Thursday, June 30, 2011

June 2011 Recap

In June, we passed a few interesting milestones:

100 Authors
400 Blocks made in a single month
2000 Lotto blocks made so far this year

Fifty-seven quilters made 416 green-blue-purple three-patch rectangle blocks, which was enough for NINE winners.  Congrats again to our winners, Gail G, Karen S, Laura, Linda N, Mary Jane, Nancy, Pat, Shelley and Vivi--there was a lot of newbie luck in the draw–three of our winners were first timers in June.

I hope all the newbies enjoyed their first experience with the block lotto and will stick around for more.  Welcome again to Jennifer, Jo, Joan, Karen S, Nancy and Pat.

Here's the list of blocks made, donated and won in June:
  • Andra - 7 (donate) + 1
  • Belinda - 9
  • Benta - 6 (donate)
  • Blondie - 3
  • Brenda Kay - 6
  • Béa - 6
  • Carrie - 3
  • Cathi - 4
  • Cathy Ann - 6
  • Cathy C - 4 + 2
  • Cheri - 4 (donate)
  • Cory - 9 (donate)
  • Cyndi - 4 + 1
  • Diana - 9 (donate)
  • Dianah - 9
  • Ellie - 9
  • Gail - 4 *WINNER*
  • Ginny - 8 (donate) + 1
  • Janet S - 2
  • Jennifer - 9 *NEW*
  • Jo - 7 *NEW* 
  • Joan - 5 *NEW* (donate)
  • Julie P - 9 (donate)
  • Julie Wa - 8
  • June - 1
  • Karen S - 9 *NEW* *WINNER*
  • Karen W - 2 (donate)
  • Kate - 9 (donate)
  • Kathie - 6
  • Kathy S - 9
  • Kina - 4
  • Kristin - 9 (donate)
  • Laura - 9 + 2 *WINNER*
  • Laurina - 9
  • Linda N - 9 *WINNER*
  • Linda W - 3
  • Linnea - 4 (donate)
  • Lisa - 9
  • Liz - 9
  • LPB - 6 (donate)
  • Maree - 9
  • Mary Jane - 9 (donate) + 9 *WINNER*
  • Marybeth (mb) - 9 (donate) + 5
  • Michelle - 9 *WINNER*
  • Nan - 2
  • Nancy - 9 *NEW*
  • Pat - 3 + 3 *NEW**WINNER*
  • Pattilou -2 (donate)
  • Rho - 4 (donate)
  • Sandi - 6 (donate)
  • Sharon - 9
  • Shelley - 9 *WINNER*
  • Sophie - 9 (donate) + 7
  • TIna - 9 + 3
  • Toni - 9 (donate)
  • Vivi - 9 *WINNER*
  • Wendy Lee - 9

Congratulations to all of the June Winners!

Make somethin' pretty!

June Block Winners!

Congratulations to this month's winners! I have stopped (briefly) from our packing and purging here in Hong Kong to post these names:

  1. Laura
  2. Shelley
  3. Linda N.
  4. Nancy
  5. Karen
  6. Mary Jane
  7. Pat
  8. Gail
  9. Vivi
Winners #1 - #8 will receive a set of 48 blocks
Winner #9 will receive a set of 32 blocks

Don't forget to contact Sophie to let her know your wishes and have fun with these three cool colors!

***  Edited because MB had asked to donate their chances.  GAIL is our replacement winner ***

*** Edited again because of a non-response from one of our original winners, Vivi is the alternate for Jo ***

*** Edited one last time because of a non-repsonse from Vivi.  Jo is re-added to the list ***

June Blocks

Hope its not too late to turn them in. What a fun block!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

My First Entries (finally!)

Although I've been reading for a while, these are my first 5 blocks to donate to the lotto. I really like the block archive... it makes it so easy to try a new pattern. Looking forward to making more.


Sophie, thanks for the new link, to follow with email. I just signed up.


I did these 4 blocks for the sneak peek, but they didn't get counted in the sidebar, Sophie! Sorry I didn't catch that till the end of the month!

I also did a baby quilt with some slightly different colors using this pattern...
Such a quick effective pattern!

computer needs a PANIC button

I finally finished these 9 barely in time to get them in and then couldn't get a connection this morning to post them - YIKES!

Had a worried moment there.... 

Posts earlier this month got me hooked on the idea of seeing how long it takes to do various quilting/sewing tasks.  What fun to discover there's a stopwatch feature on my cell phone!  I now know it takes under just 45 min to make a pair of shorts for a 12 y/o granddaughter from cutting-them-out to ready-to-wear.


