Saturday, October 15, 2011

Drunken Sixteen-Patch

Here is my second block for October.  I am donating it as well.  After I posted the first one, Liz asked me to tell her how I made it.  It is a block I made up so I took pictures and posted the directions on my blog Drunken Sixteen-Patch.  I've never written instructions for making a block before, so I apologize if they are not clear.  Please feel free to critique them.  Thanks - Andrew


  1. Excellent instructions and very clear pictures of how to make this fascinating block. I will try it very soon. Good luck in the Block Lotto.

  2. I agree, your directions are great. I also enjoyed reading about your first quilt and "the underwear quilt" made mostly from boxers. I'll add your blog, Quilt Evolution, to our blogroll and the right side bar.


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