Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Little Dresses for Africa (or in this case, Ecuador)

Quilt block swapping slid to the back burner in May when it finally stopped raining and I could get out in the garden. Also, an acquaintance takes "little dresses" to Ecuador a few times a year so I whipped up a few to send along.  I'm mentioning them here because the pocket decoration came straight out of Sophie's Junction "Free-Style Trees".  Another quilting connection was realizing I could make super-wicked-easy triangle headscarves to go with the dresses with two fat-quarter-sized pieces by applying the half-square triangle technique.  The two larger dresses have the scarves; the size 3 one has a tiny stuffed kitten toy in its pocket.


  1. I've seen this organization before and was thinking about making my own dresses too. My son and his wife are adopting a child from Ethiopia hopefully this year....all their paperwork is in; now it's a matter of time before they are matched with a little one...we're hoping he is home before Christmas. I thought I might make some dresses to send over with them to give to the orphanage when they go for the introduction...they make two trips over...one to meet the child and one to pick him up.
    I like the idea of the matching scarf and a sweet little kitty for the pocket!

  2. Thanks for the reminder that lotto blocks (and other quilt blocks) can be used in lots of ways besides quilts.

  3. I am coordinating this effort at my job in the quilt group here at work. We made Little Dresses for Africa last fall and sent to Michigan and so far 2 of the ladies in our group have done well over 150 little dressesa and shorts. Thanks for showing what you've done for the pockets and head scarves. I'll be sharing this with my coworkers/ co-seamstresses! at our weekly meeting on Thursday. Thanks again!

  4. Actually, the comment above is from me, rho, for some reason, I can't comment properly this morning. Thanks for sharing the pick and comment re: the pockets and headties for www.littledressesforafrica.org. (Rhonda O.)


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