their way from one California address to another. Here they  come, Cyndi ~




I received Qty 4 pretty blocks from Mary Jane today.

Thank you very much, Debra

trips mailed

Christmas Greetings to all. May your family and home be surrounded by peace and joy this Christmas Season.
My trips were mailed today. Apologies to Benta. The Canada Post Office officials told me it could take up to 3 months to get there. Apparently they need to travel across the ocean by boat.
Maybe with more parcels, etc things will happen a bit faster. Only time will tell.
The USA mailings should move a lot faster.
Happy quilting folks, I'm anxious to see the finished results.

Gwen (Musicmama)

Its In The Mail...

My two "Scrappy Trips" left Oregon for Texas and a new home with Belinda today. Enjoy all your trips, Belinda, both scrappy and Earthly!
Cheers, Nan

Scrappy Trips Sent

Scrappy Trips on their way from El Paso, Texas to Debra in Quinlan, Texas.

Block to Debra

I've mailed Debra's block today. May it get to you quickly. Kathie L in Allentown

Scrappy Trips received....

  Big mail day! My kids went to the mailbox and handed me the mail saying I had quilt blocks........from Caroline, Janet, Julie P.,Kelly, Laura, and Sara. Thanks everyone.  The blocks are lovely! I let DS, age 11 open the mail and put the blocks up on the design wall....He is getting a scrappy trips quilt for Christmas, but not the lotto winnings.

trips mailed

Congrats to the November winners!! 
my trips are on their way to
  • belinda in TX
  • Benta in England
  • cyndi in CA
i also want to share my curved rail quilt. i liked the idea of the quilt so much , i made my own! i made the entire quilt (except the outer border) from my own batik stash....needless to say, i am a bit of a batik nut...

it measures 104" x 112" and i named it "wiggles"

shannon b in GA
pieceful kwilter


blocks went out to Jo, Ellie, and Debra this morning. Congrats to all the winners!
Laura E. (ellison01)

What if you could extend the virtual quilt?

Most months, I take the photos that I receive via email from the sneak peekers who make blocks early, crop them to create virtual blocks, upload them to Flickr and use them to make a virtual quilt, which is included in the first-of-the-month announcement post.

What if non-early bird quilters could add their blocks to the pool of virtual blocks?  Here's how this could work.  Anyone at anytime who makes lotto blocks could upload their individual block photos to Flickr and add them to a Flickr group pool. 

As an example, I set up a Flickr group called Scrappy Trips Lotto Blocks and added all the photos I had of sneak peek blocks to the group pool.  To add your blocks, here's what you would have to do:
  1. If you don't already have a Flickr account, join Flickr. The free account is pretty fully functioned, unless, as I did a few years ago, you take hundreds of photos at a major quilt show and want to upload them all at once ;-)
  2. Upload individual block photos of your blocks.  You want them to be cropped so that the image is square and only the block itself shows.  If you don't have an easy way to edit them on your computer (or phone), you can edit them after they have uploaded to Flickr, but choosing the option "Edit Photo in Picnik" from the Actions pick list. 
  3. Go to the Scrappy Trips Lotto Blocks group page at and join the group.
  4. On the group page, click the Group Pool link to see all the photos added so far and the option to add photos.  Follow the directions to add your virtual blocks. 
As I type out the steps, it looks like a lot of effort, but once you've done it a couple times, it's actually pretty quick and easy (which is why I keep using Flickr for the lotto blocks.

Anyway, I thought I'd set up a pool for last months blocks in case anyone want to play around with it and see what you think. It really would be cool to see ALL (or most) of the blocks from the month on a single page. 

Even if your blocks are already there (because they were part of the virtual quilt), feel free to add them yourself to see how things work.

Trips sent to Debra

Three scrappy trips are winging their way to Debra.

Three Patch Rectangle Quilt Finished

I have just finished this throw made up from the blocks I won in June.  I have backed it with purple fleece and it is a lovely and cosy - so much so that my husband has bagged it!  I'm really pleased as it is the first quilt he has actually wanted.  Maybe the fact that we have snow and no central heating at the moment has something to do with it........

Trips -Sent

These two scrappy trips are on their way to Kristin.  We've just had our first snow so they may feel a bit chilly!

Trips Sent

Belinda, Benta and Cyndi,

Your blocks are on their way to you.

Happy December Special Happenings to all and Happy Quilting,

Cathy Ann

Monday, December 5, 2011

Belinda Has Received Blocks

Yep, I have received my blocks from Debra and Julie W.......Thanks ladies!

I haven't opened them yet, I was thinking of putting all my squishies under the Christmas tree
and opening them all at once. Ha! Seriously, is that crazy? Would anybody care? I might not be able to stand it for that long!!!


p.s. Hi Sophie, I was wondering why maybe my blog post isn't showing up on the sidebar of the Lotto's blogroll......?????, I know, it just hit me as I typed this out.....I bought my brown dirt cottage domain name and now I am a dot com instead of blogspot, so maybe that may need to be changed on the blog roll list. Thanks!!

Kristin's Trips Received

My mailbox was full of beautiful blocks today!

