Monday, June 14, 2010

Kate's baskets

Here are two from me, Sophie - and I will donate my chances. I promise both backgrounds are yellow, it's just the contrast between the dark golden yellow on the left, and the lighter, more buttery yellow on the right! I may get some more done this month, but it's kind of one of those months, so I'm not holding my breath...

Oh, and I even remembered to use one of the off-cuts from the wonky log cabins to start the basket on the right hand side!


  1. I completely understand ... I'm having one of those months right along with you. Your blocks look great. I love the red print you used for the bases and handles.

    Thanks for donating your chances this month.

  2. Did I mention my car is still in the garage? We have high hopes for next week... I thought I was going to get a chance to sew another basket this weekend, but today, I got hit with a Victorian schoolgirl outfit (not literally) and a model of a seal enclosure at the zoo, and tomorrow I'm off to a quilt show, so it looks less likely - but there's still another week after that, right?


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