Sunday, January 23, 2011

Seven, donated

I started lurking on Block Lotto last year, but this year I finally, finally jumped in.  Here are seven blocks, all for donation. These blocks made up really quick, so quick that I think I am going to borrow this pattern for the Facebook quilt block swap (a little hint why it took me so long to make time).

Without further ado:


  1. Yay! Welcome Marybeth. I'm glad you made the step OUT of lurkdom and decided to play with us. With your blocks, our new total-so-far is 305. A new record high for the block lotto and enough blocks for TEN WINNERS! (which seems impossible to me ... even as I type it).

    I'm thinking that many people here who end up not being one of the lucky 10 this month might be interested in joining your Facebook swap ...

  2. Your blocks are so fun! I'd be interested in your FB swap, even though I'm sure this is my month to win ;)


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