Monday, January 31, 2011

... and the (MANY) Winners are ...

It stands to reason that if I raced home during my lunch hour, that I'd have network/blogger problems and struggle to post the winners names.  I'm hoping the post-by-email function will work (since that's how I am posting this.

Here are the January Winners:
  1. Cathy C (36 blocks)
  2. Mary Beth (35 blocks) - newbie!

    Edit to admit to another OOPS--Mary Beth ALSO donated her blocks, so Julie Wy (another newbie!) is our new winner #2
  3. Kina (35 blocks) - newbie!

    Everyone else will win a set of 30 blocks

  4. Karie
  5. Sara H 

    Edited to admit, OOPs, I Goofed -- Sara donated her chances and Michelle L is the new winner #5

  6. Lisa M - newbie!
  7. Linda N
  8. Barbara B
  9. Pokey - newbie!
  10. Melinda - newbie!
  11. Caroline
  12. Wilma
If you are thinking that newbies had a lot of luck this month ... remember we had EIGHTEEN people make lotto blocks for the first time in January. 

The  Random Number generator site worked pretty well ... Two people won TWICE and so I had to "draw" again for two more names.

I have to race back to the office now, but will be sending email to all the winners tonight asking:
  1. How many of your own blocks would you like to keep?
  2. Carefully confirm that the name and mailing address I have for you is correct (before I send it out to the 50-some quilters who made blocks this month!)

What a month it has been!  Congrats to the winners and to everyone who made this a record-breaking month.  18 NEWBIES!!  376 BLOCKS!!


  1. I don't THINK there is another "Sara H", and you have me down as a winner. But I said to donate my chances this month!

    Can you please draw a different winner?

  2. Congratulations to all of the winners - new and old!!

  3. Congrats to the winners. Make something pretty. I am saddened not to see my name on that listing. Guess I will have to make some more for me one day.

  4. Oooo!!! I won! I won!
    thank you so much ;-)

  5. not sure if you have more than one Mary Beth but if you do I donated my chances. You might get this faster if I e-mail you....

  6. I won! I am so happy! (between you and me...I really wanted to win this month) Thanks everyone. Karie

  7. Oh, what a blessing! We just went through a very "unlucky" December, and this is a boon to the spirit, I'm tellin' ya! Thank you.


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