Thursday, March 10, 2011

2 D4P Blocks

Two new blocks to donate from a newbie.
Thanks for letting me join this group.
Hope the photo is in the correct format.   I tried to follow the directions, but my blogging skills are sometimes a bit like my first quilt blocks -- they need a little polish.

 Blessings to all!

Oops...!  Just realized I took photo of two blocks with the SAME RED when instructions said reds should be unique.  I'll take a shot of one of my blocks with my "other" reds and repost in the a.m.  Thanks for your patience as I get the hang of the ins and outs of this!  I'll be sure to donate the two different reds!  Sorry.

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  1. Welcome to the block lotto! I've added ONE block to the list for you--when you post a photo of the other red fabric, I'll update the list.

    I've also made a note that you're "Quilted Prayers."


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