Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Log Cabin Quilts Found on Flickr

I was looking for something else this morning and noticed a few interesting Liberated-style log cabin quilts on Flickr.

This one caught my eye because the colorway is so similar to the blocks we're making.

And I thought this strippy setting and dark sashings and border were interesting.

I found both of these in the Free-Piecing Group Pool of photos of Flickr . . . where I was actually looking at an inspiration quilt for April–which isn't much of a hint because there are over 500 photos ;-)

I have started collecting more Wonky Log Cabin quilt photos in a Flickr Gallery.  you can check it out here: Liberated Log Cabins.  Check it out for examples of quilts made with wide, narrow or no sashings and borders; and solid and print  sashings and/or borders in several colorways.

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