Wednesday, September 30, 2009

September Recap

Archiving our September 2009 Experience:

  • Caroline - 8
  • Celine - 4
  • Debbie - 4
  • Diana - 3
  • Ginny - 8 - Winner #1 (48 blocks)
  • Jana - 9
  • Jewel - 5 *** newbie ***
  • Jill - 9
  • Kate - 9 (donated chances)
  • Kristin - 7
  • Laura - 9 - Winner #3 (31 blocks)
  • Linnea - 6
  • Lisa - 5
  • Louise - 2
  • Marie - 3
  • Mary Jane - 9 - Winner #2 (48 blocks)
  • Rho - 9
  • Shelley - 9
  • Sylvia - 9

September Winners!

Hi all - apologies for being a little late with this month's winners, but Sophie's bug and our time difference and my going to bed before midnight for once in my life conspired to mean I didn't get her email until this morning :)

Anyway, I have now been to our friendly random number generator (funny enough, the first time, two of the random numbers were the same - 94 - I've never had that happen before!) and our three winners are, in order:

winner no 1 - receives 48 blocks - Ginny
winner no 2 - receives 48 blocks - Mary Jane
winner no 3 - receives 31 blocks - Laura

Congratulations, ladies - I hope you enjoy your blocks. And now over to Sophie to do the hard part of sorting out who sends to where...

My September blocks

Last minute stars

I have managed another 2 stars tonight but this will be all for me this month (4 in total with the 2 I had posted about a week or so ago).
Fingers crossed until tomorrow now!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Asian Stars

I was able to get 3 blocks done. I was hoping for more but who am I kidding! Just wanted to let whoever wins know that my blocks will be mailed Monday Oct 5th. I am having a baby on Thursday the 1st and wont be home until the weekend. Good Luck!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Shelley's nine Asian stars

Here are my nine blocks for this month. Why I wait till the end to start lately....aye yie yie! HOpe you had a fun weekend Sophie. THanks for all you do!


Saturday, September 26, 2009

Jana's Sept Blocks Part 2

My last three blocks for this month, making nine total. These were fun to make! I love Asian fabrics.

Friday, September 25, 2009

5 more added

Here are 5 more added to my 1st for a total of 6

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sneak Peek Alert

Life has thrown me yet another curve ball . . . just when I thought things might calm down into something approaching normal and I might get back to some serious quilting, it seems it's just not going to happen . . . yet. A friend has invited me away for a long weekend and I'm disappearing tomorrow, so . . . I've just sent out an early sneak peek to everyone who has posted blocks so far. Let me know ASAP if you didn't receive it. Also let me know if your name should be on the list in the sidebar and I've missed it. Or if I have the wrong number of blocks for you. Life has been a little crazy . . . and not in a good way.

If you haven't yet made or posted your blocks yet, don't worry, the official deadline for earning a sneak peek at the October Lotto Block is Saturday and if you post blocks between now and then, you'll still be eligible. I just didn't want to send the mass mailing from the road. If I have problems emailing on Saturday; I'll send out an updated Sneak Peek Email to anyone I missed when I return on Sunday.

And, of course, there's still a week and a half before the deadline for the drawing . . . a whole lot of time to make some Asian Stars. As of right now, there are 93 stars entered–more than enough for TWO WINNERS to make some interesting Asian-inspired quilts. (I am seeing strippy star quilts, but lately, I keep seeing cool scrappy strippy quilts . . . what about you?)

Two September Blocks

Here are my two blocks for September - I made them a week or so ago, and never got round to posting them. Hope I'm in time for the sneak peek...

Hand-pieced as usual - I have fabric for another block, but not sure I'll get time to put it together before the end of the month. Will post if so!


Tuesday, September 22, 2009

My first two blocks for September

I have finally made 2 blocks for this month. I hope I'll be able to make more but I am not sure. I love the fabrics and would be very happy to win a set this month, fingers crossed!

Thank you so much for the No Waste Geese method. It is great and I shall use it again in the future.
Good night for now.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

September Blocks

One of my stars had an unfortunate encounter with my wonderfully creative, glue-stick-carrying, almost-4-year-old.  I made two new ones, which brings my total to 7.  I hope to make 2 more to bring my total to 9, but I'm not holding my breath.  These are photos of all 7.


Log Cabin Block Lotto quilt top

Hi Sophie,

Here is my quilt top made from my winnings. It went together really quick!

Thanks for hosting these every month.

** Caroline **

Ginny's September blocks

I meant to make 9 blocks, but when I went to take the photo I only had 8! Oh well. This was fun. I'd ever worked with Asian fabrics before so it was a change for me.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Jana's September Blocks

here are my first six blocks. I will definitely be making the last 3 for the lotto. In fact, based on the fabric I have already cut up, I will most likely be making 30 or 40 more blocks! lol... they are so cute!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Final Receipt

Celine's blocks finally made it to South Georgia from the United Kingdom. Love the fish and the lady bugs and all the fabrics. Thank you so much.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Hi All,
After a brief hiatus this summer I am back to participate in block lotto. I love these little blocks they are so cute! I hope my good irish luck works this month. Thanks also to Sophie for managing this block lotto. I look so forward to it each month.



