Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Liberated Baskets from Sneak Peakers

Here are the original photos of the blocks made by sneak peekers,  Caroline, Ginny, June, Kim, Michelle, Pat, Rho and Sarah.  Thanks for all the eye candy and inspiration. I think all these blocks are going to play together very well.

Caroline made these four blocks.

Here are Ginny's five baskets.

June made these nine blocks

Kim made 4 blocks, then made one more.

Michelle made 9 blocks.

All of Michelle's blocks

Here are Pat's 4 basket blocks.

Rho made a basket.

And last, but not least, Sarah made these three basket blocks.

Along with the block I made, we are beginning the month with 41 liberated basket blocks.

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  1. These baskets are looking great! I love how each makers have their own twist on it -- their own style. And the one with the fussy cut 'family', oh my! Love it.


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