Friday, April 29, 2011

6 Clover Blocks

In just under the wire. For some reason (life probably) I thought these were never going to get done. They aren't difficult. I think I was just distracted or something. I ended up with twice as many "petals" as I needed and half as many leaves (and no more of the cream fabric) and when I thought I was done this afternoon two of them had leaves upside down. Argh! Anyway, here are my six. Good luck to everyone in this months drawing.

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  1. You made a rainbow of blocks--so pretty. I've added them to the list. We now have a total of 369 blocks. I wouldn't have predicted this one as a "big" month ... but here we are ;-)

    Through the month, these blocks keeps growing on me ... I may follow Laura's lead and make a miniature version of this one for a doll quilt.


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