Saturday, November 20, 2010

November Blocks...

Here are 6 blocks for November. I sure did enjoy making these. I wasn't too sure about the purple and white at first. I didn't have that much purple in my stash, but after I got these made, I LOVE THEM. I may 'cry' IF I have to part with them....HA....would you REALLY let me win TWO times in a row?????!!! The tulip ones were a little bit of a challenge getting them down to the size I pattern was for a larger size. It's funny to think back when I was in High School and grumbling about NOT needing to learn all those MATH problems...fractions and such....HA! Who would have ever thought I WOULD NEED to know all of that MATH 35 yrs. later to figure out quilting/block dimensions!!!

Yesterday I received Christina's stars and I also forwarded Cory's stars on to Canada for Kate!!


  1. I love the tulip blocks--great work on the math!!

    Personally, I'm really loving how the traditional blocks looks with the free-and-easy string setting triangles. I'm already to looking forward to seeing the finished quilts from these blocks.

    I've added your blocks to the list. We now have a total-so-far this month of 79 blocks.

  2. I meant to add that one of the reasons I decided on purple and white was because a couple years ago, the purple and white Johnny 'Round the Corner blocks were so popular ... and it seems like time to revisit that colorway.

  3. These blocks are gorgeous. I haven't done much traditional piecing - I need more practice. I really like the purple/white colour choice his time.

  4. What an amazing set of blocks!


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