Thursday, December 15, 2011

Susan's Magical Forest

I was a winner of these beautiful trees [and an equal number that were black with colored background].  These were made into a gift quilt [45" x 53"] for my quilting bee Secret Sister, and I'll give it to her tonight.

I look on it as a Magical Forest which you can tell stories about.  How do you get across the river?  What do you want to explore.  What adventures could each tree hold within it?  Is that your little house, or does someone, something else live there?

Hope my Secret Sister has a place to enjoy this!

Sara Homeyer


  1. Beautiful! Love the stars at the top

  2. I love it, a little house deep in the beautiful woods...

  3. Ohhhhhhhh! I am certaily lusting after this quilt! ........yeah buddy!

    glen in louisiana

  4. Lucky secret sister. The stars and the river are perfect additions.

  5. Your quilt is GRAND.... and I thank you for sharing it with us...

  6. This is a wonderfully fun looking quiltie. Lucky secret sister!
    Merry Christmas

  7. Great job. I love the layout. The stars and river give it a story to tell. What a lucky secret sister!


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