Saturday, October 2, 2010

October blocks

9 blocks for October - nice to have a block which can be done totally from scrap - though I can't say it's made much of a dent in my scrap basket. Hopefully the values are all ok - the background fabrics all seemed light when I dug them out of the basket, but in this photo they seem a bit darker...


  1. I love the scrappy backgrounds. Your scrappy stars are lovely. Sorry they didn't make much of a dent in your scrap basket ... you might have to make enough blocks for a WHOLE quilt to see those scraps visibly shrink.

    I've added your blocks to the list. We now have 29 stars so far this month.

  2. Love them!
    Pat from FL & MI

  3. Thanks all :) I said to Sophie before that I think I'd have to make enough blocks for two or three whole quilts to make a REALLY good dent in my scrap basket. It's a big basket, lol.


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