Monday, July 4, 2011

PB blocks received

I am so delighted with all the Pineapple blocks that I have received, and although I still have two more packages to arrive on my doormat from Janet R and Lydia, I think I will begin putting it together. Also need to finish the blocks for this months challenge, like an idiot I mis-read the instructions and have cut out double the number !!
Happy Room Diana


  1. Diana, Thanks for the update. I never received an email response from LPB (Lydia) about your pineapple blocks ... I'm hoping all is well with her. If you end up needing some replacement blocks, I'd be happy to make one or some and I'll bet a few others around here would help, too.

  2. Diana, I'm posting another set of blocks to you today. I think I owe you three. I made extra. I sent the others several weeks ago - but sent them from a pretty remote village in Asia (meant to mail before leaving States, but found them in my bag!) Returned to States and email yesterday. I'm sorry this has caused you a delay. Blessings to you! LPB

  3. Diana - Sorry no mail today (July fourth) I'll post tomorrow. Blessings! LPB


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