Wednesday, June 22, 2011

I Sewed Up 9

Here we go.......... I sure hope I did them right. Wow, how easy peasy were these to do??!!!!

Belinda N.


  1. I know I can't trust the color I see on my monitor, but can you confirm that the block that is in the bottom row, second from the right is blue-purple-green? On my monitor it looks like it could be blue-blue-green (no purple). Other than that possible question, it looks like you "did them right ;-)

  2. Yes Sophie, I promise it IS purple. I see what you mean after looking back at my photo, it does look blue.

  3. I know it has something to do with digital photography technology--someone explained it to me once, but I've forgotten--but purples often photograph as blue. Thanks for the confirmation.


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