Friday, October 29, 2010

Belinda Made Me Do It

Hi all,
I'm Sharon and I'm a newbie - just joined.  And it's all Belinda's fault!  I saw the stars everyone was doing and I fell in love with them!  I love wonky stars!  So, I "talked" to Belinda about the Block Lotto and she talked me into signing up!  She really didn't have to twist my arm too hard. . . LOL.

I know I'm getting into this lotto late, but I have high hopes.  Here are my first 4 stars.  I've made these before, so I think they're pretty easy.  I'm trying to only use the scrap bin to make these.  I hope to get more made before the deadline, but I wanted to get these posted right away.  I actually had two of them made before I emailed Sophie to join!

I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone here.  I see lots of talent here!  Everyone has made some wonderful wonky stars.

Come on over and visit me at my blog when you get a chance.  I'm at Indigo Threads.  You can see some of my other wonky "liberated" projects.


  1. Welcome to Block Lotto. Your stars are gorgeous.

  2. Hi Sharon, I only joined last month so I'm quite new too, so I'll give you a "newbie to newbie" welcome!! lol
    Love your stars and will browse your blog later today with a nice cup of tea on my desk!!
    Love Kate
    Shetland Islands

  3. Your stars look great. I'm glad that Belinda *MADE* you come check us out. I've added your stars to the list. Our new total with two days to go is 204 blocks.

  4. Your stars are wonderful. I particularly love the read one. Also love the dyed fabric sample on your blog.

  5. Welcome to the group. Each month is great fun.

  6. HELLO THERE YOU!!! Your stars are GREAT!!!


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