Here's my list:

  • Barbara - sent 12/2 - rec'd 12/5
  • Cathy S- sent 12/5 - 
  • Joan - 
  • Kathy - 
  • Laura - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
  • Pat A-S - 
  • Pat H - 
  • Rho - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
  • Sara - sent 12/3 rec'd 12/5 {thanks for the extra strips!}
  • Wendi - sent 12/2 rec'd 12/5
  • Karin - sent 12/5 

Thanks so much!
 - Kristin
Sew Chaos, Sew Crazy, Sew Wonderful

Sent to Debra

Shipped four scrappy trips to Debra tonight.  The lobby of my post office is open 24 hours a day, so I went in to use the automated postal machine after 8pm.  It was so strange being the only one there!

Blocks received

I got blocks from Janet, Mary Jane, Christa, and Rho in today's mail.  Thanks so much ladies!   I haven't made many bed sized quilts yet so the blocks I won this months should easily turn into a twin sized quilt to put on the spare bed in my son's room.

trips -sent

Just a note to let Kristin know I am mailing your trip blocks this afternoon! 
  ...cathy s.  (anaheim, CA)

Scrappy trips sent by Laurina

Debra and Maree - your blocks were dropped in the post today. Maree should see them later this week (do not even need to cross any water, very rare from NZ) ; Debra's should arrive next week.

scrappy trips off to Kristin

the 4 blocks I made are off to Kristin today :)

All Have Arrived

The last of the curved rail blocks have now arrived.  Thanks Linnea.  Now, I have the fun of putting these beautiful blocks together.  Thank you, everyone.
Janet S

Blocks posted

I sent my blocks to Maree and Michelle today. Congratulations to all the winners.

pineapple blossoms are a top...

The blocks I won are in a top and it will be going to the quilter real soon.
So there is time to think about.....
What color binding???
Julie P.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

November blocks - and an introduction

     My name is Karin and I am new to block lotto.  I blog at Quilt Frenzy - and I am excited to be a part of this group.  I am a happily married 40-something year old mother of 2 boys (20 and almost-18).  I live in NW Washington, and I work from home sewing custom hats.
     Anyhow, I did make 4 blocks for the November lotto - but I wasn't able to get to the blog in time to enter them in the lotto before the deadline.  I still am going to pick one of the winners to send them to though.  It will just be a surprise I guess :)  Here is my pic of the 4 blocks I did (on my bed with my argyle quilt under them):
edited to add: I picked Kristin to send my blocks to because I follow her blog and she's only one state away from me :)

November scraps

2 blocks posted Saturday for Debra. Good Luck with the quilt.
I wish all Block Lotto members A Merry Christmas.


Hello Everyone,

Blocks are on their way to Benta and Belinda.  I want to thank everyone for their beautiful blocks I will be receiving.  I will let you know as they arrive to my house.

Happy Sewing, Debra

Saturday, December 3, 2011

The eagle is posting!

Thanks so much to Sophie for giving us this fab block, and to luck or fate or whatever for me being a winner. I'm having a great time in Australia (and for today have wifi, hence posting here today!) but I am looking forward to coming home to lots of squishes. My body is still suffering with the effect of 'time travel' - tired in the day, awake at night! But I'm hoping to wake up enough to look for some fabric shops LOL. Thanks again, and congrats to the other winners

Blocks on their way to Benta and Debra

I have posted Benta and Debra's blocks today. Benta's blocks should be there very soon hopefully so she should find them when she's back. Debra's blocks should take about a week to reach her but it is less predictable at this time of year....
Celine in UK

trips mailed

I sent my 4 blocks off to Belinda this morning!

Julie Wa

trips sent

Two Trip blocks are on their way to Ellie. Congratulations! I hope you
enjoy receiving and making something with all of the colourful blocks.
Merry Christmas.


blocks mailed

Maree and Michelle, your blocks went in the mail yesterday!
Julie P

Friday, December 2, 2011

Blocks mailed


I mailed your block today. Congratulations!

Christa in VA

Scrappy Trips Sent

I mailed my block to Maree today.  The post office said it should arrive in 5 to 7 days.

Congratulations on winning!

Merry Christmas,
Helen Wahl

Nov blocks sent

Maree & Michelle,
I mailed your blocks today!

Blocks are in the mail

I mailed my blocks off today.  One envelope went to Oman and the other two envelopes went to the ladies on that same line.

November blocks mailed today to...

  • Kristen
  • Maree
  • Michelle
Laura R

Scrappy Trips Blocks from Angela C.

This message is for Michelle Lynch.....I will send your blocks to you as soon as possible.
Sophie...I am postin this because I am in the hospital with our 12 yr. old daughter who has been diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Luekemia. We are scheduled to spend another 2 weeks here before the possibility to go home, we have already been here for 7 days. Anyways, I will send them as soon as I get home and get them packed. Also, i would greatly appreciate it if you all would prya for our little girl. Her name is Heaven. Thank you Sophie and to all of you other quilters. May you all have awonderful CHRISTmas.

Trips sent

In the mail today for Jo and Kristin.....:)

blocks from rho and kelly have been shipped!

If you're due to receive blocks from Kelly and I, they're on the way!

Make somethin' pretty!

Sending tomorrow

because my back is too bad to leave the house today.

Michelle - your blocks are coming.
Maree - your blocks are coming.
Kristin - your blocks are coming.

I included three extra strips to add variety to your home selection in case you need to make a few more blocks for your quilt top.

Sara Homeyer
Ada, MI