Received Joan's and Linnea's blocks this weekend, but waited to post on the one remaining set. Hopefully it will arrive shortly.

Debbie's September blocks

I made four blocks this month. All those blocks look like their going to make a great quilt! Can't wait to win. :)

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

5 blocks

I messed up my first batch by cutting the geese square 4 1/2 oops, the second batch had a few that were no good (not sure what went wrong but something sure did!) so here are 5. If I get to the fabric store soon I might try for the last 4, but I am not holding my breath.

I got blocks from everyone now....sad to know there's only junk and bills waiting for me.

September Asian Blocks

Hi Sophie Here are my 9 September Blocks realy enjoyed making them thank you Sophie for all the hard work you do in selecting the monthly blocks The photograph does not do justice to the colours and pattern never mind I only hope who ever wins like's them as much as I do


Monday, September 14, 2009

My Asian Blocks!

Hi Sophie,

Here are 8 blocks for this month, that's all I will have time for. I have received all my blocks from the Aug. Lotto. The last of the blocks arrived from Dianah, Joan, Linnea, & Terri. Thanx Ladies.

** Caroline **

Friday, September 11, 2009

Four More Blocks

Here are 4 more blocks for me, brings my total to 6.  Can you tell I like red?


Aug Blocks in the mail

Sorry for the delay. School started here in CT. Everyone's blocks are in the mail. Happy sewing!

More arrivals

Teri and Sylvia - your blocks arrived this morning. How beautiful!! These should all make a beautiful quilt. Only a few more to go and it will be time to put them together.
What has amazed me is that we all look at the color way a little differently, but what we created will go together quite well.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

August blocks in the mail

Hi Ladies,

My blocks went out yesterday so they should hopefully reach you early next week.

I wanted to show you a twin-sized quilt I just finished for my son Greg, who's just left for college. It was inspired by the 6 in. flying geese block we did a couple of months ago in jewel tones. Plaid seemed like a safer choice for an 18-year-old boy!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I got blocks today from Dabbie, Jennifer, Laura, Sylvia, Shelley, Gail B (Gail G I got you earlier) and Kate! I love getting mail! and no bills today!

Blocks, Blocks, Blocks!!

Hi, Ladies!
I have recieved blocks from Barbara, Gail B, Jennifer, Julie, Kate, Laura, Lisa, Louise, Mary Jane, Rho, and Sylvia. This is going to be wonderful. They are some beautiful blocks. Thanx! ** Caroline**

September Blocks - Mary Jane

Here are my 9 blocks for September.

August Blocks Mailed

Caroline mine went in the mail today. You should have them by the end of the week.

Aug. Blocks

Lisa, Mary Jane and Caroline : Sorry I didn't send my blocks sooner, they are going in the mail tonite!!! I have had alot going on and was unable to get to the post office. Joan


Over the long holiday weekend, someone(s) filled my po box with wonderful squishies!! I love everyone of them. Thanks to Caroline, Gail G, Ginny, Julie, Kate, Kathy, Kelly, Laura, Lisa, Rho and Shelley.

Monday, September 7, 2009

blocks not mailed yet - sorry

Hi all,

Sorry I haven't had chance to mail my 6 blocks yet and I am away on business for a couple of days but I will try to post them before the week-end. I will let you know when they have left my house. Sorry for the delay

Saturday, September 5, 2009

more mail!

I got more mail today! I got blocks from Rhonda, Gail, and Kristin!

blocks mailed

I've been out of town all week, but my log cabin blocks did get mailed out this morning!


Friday, September 4, 2009

Jewels Asian Stars

Hi Everyone! I am new... here are my September blocks... hope you like them.

mail coming and going

Kelly and Mary Jane, I got your blocks today

Mary Jane and Caroline, I sent yours out today too

Cabin Blocks

Mary Jane and Lisa, your cabins are on their way...mailed them out today. Enjoy. Can't wait to see what you do with them!


First Receipts

Barbara, I received your beautiful blocks today. Can't wait to start on my quilt. I am trying to get this month's blocks finished before I leave town this weekend and be ready to start on the log cabin beauty when I return next week. Thank you so very much.
Congratulations to August three winners Mary Jane,Caroline and Lisa I have posted your blocks off today So hope you receive them soon and have fun making a quilt when you receive all the blocks

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Lisa's blocks sent and comment on Asian fabrics

Congrats, Lisa! I gave Lisa's log cabin blocks, in a stamped envelope, to someone who was traveling to the U.S. on Wednesday night, to be mailed when they get there. Hopefully, that's what they did!

On a different note, how are you all deciding what to use as an Asian fabric? I am using only stash for the block lotto and I don't recall any fabrics bought that were specifically called Asian fabrics. I've gone through my stash to see what might be considered, and came up with this bunch to choose from. I'd like to know what some of you think.

