Thursday, February 18, 2010

I'm Hangin' My Head in Shame

. . .  because I only just returned from the post office where I mailed my January blocks to Andra, Julie, Krista, Kristen, Lois and Rho–what a disaster that I'm SO late when I am sending blocks to ALL SIX winners?

I'm sorry for making you ALL wait for my blocks and for being such a lousy example.

I know that I am one of a handful of quilters whose blocks have not yet been received by our winners.  If "life" has been distracting you like it's been distracting me ... please let us know you're out there and haven't forgotten.

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  1. I got my blocks to Krista, Kristin and Lois on Monday morning :) Life is still hectic, but they ARE in the post, thanks for the reminder Sophie!


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