Saturday, November 7, 2009

Something finished

I used my Thrifty block winnings from earlier this year to make this weighted blanket for a niece with disabilities -- each block has some poly pellets in it and the weight is supposed to be comforting.There's a little more information and a link to instructions on my blog --


  1. Julie, The quilt looks wonderful. I think quilts with a variety of tints looks so much more interesting that a similar quilt made with just 3 fabrics. That's one reason I enjoy participating in the lotto. I'd never heard about the weighting idea. I'll take a look at your blog for the details. Thanks for sharing.
    Kathie L. from Allentown.

  2. Really looks great. You did a wonderful job. I am familiar with how some kids need sensory pressure to feel secure because I have a son with similar issues. What a great idea for the blocks!
    Ginny in Brooklyn

  3. What an awesome idea. A lady I work with has a son with sensory issues. I love this idea of making her something for her son.


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