5 more blocks from rho

These are my next/last? 5 blocks for September.

rho's 1st four Asian Stars

These little stars were so easy to make with the faster method of making the flying geese. I wouldn't mind having these! Hopefully, I'll get to make more before the end of the month.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Delivery for Mary Jane

Very pleased to send my blocks to Georgia, glad you won Mary Jane, kinda a long gestation period!

And Lisa I think you will need sunglasses for your little gal after she sees these bright blocks.

And a fun block and fabric for September. Better get to sewing, Kathy in Colo

Blocks in the Mail for August Winners...

Congratulations to this month's winners - Mary Jane, Lisa and Caroline. I've mailed August blocks this morning! I know that you'all with make something very pretty.

Lisa's Blocks in the Mail

Lisa - Just walked your blocks out to my mailbox. Enjoy!


Kristin's Two Blocks for September

Here are two blocks for September.  School starts for my kids on the 9th, so if I get any more made, it will be closer to the end of the month.  I hope these fabrics are okay, My hubby has banned me from the fabric store, so I'm just using stuff from my stash.

Caroline and Lisa:
Your blocks have been mailed. Make something pretty. Can't wait to see.

Blocks in the mail

Congratulations to this month's winners, especially Mary Jane, who waited 18 months to win!
Blocks are in the mail to Mary Jane and Lisa.
I can't wait to see the wonderful quilts made with August's bright and sassy blocks!

Log cabin in the post

Congratulations to all three winners! Caroline, I posted your block from the UK this morning. Look out for it in about five days...


Tuesday, September 1, 2009

That Was Quick

Once I realized I had received email from Mary Jane–it wasn't obvious, I found it in my sent mail folder–I was able to sort out the who-mails-to-which winner chart and email it to everyone.

If you don't have a message from me in your email, let me know.

Ditto if you have any questions.

Otherwise, let the mailing of the log cabin blocks begin ;-)

The Way It Works

Because we had a few (YAY!) newbies in August, I thought it would be a good idea to explain what happens next with your log cabin blocks. (Or any lotto blocks at the end of the month).

First, the Winners's names are chosen by a random number generator--when there were fewer blocks, we actually printed them and cut them up into slips of paper, but now I make a numbered list and the person in charge of the "drawing" goes to the web site and generates random numbers and matches it to the list. The winners names are published on the blog.

Then, I email each of the winners and ask them:
  1. to confirm their mailing address
  2. to tell me how many (if any) of their own blocks they want to keep
When I have heard from all the winners, I create a big chart that tells everyone who mails how many of their blocks to which winners. Usually if you make more than 3 blocks, you will be splitting them among 2 or more envelopes before mailing them out. At the top of the chart are the double-checked mailing addresses to use.

I email everyone with the mailing info and then the fun begins ;-) I will post a message here when the mailing info has been emailed to everyone, so you can let me know if you didn't get it–unfortunately it happens, but we manage to make sure that everyone gets the info they need and the blocks all land at the winners' door.

So that's how it works and, as of this evening, I have heard from Lisa and Caroline and am waiting to hear from Mary Jane.


Mary Jane emailed me early this morning, but for some reason, my mail program marked it "read" and I missed it. I'm all set and working on the who-mails-to-who chart now . . .

how exciting!

I feel like...I want to say Prom queen winner but that's not right! How exciting! I have several ideas about what I want to do already, I will need to play around with the blocks when I get them! Oh I am so excited to get mail ;) Thank you guys, and a special thank you to Kathy for the extra chances!
:-)))))))))))))))))))))) After 18 months - finally. Can't wait to see what I receive from all the players. Thank you.


Asian Stars for September

Kate's Asian Star #5Forgive me for choosing my personal "go to" block for our September Lotto Block.

Asian Fabrics scored high on our survey last year and I when I was thinking of blocks to showcase all the gorgeous fabrics that are available to quilters, I naturally kept coming back to this block, which–believe it or not–was originally published as a quilt block with a name without a "star" in sight.

I give you, Square and Points, first published with that name in the Kansas City Star in 1933. I think that big center square can be used to great advantage to fussy cut and showcase any fabric, but this month, make it an Asian/Chinese inspired print. For your background, use a coordinating tone-on-tone fabric in any color that works with your focus fabric.

The "points" of the Square and Points block are part of a Flying Geese unit, with the background TOT fabric as the "goose" and the Asian print as the "sky." If you have been around a while, you already know that I'm going to introduce you to my personal favorite way of making those, also known as "no waste geese." For directions for this block (and a link to the general directions for making no waste geese in any size), click here: Square & Points Quilt Block.

made the beautiful example above, as well as 8 of the blocks below. Linnea made the ninth block. Hover over the blocks to see who made which or click on the image for a larger view of the beautiful examples of Asian fabrics.

If you make multiple blocks this month, you can repeat fabrics as long as you create a unique combination for each block, as you may notice Kate did for some of her blocks.

FYI, some of the many other names that have been found in publications for this block, according to according to Brackman's Encyclopedia of Pieced Quilt Patterns: Evening Star, Cluster of Stars, Austin, Optical Sawtooth, Sawtooth, Sawtooth Star and Nameless Star.