Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Mary's Quilt - Inspired by this month's Lotto Block

Mary started making blocks for the lotto . . . and 42 blocks later, ended up making this quilt top.  You can read about it on her blog, Quilting for Fun and Giving.

She may still decide to join us this month, but if not this month . . . maybe next time ;-)

Ps.  In case you're wondering how I'm posting with no DSL . . . I live a block away from the Library and can often pick up their free WiFi signal.   But I really ought to be finishing up the packing . . .


  1. Sophie-I had to laugh when I found this here! I love it! And I will be joining next month! By then maybe I'll be more caught up!

  2. I know I SHOULD have waited until I heard back to you for your permission ... so I'm asking for forgiveness instead. I just had to share your quilt before I disappear and go offline for a while.

  3. Mary, this looks great! Sophie, don't disappear! There's alway a library, a McDonalds, a Staples, etc.

    Take it from one who travels a lot, but always takes her quilty friends along!


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