Thursday, June 9, 2011

Blocks sent from England to USA

I posted my blocks to Sandi and Toni in the USA on Tuesday by airmail so hope they arrive soon. I am so looking forward to receiving the blocks I won on this my first attempt at Block Lotto.

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  1. Diana, thanks for the update.

    FYI, I edited your post to add the label pb-mailed.

    The two labels (for mailed and received blocks) really help make it easier for me (and you and the other winners) when we are checking to see who has mailed and posted and if the winners want to check to see if they acknowledged all the blocks you've received.

    You can also get an idea about the relative amounts of blocks sent and received by watching the two labels, pb-mailed and pb-received grow in size in the Useful Labels cloud in the right sidebar.


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