Tuesday, March 30, 2010

March blocks

Here are my March blocks, 5 pair:


  1. Did you hear that? That was the sound of you pushing past the SIX WINNER mark. With your 5 pairs, we now have 139 pairs (278 blocks), which is not only enough for 6 pairs, but also 1 pair away from our high water mark (January's 280 blocks).

    At the current total number of pairs, the first five winners will receive a set of 48 blocks and winner #6 will get 38 blocks.

  2. I love your blocks. The black and white animals are so cute.

    How cool is that, on 2 blocks away from tying our high water mark! WOW! I hope we tied it.

  3. Your blocks are terrific. Love that green striped fabric.

    WOW so close to a record and 24 hours to go. Who knew Block Lotto was so heart-stopping!


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