Wednesday, February 16, 2011

String Blocks

I am not all that pleased with my results. I guess that's because I'm just not that comfortable with free style piecing. I am quite rigid and need my blocks to be exact. Anyway, here are the 4 that I have made. The one last one, on the bottom, was a gift from Blondie, which she included with the Stacks she sent me. Because of her generousity, I will donate it to a newbie for an extra chance to win.


  1. In the class where I learned this technique--for the blocks I am making from feedsacks--there was an optional template to use for placing the big triangle on the square. The teacher didn't give it to those who asked until after they had made a bunch of blocks by "eyeballing it" first. Maybe I should have done the same.

    I've added the five blocks to the list (and made a note that you're donating the chance for the block from Blondie).

  2. How terrific that you are stretching yourself and trying something new! Sending you a hug and pat on the back!

  3. Getting out of my comfort zone is one of the things I like best about Block Lotto. Your blocks look great.


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