Friday, November 25, 2011

Samplers Received by Janet H

WOW!!! I have been traveling and I just got my mail - there were 14 envelopes! I lept for joy!! And then I dropped everything - and opened each and every one!! Thank you so very much!!
Received from
Andrew , Cathy S, Coralie, Cyndi, Ginny, Julie WA, Katie N, Krista K, Kristin Cm Laura N, Maree, Mary Jane, and Tina for a total of 42!!
Thank you one and all. When I saw your blocks online I hoped I would get some of them - and I did!!
Know to find a super sale for the background and sashing:)
Janet H

God usually does not tell you the whole path. 
He only tells you the next step.
Therefore your most important step your next step.

~Nathaniel Bronner~

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