Sunday, January 23, 2011

flimsy made using the stacked coins block

I'm participating in Judy's monochromatic challenge, where she challenges us to make something every month using just 1 color and 1 neutral color (black or beige or white). This month's color is yellow and I used my yellow fabrics (which tend to the gold end of the spectrum) and the stacked coins pattern to make "Gold Coins." It is 4 columns of 5 blocks and about 40" x 50". I'll bind it in scraps from the fabrics I used.

~ Becca (QB29)


  1. What a fabulously sunny quilt. Great idea for a challenge

  2. Of all the ideas I've personally had for this block pattern, I never considered a monochromatic quilt. It's really interesting and congrats to you for finishing your monochromatic challenge!

  3. Thank you Sophie and Kim.

    @ Kim - You've just given me a second name for this quilt - Sunny Side Up. :-)

    @ Sophie - I was originally going to make placemats (something small and easily gifted :-)) for the yellow, but then thought of this layout while working on the January Block Lotto. I love how it turned out.

  4. Nice to see all the gold! Did you happen to keep track of how many different fabrics you used and how much of each?

  5. I used 13 different yellow/golds. Some were scraps. For more variety, I purchased a 1/4 yd. of several. I used 10 8" strips for 9 fabrics, 5 from another 2, 4 from one, and only 1 from the last fabric. The white was all the same.


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