Just Squeaking In

I finally got my blocks done!  I really meant to do these much earlier in the month, but the month has kind of evaporated on me somehow.  And then I had jury duty today and almost forgot to post these!  But I've now made 9 blocks.  Very easy and fun!  These are my favorite colors, so my fingers are crossed!

3 Patch Completed!

My 6 blocks are completed. I found this an interesting block. I really dug through my stash to get the 'perfect' combinations of green, blue and purple.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

six donated blocks

I apologise for being missing in action for the last few months, but I have finally surfaced with six blocks that I hope will pass scrutiny. 

We travelled to Holland (from England) and back last weekend, which involved 7 hours each way on a ferry, so I cut the blocks before I left and had a very enjoyable trip hand stitching them.  I hope that my hand stitching is OK to enter.

Reminders for this Week

The DEADLINE for posting photos of your blocks is, as usual, 12:00 PM (noon) US East Coast time on Thursday, June 30.

Kim (in Hong Kong) will be generating the random numbers that determine our winners.  Because Kim is in Hong Kong, the drawing will take place around 7:00 AM on FRIDAY July 1 in Hong Kong . . .  which is 7 PM on THURSDAY in New York.  I used this online Time Zone Converter.

PLEASE REMEMBER to let me know if you are going to be unable to check your email on Thursday night/Friday Morning.  If you win, I must hear from you within 24 hours to confirm your mailing address and to know how many of your own blocks, if any,  you'd like to keep.  I need this information to put together the mailing information for EVERYONE so the blocks can start going to the winners as soon as possible.

meant to donate

I meant to donate my blocks for this month All 9 of them, but I forgot to add this, am I too late?
Having won last month I am happy to donate this time.

Happy Room Diana

Follow-by-Email gadget added

Pat (from Michigan and Florida) suggested I added the (newish) blogger gadget, Follow by Email.  Thanks Pat for the great idea.

If you're not using a RSS feed reader and would like to see new posts on this blog, you just need to enter your email address to sign-up to receive email updates from this blog.  It's in the right sidebar, under the RSS feed subscription options.

Just in time

Hi Everyone, I'm Pat.  I've been admiring all the blocks on Block Lotto for a while now and have finally got round to joining in.  Here are my blocks, 3 to enter and 3 to donate.  I have stitched all of my life and enjoy embroidery, quilting and doll making.  I have a blog  and webpage where I share bits and pieces to do with my stitching and any textile related things I think might interest others.  I'm looking forward to joining in the monthly challenge and getting to know you all.

Monday, June 27, 2011

A Couple of Blocks

I was really going to make lots of these this month.  But, my stash is sorely in need of more variation in these colors, especially blue.  So, I'll donate these two blocks this month.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

June- 3-Patch Rectangle

Finally. Schoolterm is ended and today I had time to cut and sew theese together.
I hope I managed the challange with the colours.

Friday, June 24, 2011

3 blocks for June

I totally forgot that I never posted these pics. Didn't realize until I didn't get my sneak peek! Good luck ladies.

June blocks

Here's 6 for June and since I won last month I'll donate my chances this month. Good luck everyone. Can't wait to see what everyone will do with these.

Also, I received my last Pineapple Blossoms from Debbie, so I have a full set and they are all wonderful.


It is getting close to the end of the of the month and I (like believing in Santa!) do believe that the last of the Pineapple Blossom blocks will make their way into my mailbox. We know they were made. We saw them posted. Maybe my mail person was jealous of all the squishies I was getting and kept some back? Anyway. I do believe that the three blocks from my fellow Oregonian and and the three from lovely North Carolina will make it here before the end of the month.

Do you believe?


Thursday, June 23, 2011

The July Sneak Peek Email has been Sent

If you are one of the 45 quilters who made and posted blocks this month, you have (or will soon be receiving) email from me with the guidelines and directions for making next month's block.

PLEASE be sure to READ the EMAIL message--a couple of things will be a little DIFFERENT than usual in July.

If you haven't yet made blocks, you still have almost a week--the deadline is NOON (US East Coast time) on Thursday, June 30.

If you won't be making blocks this month and would be available next Thursday afternoon and are interested to randomly select (using a random number generator web site) the winners, let me know. 

