Tuesday, April 12, 2011

My D4P Blocks are On the Way - Have you sent yours?

Yesterday, I mailed D4P blocks to Andrew, Balinda, Blondie, Cathy, Céline, Kate, Kathy and Mary.  Can you tell that I used my blocks to make all the numbers come out right on the mailing info sheet ;-)

I know a lot of you have mailed your blocks--and the winners are enjoying them already

If you have not yet mailed your March lotto blocks to the winner(s), please mail them this week.  Our goal is for all the winners to receive all their blocks before the sneak peek email message is sent. 


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  1. I mailed mine on April 2nd, and of course I don't remember the person to whom I mailed.....and I have not heard about the receipt.


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