Sunday, July 17, 2011

Problems accessing the Block Lotto Blog?

I have no idea how or why it's happening, but a couple times this week the block lotto blog became "hidden."  When I go look at the settings, the options have been changed to make the blog readable ONLY by invited readers.  I change them back and we're good to go again ... except I don't know when it happens or why it happens or how it happens.

If you have problems being able to read the blog, please email me.


  1. I was having all kinds of trouble getting it to work last night. I was trying to add pictures and it wasn't working, so I just saved it and finally got it to work a little bit ago. I hope I'm not the one who caused the problem with it. Take care.

  2. Since only someone with admin privileges could be changing the settings, I'm thinking it has to be happening on the other side of the equation (system itself).


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