Pineapples in a P.O. Box

Hi all, I want to thank everyone who has sent me blocks. I have everybody's but June's at this point. Of course there is the irony of winning this month - my in-laws who keep my mailbox have been here in Hong Kong visiting us so I am just now finding out about my squishies! I also feel bad in winning last month and not being able to play this round. However, I am moving back to the States and the sewing machine is packed and ready to go on the "slow boat from China" :) I'll pick up my squares and get to see the bounty in a couple weeks. Until then, I'll be sitting on pins and needles!

Three patch blocks

Here are nine three-patch blocks from me this month. Please donate them. Thanks.

Coralie from Canada.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Pineapple Rose

Used the May 2011 Pineapple Blossom pattern to put this bed shawl together.  When quilted it will go at foot of my mom's bed to warm her feet.  It can also be pulled around her shoulders for warmth when she is sitting up in bed reading.  I've named it Pineapple Rose after the May 2011 Pineapple Blossom pattern and the embrodiered rose in the middle of each block and in the cornerstones.  (Rose is from an Anita Goodesign embrodiery pattern.)  Hope everyone else is having as much fun putting these monthly blocks into finished works as I am!!!  Blessings!  LPB

3 patch from LPB (6 to donate to newbie)

Barely getting these in under the wire.  Finished them early - but husband had a negative health event and has been in hospital.  Purple and green are MY COLORS so I had hundreds of colors for these.  Just grabbed the first ones I could get my hands on -- but since I already have MANY purple and green quilts I'm donating my chances to the latest newbie to join the ranks (whomever that may be!)  Blessings!

I Sewed Up 9

Here we go.......... I sure hope I did them right. Wow, how easy peasy were these to do??!!!!

Belinda N.

A Finish!

Reeds, free-pieced blocks from summer 2010. I shared more photos on my blog. Phew, now I can enter next month's drawing with no guilty conscience!

I saw an ad in a quilt magazine that Quilter's Dream batting company is hosting a contest, requesting lap-size quilts for people with ALS (Lou Gehrigs disease)...I think this one will be a nice donation.

Nine Blocks from a Newbie

Hi Everyone! My name is Karen.  I have been sewing since I was very young and first learned to quilt about 7 years ago.  After a bit of a break, I started quilting profusely about 2 1/2 years ago and shortly thereafter started blogging at Badlands Quilts.  My blog is named for the North Dakota Badlands that I grew up near, but I am now a SAHM in the Minneapolis burbs. 

I look forward to meeting all of you and trying the fun and different blocks each month. 

Fabrics for July, August, September

Here's a heads up on my plans, fabric-wise anyway,  for the rest of the summer . . .  but first, I want to remind you that 30 Days hath September, April, JUNE and November . . . and so the sneak peak email for July will be emailed to everyone who has made and posted blocks by TOMORROW at NOON (US East coast time), June 23.


In July, we will be making 2-color blocks from white (solid or WOW) and a second fabric that should be:
  • a solid or tone-on-tone (TOT)--a one color fabric.  If it's a print, all the colors in the fabric must be shades of one color. (red on red, blue on blue, etc. )
  • a strong color--we're going for high contrast with the white fabric.  Brights and most jewel tones are good choices, as long as they are one-color fabrics and  fall in the medium-to-dark value range. 
Any of the jewel tones represented in this set of fabrics would work except for the light green (third from the left) and the light blue on the far right.

Jewel Tone Fabrics

You will need a layer cake size (10 inch square) or larger of each fabric to make the block.  To make the maximum number of blocks, you'll need at least one white fabric (it can be used in all your blocks) and Five different second fabrics.


I think of the color-way for August as "African Violets in the Dark."  You'll need:
  • Black  solid or a BOB (black-on-black) print–you can use the same black for all your blocks
  • Yellow solid, TOT (tone-on-tone) print or a multicolor print that is predominately yellow and will read as yellow when someone looks at the quilt from across the room–if you make multiple blocks, you can use the same yellow fabric
  • Feature fabric may be a solid, TOT or a multicolor print that reads as any color found in African Violets. For each block, you will need a unique "African Violet" inspired fabric.
African violetAccording to the Wikipedia entry, Flower colour in the wild species can be violet, purple, pale blue, or white.

The results of a search for African Violet on Flickr (the link should take you there) will provide pages of color inspiration including both wild and cultivated varieties–which add pale to deep pinks to the color palette.

This wonderful photo is from Wez Smith's photostream on Flickr. 


