Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More 3-patches on the way

I just returned from mailing my 3-patches to all the winners (everyone receives one or two from me).  I just realized I completely forgot to do the OTHER thing I was supposed to do at the post office–forward my mail to my new apartment.

I'm not moved yet and because of a knee that's acting up, I haven't even made much progress with packing and organizing ... but I am moving this month.  So if I seem to be missing something you posted or emailed to me, please REMIND me because I'm a bit distracted.  The new job which should have begun on Monday didn't ... and I'm getting more than a little nervous about being in a holding pattern.  Any crossed fingers for luck on my behalf would be appreciated.


  1. Sending good thoughts to you Sophie!


  2. My fingers crossed,thinking positive thoughts!

  3. Prayers being sent your way for job situation.
    Blessings! LPB


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