Thursday, June 9, 2011

Béatrice's June blocks

Hello ,
I'm back again ! I played with you in 2008/2009 without luck,  but still follow the blog.
French quilter, so please, sorry for my bad english...
 Here are my 6 blocks for June.

I forgot to say I have a Google Translator under my profile... strange sometime but helpful !


  1. Welcome back, Béatrice! I really hope you have good luck in the drawings this time--you have made so many lotto blocks for others in the past.

    I have added your blog, Une aiguille dans une botte de foin (A Needle in a Haystack) to the blog roll and sidebar. Even though it seems my French language skills are all but gone, I very much enjoy your blog and love seeing all the wonderful quilts you make.

  2. Welcome back Beatrice! The lotto is such a great way to use up the scraps that take over our sewing rooms. THat was the reason I joined; even if I didn't win, it was clearing out some of my piles :). I like trying new techniques and color schemes too.


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