Wednesday, November 2, 2011

rho #1 November Block

This was fun. I think I made it correctly. Will make more if I have time.


  1. Hi Rho - I'm looking at your block (I'm kind of keeping watch on the lotto while lucky Sophie is enjoying the show in Houston) and I think you've got a few sections flipped around in your block (this is SO easy to do - I had to redo a couple of mine for this very reason). If you have a look at the block at the top left of the blog, you'll see that not just the black, but the other colours form stripes across the diagonal - in your block, this doesn't happen with all the colours - the blue being the most apparent. Hopefully, you'll be able to take just a few seams out and resew them and it will line up properly, though I admit I'm having a hard time visualising it!

  2. Done! see the new post on pm 11/6. rho


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