Tuesday, December 7, 2010

17 Comments Later ...

I came straight home tonight and played Block Lotto catch-up. 17 comments posted (from me) later, I think I've done it ;-)

I believe I have updated the list with everyone's new photos ... but it couldn't hurt for you to take a look and make sure that I have YOU on the list and the number of PAIRS of blocks I have for you is correct.

If I haven't skipped anyone, we now have 64 PAIRS OF TREES.  My plan is that winners this month will receive a set of 20-25 tree PAIRS, which means we already have enough for THREE WINNERS. 

It's funny how even though I don't know that many people here yet, I'm still suddenly super-busy with holiday STUFF.   I feel like I'm dancing as fast as I can but can't manage to get everything done ... like my lotto blocks ... and some directions for making the more complex trees ... and mailing my sample blocks to all the November winners (which I hope to do tomorrow morning before work).

I hope you all are maintaining a better balance than me during the holiday season which is now well upon us ;-)


  1. Hi Sophie

    I have completed 5 sets of trees

  2. See why I need extra eyes on this ... Thanks for setting me straight. I've updated your blocks in the list. Our ACTUAL total is 66 PAIRS.

  3. HI. Am I too late? I made three sets of trees. I"m new and don't have access to posting the pictures on your blog. Please help. Thanks.


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