Sunday, May 15, 2011

Blocks received - possibly lost and found

I got another set of blocks on the weekend from Tina - great blocks, thanks, happy to be a recipient in your first month!

I also noticed that although I have received blocks from Marie, Pat and Cathy C, this is not showing on the blog. I am almost completely positive I posted about these on Thursday (I moved the blocks from my computer table and threw the envelopes away - something I don't usually do until I've acknowledged the blocks) so I'm guessing it got lost in the blogger hoo-ha. There is a small chance I simply didn't blog them, but I'm almost totally sure I did.

Anyway - thanks to those ladies as well - your blocks are here safe and sound. Only waiting on 4 or 5 more now (ok, 5 - just checked).

[Edited to say: Aha! Just found a note next to my computer about those three sets of blocks - I remember what happened now - I tried to blog a thank you and the site was down for a while, so I left myself a note to do it later. This totally explains why I remember taking the blocks out of their envies and putting them upstairs but don't remember actually typing the message - seems I'm not losing my mind after all - or at least, if I am, this isn't a sign of it...]


  1. It's crazy how even little things like acknowledging lotto blocks are so dependent on technology.

  2. thanks for confirming they arrived safely ;-)


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