In September we'll be making blocks from Batik fabrics of your choice.  You'll be combining 3 batiks in each block and so will need to make choices that will have good contrast with one another. To make the maximum number of blocks, you'll nine different batiks. Layer cake size (10" squares) will give you enough fabric to make your block(s).

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


I really was hoping to get to play this month! I missed last month too. We were told today, we are now included in the madatory evacuation. This is the third time in the last month or month and a half. I am getting so tired of this. I have NEVER seen this much water. We live on the west edge of Burlington, ND. My husband says our place should be OK. Minot WILL lose the battle, the water will go over the dikes. They are about 10 miles east of us. we both work there. there will be one east~west and two or three north ~south thorough fares.
At least I have a couple quilts that need bindings put on them to work on.

OK~ I'll quit venting! Others have it way worse than us~ I'm just tired of it!

** Caroline **

Love the cool colors

I love the cool colors in this month's block. Six is going to be my limit this month. I found I didn't have much of the purple family in my stash, so now I know what I need to buy. Thanks for making this an easy sewing month - nothing that needed to be matched or pinned. Kathie L in Allentown

June blocks from CathyC

I missed out on making the Block Lotto Blocks for May, but promised myself to make some for June.

The blocks for June are super easy to make, but took a while to get the right colour combinations ;-)

Here are my first 4 blocks.

These last two are not unique, but will be thrown in.

So that makes it 4 blocks for me - I am hoping to get some more done soon.

Monday, June 20, 2011

My June blocks...


New Blocks

Here are my blocks for the month.


Almost all my PB blocks are here

I got my held mail from the post office today and had 4 more squishies. I got lovely blocks from Pokey in CA, Maree & Laurina - both in New Zealand, and from Diana in the UK. The only one missing is Debbie in Israel, and it's a long way from Israel to SE GA, so I'm not worried about that one. I'll try to get them all up on my makeshift design wall and play a bit tomorrow. I can't wait to see what they are all going to look like together. Thank you everyone!

Carrie's June Blocks

Well, I have three for this month's lotto. Love the way these colors look together and very easy to sew up!

Pretty summer colors - thx Sophie!


A Complex Variation of our 3-Patch

Check out this pattern, called Stepping Stones, from Judy Niemayer.

Do you see the 3-patch rectangles ... and a couple of alternate ideas using the same sections/proportions?

A couple of Lotto-Inspired Finishes

Finished Super-Rectangle Table TopperI made my "super rectangle" table topper my Friday Night Sew In project and managed to quilt 28 different designs, inspired by Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Project, into the 27 rectangles.

It was fun to play with the different designs ... and discover that I'm better at free-motion-quilting circles than I would have imagined. I'm sure some of these designs will find their way into other quilt projects.

Over the weekend, I added the binding and also finished work on the pillow cover that is made from three liberated basket blocks (like those we made last summer).  It's sitting on the kitties' window seat because the purpose of the project was to cover a worn pillow that both cats adore.

Finished Pillow

I suppose the moral of this story is that you don't need a whole bunch of blocks to make something interesting ;-)

Another Block Received

Oh! I'm getting so excited! Only awaiting two more "squishies" then I can really get to arranging my Pineapple Blossom blocks on the wall.  Saturday I received a block from Kina in MN. Two very cute floral fabrics are included in this block. One is yellow background with pink flowers and the other is a pink backround with orangey/yellow flowers. I wanted to share them with you but when I tried to take a picture I couldn't get the lighting right. Thank you Kina!

Two for me

Here are my two blocks for this month.  I hope the colours are right.  I only did two because I didn't have that many fabric choices in the colour range that went well together.
I'll donate my chances this month.  Thanks

Sunday, June 19, 2011

June's Easiest Block Ever

I was able to sew up three of the blocks.  I  would like to sew up more, but between vacation, extra work and my mom-in law coming out I'm not sure I'll have time.  But here are three for the lotto.

Linda W.

all the blocks are here...

Yesterday, the last package of blocks arrived in the mailbox! I now have all of them here!
These blocks will make one nice quilt!
Thank you to everyone.
Julie P

Two so far

Summers are so busy for me.  I don't find a lot of "indoor" free time.  So far I've managed to make two blocks. (Sorry the picture is so dark).  I think these are going to make a very interesting quilt.  I hope to do some more before the month is out.  We'll see.
Janet S.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

More lovelies received!

Thanks Cheryl, your blocks arrived safe and sound. Thanks for the bonus triangles as well...they are going to be fun to put together.

