Tuesday, November 30, 2010


I'm not going to be able to get away from work today to come home at lunch for the drawing ... so it will have to be later tonight (around 7PM Central Time).

Since it will be late and I haven't arranged for a "winner picker" ... I'll go ahead and randomly choose a winner as soon as I have the list ready. 

I'm sorry for the delay.   Please consider the noon deadline moved 7 hours to 7PM (east coast) giving everyone has a little more time to finish up a block.

Also PLEASE, if you made blocks this month, check to make sure I have included you in the list in the left sidebar and that the number of blocks that I have for you is correct.  We do have some quilters with the same first name and I am HUMAN and can prove it because I make mistakes) Someone emailed me yesterday asking about the sneak peek email and I didn't have them on the list of people who have made blocks, so I'm worried . . .

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  1. I had e-mailed you that I would make 2 blocks. I don't see my name. Thanks


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