Friday, February 26, 2010

Hannah Mae's Block

I did it all by my self. I took the photo too.
Thanks for leting me join.

-Hannah Mae

PS - She really did all the sewing and took the photo.  I cropped it, but that's it.

 - Kristin


  1. Yippee! It is a great block! I've added your block to the list and you will be in the drawing on Sunday. Ginny will be picking our two winners.

    Good Luck.

  2. Hannah that is far better than anything I tried - I couldn't get the hang of the letters. Good work. Hope you win this time. Mary Jane

  3. I'm so impressed! I tried, but just couldn't figure this block out ~ kudos to you Hannah for not only trying, but for doing such an awesome job!!!! YOU ROCKED THE BLOCK!

  4. Hannah says that "you're all sweet, thank you"

    She's very excited and can't wait to see who the two winners are. She'll be packing, addressing and shipping her block. (All good lessons)

    Really, the letters aren't that difficult. She's 7 and was able to figure it out with a little bit of direction. You can see the steps we took here:

  5. Great job Hannah! Keep up the good work, junior quilter.


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