4 blocks to donate in June

Here are four 3-patch blocks for June. I'd like to donate these.
Cheri in Champaign

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pb received

Vivi, your lovely blocks and extra triangles came today! So lovely to look at....thank you.
I've been saving stamps off envelopes off and on for a few years, and these from Norway are terrific. I have a 7 yr old grandson whom I'm hoping will want to start a stamp collection. I don't hear much about kids doing that these days, but I liked it as a kid. My dad was always bringing home stamps from the office. Sorry for the off topic rabbit trail....:}


Three + Two extra blocks received from Ramie, thank you so much. My design wall is growing by the day!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Dianah's Blocks

Dianah asked me to post her blocks because she expects to be busy this summer and may not make more for a while, so didn't need author privileges.

In her email to me, she said, " I don't know when I will make Lotto blocks again. I fell in love with these and they were so easy!"

Good luck with your move, Dianah!


I just read Lisa's comment on the post I had sent. I expect they did get lost someway, as the other blocks from her mother arrived some time ago. Please don't feel bad about it Lisa, these things happen and are out of our control. If you wish to remake them, that would be alright. I will still watch out for the first ones - you never know. The government has now stepped in regarding the postal strike, so that should no longer be a concern. If I end up with two sets from you Lisa I can return one of them. Coralie from Canada

Final Clover Blocks arrived!

Sorry to be late in posting this, but I got my last outstanding blocks from Sophie on Monday - so now I have no excuse for not doing something with them (too bad - I was enjoying having a good excuse to keep most of them lying around, lol).

PB Blocks received from New Zeland

Two packages arrived from New Zeland to Ohio today.  Thank you Laurina and Maree.  Beautiful blocks, ladies!

PB Recieved by Kathy S.

Here are the pinapple blocks received playing nicely together so far.  Most of their friends that are on the way are coming from across the pond.  Thank you so much to:
Barbara B (FL)
Carrie (NY State)
Janet S (MO)
Kate N (UK)
Mary C (WA)
Mary Jane (GA)
Sandi (GA)
Sophie (TX)
Tina (RI)

9 June 3-Patch blocks from a newbie


Hi, everyone! I'm funkysmama (aka Jennifer), I post intermittently on my blog at Recovering Perfectionist, and here are my first ever Block Lotto entries!


Two more parcels of blocks arrived today, from Julie and Sandi, thank you both so much. Diana

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Clovers received

I have received a packet of two clovers from Sophie this morning. Thank you, nice blocks. Three blocks from Lisa in Oak Harbour WA have not arrived. They are the last yet to come.
I was away last weekend at a "Quilting in the Trees". It was our 25th anniversary there, and was three full days of various quilting related classes. I will post some pictures later when I get the last bits finished on the things that I worked on.
Thanks again for your blocks Sophie, and thank you for organizing each lotto every month.
Coralie from Canada.


Just home from an all day workshop and three great blocks and lots of little blocks on the mat from Maree in New Zealand, thank you so much.

Monday, June 13, 2011

My garden path

This looks more like my vision if the photo is rotated 90 degrees. This is a very tentative and incomplete first try at a layout of a portion of the stack blocks that I was lucky to win in January. Many of the stacks had floral motifs and/or little critters (dragonflies, etc), so it got me to thinking of a garden path, and I have a little collection of Kaffe Fassett prints, so I made snowball blocks of the big florals, with three paths surrounding the two "beds" of flowers. (please disregard the bare toes on the stool). I'll add a strip of white sashing at the bottom & top of each flower row, and maybe do a green leafy border around the whole thing (I have some Michael Miller green fern fabricd that might work. I welcome comments and thank all your contributions. I also have a few corners to add to the flowers.

June 3 patch

Here are my 9 for the June Lotto. I work on the "bright" side. These were fun, once I figured out that I needed one of each of the colors.

PB Blocks Received

This is better than my last birthday!  More gifts! Today there were three more "squishies" in my mailbox.

Julie from Oakland CA sent me a couple of extras! She thought they were a bit too small.  Not at all! I will be using them! And Ginny from NY sent me four! There is a great variety of fabric. Fantastic, fun, fabrics!  With one directional heart turquoise fabric that I just love! Ginny's from BC got here too. And with the postal strike I've heard about in Canada I'm surprised I've gotten them so quickly! Many lovely florals in Ginnys blocks.

