Thursday, October 14, 2010

Two more stars - #2 & #3

I was able to squeeze out two stars yesterday.  I found the small red star in a box of leftovers from a mini-quilt I had done years ago and decided it needed a wonky star to border it!
I have pieces laid out to work on three more far things haven't cooperated with me to even start. :-(


  1. I know that (non-cooperative) feeling. I am DETERMINED to make blocks this month ... but only time will tell.

    Isn't it interesting how adding those wonky points as a frame around your traditional block give it a whole new look. Plus, I also like the contrast of the traditional and liberated forms in the same block.

    I'll update your blocks on the list: so far, 3 for you and 118 stars total ... with more to come on both counts ;-)


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