Lucky, lucky me!

blocks on the wing to England

I just posted 2 pineapple blocks to Diana in Jolly England! My son is a violinist who plays with Janelle Monae and he will be at the Glastonbury outdoor festival on June 25. I wish I could pop over and see him.
On another postal note, the UPS has some new Love forever stamps and the sheet looks like a beautiful appliqued floral quilt, with a few turteldove pairs in the mix. Nice design.


My first envelope containing three blocks arrived today from Coralie in Canada. Thank you so much they are waiting for the rest of my "prize" so I can make them into a quilt.

Pineapple Blocks mailed to Shelley

Just returned from the P.O.! Have fun with them!
Cheri in Champaign

I am in love...

I left for a long weekend of camping last week. My dear, dear husband brought all the mail along with him when he came later. So all the new blocks were camping with me too....

One of the first things I did this morning was take a picture, I love these blocks. I feel so lucky & happy to be one of the winners of these! The blocks came from:
Barbara FL, Cyndi CA, Kathy OH, Rho TX, Sophie TX & Tina RI.
Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Pineapple Blocks in the Mail

Blocks are now on their way from rainy Derbyshire UK to Andra and Diana

Sunday, June 12, 2011

June already???

GGGeeee Whiz! Already June... and the rain just stopped... and it is finally over 40 degrees at night? No wonder I'm confused! Thought I'd better get on these 3-patch blocks quickly or I'd be "bumped" from the Block Lotto Club. Here are two, Sophie. Perhaps more later, but the garden needs to be planted RIGHT NOW.

Cheers, All.

Clovers all here!!!

I now have all of my clover blocks, thanks Sophie!!!! Now to figure out how I'm going to use them.


Pineapples posted

Andra, your two pineapples from Derbyshire went in the post yesterday. Look out for them in about a week!


Saturday, June 11, 2011

blocks received

I received blocks from Ginny, Pokey, and Laura and they are gorgeous, thanks!

Blocks Received

I know I've said it before...but I HAVE to say it again!  I am so lucky to have won these wonderful Pineapple Blossom blocks!  I received six more today.  And our lotto friends are so clever and interesting!

My blocks from Pokey in CA came in a fun, colorfully decorated, bright envelope. Pink, blue, yellow, green paper patches on the envelope and little notes like smiley faces and "Congratulations!" written on the envelope. My husband loved the "Congratulations!" written there.

And from Diana in Northhampton England, I got a delightful notecard that features a quilt that was made by her quilt group and traded with Northhampton Australia. She did say that they  made two of those quilts, one to trade and one to keep. The blockwork shows part of their history. Very interesting!

What I've received so far.

I've not been very creative in sending my blocks...I just send them but now I'm going to try to think of cute things to do differently.

Again...I am so LUCKY!     Toni

June blocks from Cyndi

Count me in for 4, + 1 to donate.

P.S. Blogpress, the iPad app that allows me to blog on the road, won't let me add tags.

--Cyndi from Forest Falls, CA, currently in northeast Idaho making our way towards Canada and Alaska.

- Posted using BlogPress from my iPad

Last clover received...

from Sophie! Here they all are:


Clovers sent, finally

I had hoped these would be out to Kim this past week, however, a sudden illness and unexpected hospital visit kept me away from the PO. Hubs has sent them off.
Hope you enjoy them Kim! These were fun blocks!

My clover set is complete

I received my clover blocks from Sophie yesterday, and I think I forgot to mention my blocks from Heather arrived a week or two ago as well. Thank you so much, ladies, and I'm looking forward to playing with different arrangements!

More Pineapple Blocks have arrived

Three more fun-filled squishies arrived in the mail yesterday.  There were blocks from Tina (RI), Mary C (WA), and Barbara (FL).  Thank you for the beautiful blocks!

May2011 - Pineapple Blossom

My two block with bonus was posted today.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Clover here

All of my modern clover blocks have found their way to Missouri.   They all look great, and now  I'm going to have to think on how I want to put them together.  Thank you ladies
Janet S

block in the mail

my block (plus some extras) went in the mail today!

Julie Wa

Troublesome 3 Patch


For such a simple block this sure has caused me problems. I had my nine made almost immediately I received the sneak peak. After looking at them for awhile I decided some of my purples were too red so set about changing them. Then I realised that I had used the same combination of fabrics in some blocks. Now that they are all complete I have been having trouble photographing them. One of the purples which I really like is photographing as blue and some of the paler greens are photographing as cream - I give up. I have tried them on a light and a dark background.

On a brighter note I posted my pineapple blocks to Kathy, Diana andSandi last wednesday so you should have them by the middle of the week.
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